Chapter 91

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New Dish
When we returned to the Risner mansion after safely registering at the Merchant’s Guild, I went to the kitchen.
Although I provided him with alligator meat as a souvenir…… head chef Ryan-san requested to show him the cooking method as well.
Even though the reason was that Ryan-san has never prepared alligator meat before, I have also used it only two times in the dungeon, so there’s not much difference.
If I’m pushed to say, then he is much more interested in what dish I’m going to make rather than the alligator meat itself. He’s aspiring to become my apprentice after all.
Well, just pushing the ingredients on him “Here, goodbye” would be bad, so I agreed to make shares only for the Risner House’s family, Wald-sama and us including Ryan-san.

“Then Takumi-dono, if I may ask you.”
“…… Yeah.”

I decided to promptly start making the dish in the kitchen I have already used a few times.

“Allen, Elena. Shall we make it then?”
“”Make it~””
“What is~?”

Allen and Elena were on my side standing on the stool we got just today, so they were full of enthusiasm to help.
It’s just there’s Ryan-san and another cook Thor-san peeking from behind them, so I’m a bit worried about that. Well, normal people would be bothered by someone standing behind them, so Allen and Elena who are sensitive to presences will be bothered by it even more.
But, it seems they understand that they mean no harm, so they are concentrating on helping me out.

Now then, what shall we make? N~ how about curry using the alligator meat? Wald-sama and Isaac-san haven’t eaten curry yet.
Ah~ but, the feeling of the alligator meat being the main point will disappear……
Let’s see~…… ah! Let’s smear the alligator meat in powder and drizzle it with a sweet vinegar sauce. Next, let’s mix mayonnaise with chopped boiled eggs and pickles to make tartar sauce, fried chicken with vinegar and tartar sauce-like style.

“Alright. We should make the tartar sauce first.”
“Ta, Takumi-sama, w, what kind of dish is that!?”

Ryan-san is more restless than the children……

“It’s a sauce. Allen, Elena, let’s make mayonnaise~”
“Allen will mix~”
“Elena will mix too~”

Recently, I’ve had the two children who got used to mixing with the whisk help me with making mayonnaise.

“Takumi-sama, is that Mizuuri?”
“Yes, I have pickled the Mizuuri.”

“Mizuuri” is a vegetable resembling a cucumber. I have rubbed salt it in to take out the liquid and then left it immersed in vinegar and sugar mix.

“”Mi~x~, mi~x~””

I chop the ingredients while pouring oil little by little in the bowl Allen and Elena are mixing in.
Boiled eggs and pickled Mizuuri, next is…… green onion and parsley?

“It’s done~”
“Yep, good job!”

Allen and Elena completed the mayonnaise without a hitch.
Inserting the chopped ingredients in the two’s piece of art mayonnaise, mixing it all together and the tartar sauce is finished!

“Alright, it’s done!”
“I see, adding ingredients to mayonnaise……”

Ryan-san was muttering behind us, but I ignored that and temporarily stored the tartar sauce in the《Infinite Storage》.
Since we have the opportunity, how about making a dessert next? …… What to make? I might as well make something I haven’t made before, right~
Ice cream! Ah~ but, it seems it would cause a ruckus if I made an ice cream now…… let’s pass.
Ah, I thought of making small pancakes and putting anko between them to make dorayaki before, didn’t I? If it’s coarse anko, then it would be popular among the people of the Risner mansion.
Ah~ if it’s wagashi then youkan would be good too. That would be more dessert-like, right?
But, agar is necessary for youkan…… however, how do you make agar from seaweed? That would be impossible as expected. I should make it with slime jelly here. Rather than youkan, would it turn into mizu youkan? No, red bean jelly?
I have plenty of time to spare, so let’s make dessert-like red bean jelly and dorayaki for snacks.

“Let’s make snacks next. Allen, Elena, do you remember how to make pancakes?”
“Alright! Then, can you do your best at mixing again?”
“”Will do~””

That being the case, we promptly started making pancakes.
Allen and Elena perfectly remembered how pancakes are made, so there were no problems with the dough making. And then――


When I heated up the frying pan and started cooking the pancake dough, Allen and Elena were closely gazing at the frying pan.

“It’s bubblybubbly~”
“Turn it around~”
“…… Kuku.”

Allen and Elena properly memorized the timing for turn over.
When I turn it over according to the children, a beautiful, fox color appeared. It’s the color of good cooking.
When I cooked pancakes before, they tried to pop the bubbles that appeared on the dough with their fingers, but they are properly enduring with their hands behind their backs this time.

“Look, it’s cooked~”
“”It’s done, it’s done~””
“Not yet~”
“”Not yet~?””
“That’s right. Next, we will put this bean jam between two pancakes.”

By putting pre-made coarse anko between two sheets of pancake, the dorayaki is finished.

“It’s done this time.”
“Ta, Takumi-sama, this is, this is?”
“It’s called dorayaki.”
“”Can eat~?””
“M, may I try it as well?”
“I, I want to eat it too.”

Following the children, Ryan-san and Thor-san asked for the snack.

“…… Can’t be helped~ It’s before dinner, so Allen and Elena can have only half each, okay?”
“”Thank you very much!””

I made adzuki jelly while the others eat the snack and finally started cooking the alligator meat.
And, at the dinner――

“This is so tasty. The hell is this!”
“This is wonderful!”
“The meat itself is juicy, but the affinity of the mayonnaise mixed with the faintly sour sauce is……――”

Wald-sama, Isaac-san, and Cedric-san reported their impressions in turns.
It seems they like it. Rather, Cedric-san is commenting as a food critic as usual.

“”It’s delish~””
“Anything Takumi-san makes is delicious, isn’t it?”
“Yes, it’s very tasty.”

The children seem to like it too. But――

“…… Father is different from usual again~”
“Father is recently like this quite a lot, isn’t he~”

Theodore-kun and Latis-kun were wryly smiling at their father’s transformation.

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