Chapter 72

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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“Elle, isn’t Giselle acting weirdly?”

Giselle turned hostile as soon as Jed arrived after taking a bath. So Jed inquired from me, puzzled because she looked different from yesterday.

“That is the real her, apparently.”

No matter how I defended her, Gisele’s hostility would not disappear, so I lied. Jed looked disturbed, but consented, “I, I see.”

“The crime will most likely happen around midnight, so why don’t we get some sleep?”
“Let’s have dinner first.”
“I’ve put you to a lot of trouble, so I’ll treat you.”
“Are you sure?”
“Of course.”

If things continue like this, I’ll end up being useless. I’d like to at least buy him a dinner.
When we left the inn, the area was completely dark.
I wondered what the man from earlier was doing now.
Is he killing insects? Or is he just being cautious and quiet?
Either way, he’ll be in jail tomorrow.

“It’s nice of you to treat me, but how are you with money?”
“No problem.”

I have enough money to play with at the moment. However, I don’t know when I will run out.
That reminds me, Jed said he was traveling. I wonder how he is making money?

“How do you earn your money, Jed?”
“I help other people, and even sometimes work.”
“What about you, Giselle?”
“This and that.”

Giselle smiled. I’m curious about what she’s been doing, but I’m afraid to ask too much.
When I rescued Lord Gwenael, he gave me a horse, and Auntie Anna, the baker, gave me some buns. I even got treated to a meal in the town of Meil.
It is true that when you help others, it comes back to you. Of course, I don’t help people for that purpose, though.

“Working, huh.”


The only work I did in the Ansanse Kingdom was paperwork at best. But I can read and write, and I’m good at magic, too. I should be able to find a job soon if I need to get one.
I just don’t think I can work at the same place for long time.

“Where do you intend to work?”
“A tavern’s kitchen, I guess.”

If I was in charge of cooking, I wouldn’t have the need to be out in the open. The chances of being found would be much lower.
When I looked at Giselle, she looked at me with “You can cook?” look on her face.
Just before I was exiled, no one prepared food for me. I had no choice but to prepare my own food. Fortunately, I had experience in baking, so I was not bad at cooking.
I don’t know if I can feed other people, though.

“You can cook?”
“I can.”
“That’s unexpected.”

I want to glare and ask what he means by that.
Do I look like someone who doesn’t know how to cook?”

“That is a rude thing to say towards a woman, Mr. Jed.”
“S, sorry.”

It was Giselle who glared at Jed instead of me.
If he hadn’t been there, I’m sure she would have asked me the same thing, though.

“It’s fine.”

We headed for the tavern, talking about other inconsequential things along the way.

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