Chapter 16

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Feudal Lord and His Son
Lord Gwenael, who should have made up his mind, looked bitter.

“Elle, where is Baptiste now?”
“I put him to sleep in the back bedroom for now.”
“I see.”

Lord Gwenael who stood up was probably going to see Baptiste.
I got up and followed him to where Baptiste was. As soon as we entered the room, Lord Gwenael saw his son lying on the floor and his brow wrinkled as a complicated expression formed on his face.

“You fool.”

His voice was somewhat sad and regretful as he spat these words out.
Baptiste was his son, even if he was rotten.
He must be frustrated that he couldn’t lead him to the right path.

“He won’t wake up for a while. What do you want to do?”

I was not sure if I should speak to him or not, but when I did, Lord Gwenael shook his head.

“I’m going to restrain him and lock him in the basement cell so he can’t escape until I’m ready to turn him in to the country.”

“Shall I help you?”
“No, I’m fine. No, I can’t accept so much of your help.”

I shouldn’t entangle the Dahl family any more than this.
I have decided to back off obediently.
Lord Gwenael sat down beside Baptiste and stared at his face.

“You are such a stupid son.”


I could hear the tears in his voice.
I was about to leave the room, trying not to make a sound so as not to disturb him, when Lord Gwenael stopped me.

“Elle, you can stay here with us tonight.”
“Is that okay?”
“Of course. I can’t throw our benefactor out in the middle of the night. Why don’t you stay here for the duration of your stay in the village?”

As a mere traveler, I can’t afford to stay at the Viscount’s house.
I will politely decline.

“One night is enough for me. I will find a suitable inn to stay at later.”
“I appreciate your concern. However, I’m a little uncomfortable sleeping at a noble’s mansion.”
“… I understand. In return, please let me pay for the inn’s fees.”

Of course, I have enough money to pay for an inn.
He doesn’t have to be so considerate.

“You are the village’s savior, Elle. Please let me do this much for you.”
“I will accept your offer then.”

Forcefully refusing might hurt his self-esteem.
I thought it would be better to accept his offer obediently.
Lord Gwenael smiled at my answer.

“Why don’t you say hello to my wife tomorrow? I’m sure she will want to thank you in person.”
“Then, let me say hello to the lady if there are no problems with her condition.”
“Yes, let’s do that.”

I left the room, leaving Lord Gwenael, who said he would stay with Baptiste for now.

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