Chapter 73

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After dinner, we had returned to the inn once again.
We wanted to go after the man Jed had brought with him, but he was too cautious, and we were being watched by him instead.
We came to the conclusion that we should return to the inn in order to catch him off guard.

“Giselle, could you please stop casually following me to my room?”

I gave Giselle who had followed me into the room, unlike Jed who had returned to his room, a disgruntled look.
I put up a soundproof barrier since I was sure she wouldn’t leave anyway.

“Can’t I?”
“You also have preparations to do, don’t you? Why don’t you go back to your room?”
“I want to take care of you, Miss Elle.”

My cheeks cramped seeing Giselle like this. She has always been devoted to me, but I don’t think it’s correct for her to come here and try to put me before herself now.
As I let out a sigh, Giselle took the liberty of adjusting the crumpled bed. She was even humming a tune and in a good mood.

“The proprietress of this inn is a capable one, isn’t she?”
“Why this all of a sudden? Also, you don’t have to do anything.”
“She prepared the bedding and cleaned the room perfectly. I’ll be finished soon, so please wait for a moment.”

Now that she mentioned it, the room was so neat that it wouldn’t be strange if this was a noble’s room.
To be able to get praised ‘perfect’ by a highly skilled maid like Giselle, Ewe might not be just a simple proprietress.
While I was thinking about that, a well-made bed was prepared for me.

“Here you go.”
“Th, thank you.”

I stuttered and thanked Giselle, who looked at me with a refreshed expression.
It was pretty messy, but she cleaned it up so easily. As expected of Giselle.


“This is nothing. Rather than that, what were you thinking about?”
“I was thinking about, Ewe. You praised her a lot, so she surely isn’t an ordinary person, right?
“Oh, that’s right. I think she may have been working in a mansion somewhere before.”

“Do you want me to check?” I shook my head at Giselle, who asked me with a bright smile.
I’m curious about Ewe, but I don’t want to investigate her out of pure self-interest, so I declined.
The former maid who tries to help me every chance she gets makes my head hurt.
I’m glad she’s doing all this for me, but I wish she’d take better care of herself first.

“I think it would be better to look into it, though.”
“Why do you think so?”
“Because, judging from the way the proprietress works, there is a high possibility that she served in the house of a high-ranking nobleman. She might know about you, Lady Elle.”

Giselle broke the spell of her disguise and made her blue eyes sharp.
She’s certainly right. But I don’t feel comfortable investigating her willfully like that.

“I’ll ask her directly after this case is over.”
“It’s not polite to investigate without any reason. Don’t worry, it will go smoothly:”

At my words, Giselle bowed her head, “Understood.”
She’s in full maid mode.

“Calling me ‘Lady’ is prohibited. Understood -ing me is also not allowed.”
“Please just go with the flow.”
“I won’t.”

Geez, this friend of mine…
I let out a sigh for the xth time today.

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