Chapter 94

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Once our preparations for travel were done, we have said farewell to everyone in the Risner House we have stayed in for such a long time. Theodore-kun and Latis-kun were looking sad, but after promising them to write letters, we have moved together with Wald-sama and Isaac-san outside the town.
Other than Wald-sama and Isaac-san, Oswald-san and Mars-kun are accompanying us to the royal capital. Oswald-san is a taciturn man in his thirties and Mars-kun is a friendly, nineteen years old youth.
These two apparently came along with Wald-sama and Isaac-san from Shirin because their duties have been transferred to the capital as well.

“Don’t approach the feet of the horses because it’s dangerous! Do you understand?”
“Kyan (Got it~).”
“Naa~ (We will be fine~).”

On this travel, Joule and others are acting together with us, so I called everyone once we left the town. Of course, the three that I made everyone think they are children are in their small forms.
Then, after cautioning everyone, they all returned a proper reply. Whether it was to deceive our fellow travel companions, Joule and Feat who can use Telepathy let out proper animal cries.
And then, when the preparations were done and we were about to depart, a problem has occurred.

“Ride with Onii~chan~”
“Elena too~”

Either Allen or Elena will ride the horse I ride, but…… we haven’t decided who is going to ride first.
There was no problem riding with one at a time during the practice.
I had them ride with Isaac-san for trial, but there also wasn’t a problem.
However, it was done when they were separated both times, so there was no need to split them between Isaac-san and me.

“Since you will switch midway, how about one of you rides with Isaac-san now?”

Ah~ this is no good. It feels like the two’s opinion won’t bend no matter what.
…… Now then, what should I do~

“Let’s see~ Takumi-san, get on the horse first for now.”
“Eh? Ah, yes.”

While troubled over what to do, Isaac-san told me to mount the horse, so I got on the horse as told. Then, Isaac-san lifted up Elena and placed her on the horse in front of me.
Next, he lifted Allen and placed him behind me.

“Allen-kun, please tightly hold on Takumi-san’s neck and shoulders.”

Isaac-san let Allen stand on the horse’s butt, he’s holding me as if I was piggybacking him.
This is…… surely not, right~……

“…… Isaac-san, moving like this is not good, is it?”
“They will not fall if it’s Allen-kun or Elena-san. Just in case, let’s tie the child behind you to you.”

Seriously!? Am I really let the horse gallop when he’s in such posture?
Hey, Isaac-san promptly took out a rope or rather a belt, and tied Allen to me.

“Hey! Isaac-san, what’s the matter with that belt!?”
“I thought it might be necessary, so I prepared it just in case.”

Whoa…… what a high-quality preparation……
Allen happily clung to my neck, peeping to the front with his knees dangling in the air while Elena was looking forward to the change of turns.

(Oh~ that looks quite fun, doesn’t it?)
(Fufufu. He seems happy~)

Joule and Feat were looking at us as if seeing something heartwarming.
It appears that there’s no person who is going to tsukkomi here.

“Alright, seems like we are ready. Then, let’s depart~”

Allen and Elena thrust their fists upwards in response to Wald-sama’s words.
I lightly sighed and instructed the horse. The uncomfortableness was terrible when the horse started moving, but it disappeared after running for a while. Rather, I got used to it instantly?


A little while after leaving the town, Allen and Elena suddenly called out.

“Really!? Oswald, Mars. Can you confirm the monsters?”
“There are! Three wolves at the front!”

Wald-sama could guess what the children’s short comment meant and immediately instructed his subordinates. Then, before long, wolves appeared in front of us.
Allen and Elena were with me on the horseback, so they were fidgety because they couldn’t jump down and defeat the wolves.

“Wolves, huh. Do we keep going? Or do we get down from the horses?”
“We don’t have to get down from the horses. Bolt, can I ask you to take care of it?”

Isaac-san was asking Wald-sama for instructions, but I interrupted their exchange and asked Bolt to take care of the wolves.
Then, Bolt let out a cry of acknowledgment and flew towards the wolves.


Bolt fired lightning from the skies at the wolves. The wolves were defeated in no time. Then, he took one of the wolves by its leg and brought it to me who was on the horseback.

“Thank you, Bolt.”

After I put the corpse of the wolf into the《Infinite Storage》, Bolt flew to get the other wolves.

“Takumi really doesn’t have any limits…… are you not even going to stop to process the corpses?”
“Well, it’s Takumi-san after all. It helps that there’s no blood flowing because this is the main road though.”
“Even though they weren’t monsters that strong, to defeat them in one strike……”
“As expected of a Thunderhawk!”

I heard both exhausted and admiration voices from Wald-sama and others.
It was because of Bolt who was carrying the defeated wolves, but they were electrocuted this time. They seem astonished that there was no blood flowing.
That’s because there’s a possibility of others monsters being attracted by the blood flow. But you see~ Allen and Elena defeat most monsters by impact, Joule and others also ram their opponents most of the time, so flowing blood is rare itself in our case~

“It’s nothing. Thanks for your hard work.”
“”Hard work~””

Bolt stayed on my arm after bringing me the three corpses and was tilting head in “What’s the matter? manner, so I patted Bolt’s head in thanks.

“Wald-sama, shall we go?”
“Ou, let’s go.”

We let the horses run again, stopped along the way for a break and arrived at a small village in the evening. We will be staying here today.

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