Chapter 15

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Feudal Lord’s Come Back
“Anyhow, let’s get out of here first.”

I called out to the former Feudal Lord, who nodded weakly.
I searched the bodies of the sleeping guards for the key to the cell, but couldn’t find it. Perhaps Baptiste, the one who locked up the former Feudal Lord, has it. There’s no choice, I will have to break them out by force.
I used fire magic to melt the padlock attached to the cell and broke it.

“You are good at magic.”
“I’m from Ansanse, so.”
“The magic powerhouse, huh. I guess even children there can do this much.”

When the former Feudal Lord asked me and I answered, he was easily convinced.
The people who were released from the cell were the former Feudal Lord, his wife, and the servants who had originally served the Viscount Dhal’s family.

“Sorry, but please let my wife and others sleep. They have not been able to sleep well since we got locked up.”
“Would you like to sleep first too?”
“No, let me hear what you have to say.”

I left the lady and others to Annette, who had come with me, and left alone with the former Feudal Lord.
The moment we entered the brightly lit room, I thought I saw a momentary look of surprise on his face. We sat down on the sofa facing each other.

“Let me introduce myself, my name is Gwenael Dhal.”

He bowed his head as he introduced himself.
I felt a sense of discomfort when he suddenly spoke in a polite manner, but I didn’t think too much about it.

“Thank you for your help. I’m truly sorry for the trouble my stupid son has caused.”
“Don’t mind it. Why don’t I tell you what happened while you were locked up?”
“Please do so.”

When I told him what had happened so far, Lord Gwenael had a look of grief on his face.
He was a man of character, and it was hard for him not to feel sad when he heard that the people of his village were suffering. It must be even more painful for him to hear that it was his son who caused all the suffering.

“I cannot forgive what Baptiste had done.”
“Yes, I feel the same way.”
“How do you plan on dealing with him?”

When I asked him, Lord Gwenael let out a sigh.

“Of course, I will have to turn him in to the country as a criminal. The people who live here are all my precious family. I will never forgive him for making them suffer. I’m going to have him brought to justice no matter what.”

His sharpened eyes were filled with determination, and he seemed to have no hesitation.
I can’t believe that he is the father of that person.

“It’s just that when he was a child, Baptiste wasn’t the kind of boy who would do something so horrible…”
“Is that so?”
“He was a very diligent child when he was young. However, one day he said: ‘I can never be like you, Father.’ and started skipping on his studies. He changed because of me.”

Lord Gwenael had his hands clasped tightly in his lap as he murmured sadly.
The pressure of his father being an excellent lord must have changed Baptiste. But even so, I don’t feel sorry for him for doing something so inhuman.
I can’t forgive him, considering how horrible of a person he is.


“Lord Gwenael, no matter what the circumstances are, I am not able to forgive him.”

No matter what the circumstances, it’s impossible to erase what he has done.
I immediately drove the thoughts of the people who flashed past my mind for a moment from my head.

“Yes, I know that. I have no thoughts of asking for mercy on his part.”

When I looked him straight in the eyes, Lord Gwenael nodded at me with a grieving smile.

“What do you plan on doing after this, Lord Gweanael?”
“My wife and I will be judged along with our son.”
“What do you intend to do about the village?”
“… I’m thinking of leaving it to the country.”

Leave it to the government.
Is that the right thing to do, I wonder?
Will the current Principality of Agreable take care of villages that are located on the borders like this? The answer is probably no.
Then, who is the best person to leave it to? There is only one person for that.

“I don’t think you should leave it to the government.”
“Why is that…?”
“This incident was caused by Baptiste alone. It’s enough for him and his men to be punished.”

In fact, Lord Gwenael and his wife are the victims of this incident.
It would be strange to punish them.

“I couldn’t do anything even though the citizens of my territory were suffering! I am a man who should be judged for his sin!”

Lord Gwenael slammed the desk and raised his voice.
The sorrowful cry echoed in my heart. But if this man really dies, it will be the people he cares about who will suffer the most.

“Lord Gwenael, are you going to leave your people to continue suffering? Is it really the right thing to leave your precious family in the hands of strangers?”
“If you feel guilty about what your son did, Lord Gwenael, then I would like you to punish him. You should be doing your utmost best to rebuild the village.”

I want Lord Gwenael to return to be the lord of the village.
This is selfishness on my part.
He slowly raised his face, which had been downcast.

“I… I want to return smiles on the faces of my precious family.”
“Lord Gwenael.”
“And in order to do that, I will continue protecting the village until the day I die.”

I smiled as I looked at the determined man in front of me.
It looks like things are going to be okay.

“I really appreciate your help.”

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