Chapter 93

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Bone Shark
Mirena-san took over the role to guide me to the place where the crimson luminous moss grows.
There are three other mermen youth accompanying us. The youths are dressed as soldiers and they are apparently the strongest people in the Blue Waters Shrine. Most likely feeling bad for leaving the Bone Shark to me alone, Miko Princess must have let them follow us as a battle force.
Well, I would be fine even if they weren’t here, but I should just think of them as Mirena-san’s guards.


When Sand Crabs monsters appeared along the way, Allen and Elena swam and thrust towards them with great vigor, instantly defeating them.


The three youths were dumbfounded by Allen’s and Elena’s fighting style.

“Strong, aren’t they? But, you guys are accompanying us as a battle force, so please be careful of your surroundings so you don’t lag behind the two.”

Mirena-san lit the fire of the three youths.
But, I think it would be quite difficult to act faster than Allen and Elena. There are times when my response time is slower than theirs after all……

“Takumi-sama, we are close.”
“”Ah! It came~!””

When we were about to arrive, the Bone Shark appeared from the front accompanied by loud noises.

“Is there no mistake that the crimson luminous moss place is in the direction the Bone Shark came from?”
“Yes, that’s correct!”
“Then, I will attract the Bone Shark and pull it away from this place, so Mirena-san and others take cover for a moment and go to the place once it seems all right.”

Even if unlikely, I don’t want to waste the crimson luminous moss place. If I’m to fight, I would rather do it somewhere further away.

“Then, take these guys with you……”
“No, it’s better for them to stay close to Mirena-san. We can’t be sure there are no other tough monsters after all.”
“Yes! But still!”
“It will be fine. ――Water Spear.”

I attacked the Bone Shark with magic in order to provoke it.

“Allen, Elena, let’s go~”
“Ta, Takumi-sama~”

Mirena-san spoke in a voice that was about to cry, but I started swimming without minding it.
I saw the Bone Shark chasing after us while making rattling noises. The provocation went smoothly.


I dodge the chasing Bone Shark who tried to ram me from behind. It’s fast as expected. I’m unlikely to win against the Bone Shark in swimming.

“Water Wall.”

The Bone Shark turned around and charged towards us again, so I created a wall of water and blocked it from reaching us.
Now then, what to do? Come to think of it, what will happen if I use healing magic on an undead?
I’m bit curious…… let’s give it a try.


I tried using healing magic on the Bone Shark.
Then, the Bone Shark started violently struggling.
Un, it received damage. This seems to be effective. If that’s the case――


Overheal is magic that recovers more than the received damage――so to speak, it’s excessive recovery magic.
When I fired that magic, a white light sprang forth with me in the center. It wasn’t an intense eye-straining light, but a warm and comfortable one. Nothing in particular happened to us, but the bones of the Bone Shark who was covered by that light broke, not able to keep the form of shark anymore.

“…… Huh? It worked better than I expected.”
“”Onii~chan, amazing!””

Allen and Elena praise me without holding back.
Light magic seems to be more effective against undead more than I thought. Rather, it works too much. Despite being a B-rank monster, it has been simply disposed of.
The scattered bones of the Bone Shark slowly descent to the bottom of the sea.

“Allen, Elena. Will you help me collecting the bones?”

The bones of Bone Shark are materials for hard weapons, so I had Allen and Elena help me pick them up.

“”We are back~””
“Ta, Takumi-sama! Allen-sama and Elena-sama too! I’m glad you are safe! D, do you have any injuries!?”
“We are fine. Both the children and I are unhurt.”
“”Is fine~””
“I’m glad~”

Mirena-san made an expression of relief. Looks like we made her worried.

“So, the Bone Shark is……”
“It’s okay. I have defeated it.”
“”Defeated it~””
“Really!? Thank you very much!”

“Ohh~” the three mermen youths raised their voices in admiration.
But, if you look at me with such eyes of pure respect…… it’s not like I obtained the Light Magic on my own, so I feel extremely guilty.

“Ah~…… we have collected the materials as well, so I will hand it to you later if you need it. So, is that the crimson luminous moss sticking on that rock?”
“Yes, that’s right.”

I would love to excuse myself from such an atmosphere, so I decided to plainly change the subject.
The fairly large rock was sunk at the bottom of the sea and it was shining red, so I was quite curious.

“It’s pretty, isn’t it?”

Allen and Elena were entranced by the crimson luminous moss.
Ah, which reminds me, crimson luminous moss is a material I don’t have.

“Mirena-san, may I pick a little as well?”
“Of course.”

When I asked whether I can collect some for myself, Mirena-san pleasantly approved, so I picked some moss, checked the surroundings for monsters one more time, and we returned to the Blue Waters Shrine.
When we returned, we were immediately guided to Miko Princess.

“Ta, Takumi-samaa~! Welcome back~!”
“We have returned. The Bone Shark has been safely eliminated.”
“Is that the truth! Thank you very much.”

When I reported that the Bone Shark has been eliminated, Miko Princess was clearly delighted.

“Takumi-sama, these are the things we promised. Please, store them.”

Gard-san gave his thanks too and handed over the mermaid bracelets, but…… there were about ten. I’m certain I asked for three, but to prepare this much……

“Is this many really fine?”
“Yes, of course it is. It’s just this is all we currently have, so I would have to ask you to wait if this much is not enough.”

That means these are all bracelets in their storage, right? In addition, they will make more if it’s not enough, right? It looks like they will prepare even an unreasonable number if I demand it, oy.
But, I can’t imagine underwater activity with more bracelets than this!

“N, no! This is enough. Thank you very much.”
“Is that so?”

Moreover, when politely declined, Gard-san looked disappointed for some reason.
Ah, even Miko Princess and Mirena-san are making the same expression as Gard-san…… I wonder what is it that they want from me?
Well, after ignoring the three making disappointed expressions, we chatted with everyone and we decided to return to the town before it gets dark.

“Takumi-sama. You must definitely come to visit if you are nearby again, okay?”
“Yes. I won’t say it will be soon, but we will come again.”
“Allen-sama, Elena-sama too, let’s meet again, okay?”
“”Yea! Bye bye~””

On the way back, I used Telepathy to say farewell to Kaiser too. Then, Kaiser immediately replied, he currently seems to be somewhere in the open ocean far away.
We unfortunately couldn’t meet, so when I reported through the Telepathy that we are leaving the town, he told me to call him immediately if something happens. With a grateful reply, we swam towards the beach.

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