Chapter 90

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The horseback riding practice was over by this morning. Isaac-san told me that it would be better to train some ten-odd minutes every day rather than trying to learn all at once.
Come to think of it, I think I heard that inner thighs and butt hurt while horseback riding, but I didn’t have such a problem……. Was it perhaps thanks to the Physical Attack Resistance? Although it’s not an attack, there’s no doubt that the grazing is caused by a physical thing, right?
Well, at any rate, I’m glad it saved me from any physical abnormality.

In the afternoon, I went to get the furniture I ordered.
A table and chairs big enough to use as a kitchen table for meals, a stool for Allen and Elena, beds, etc. I have ordered everything essential that came to mind and all of that is completed, so I came to get it and pay.
After that, I went to the Fiji Company. When I entered inside, the branch manager immediately rushed out from inside.

“If this isn’t Takumi-sama. Welcome, welcome.”

I saw one shop assistant run in panic deeper inside the store when we entered, he must have gone to inform branch manager.

“Hello. For Branch Manager-san to come out expressly for me, thank you very much.”
“No, no, Takumi-sama is this store’s important customer. It’s my privilege to keep you company. So, what kind of business do you have with us today? Did you perhaps encounter inconvenience because of that spice matter?”
“No, I left the decisions about the spice matter to Cedric-san, so I have no problems…… I was thinking if it were possible for me to see the goods in the warehouse today again. Sorry for the sudden request.”

The reason I came here is because I heard that Kahee beans are imported from Serdik and other countries, so I thought of getting as much as I can.
When I came to this company the last time, we realized that the ship I recovered from the mermaid village was Fiji Company’s, so because of that, I saw only one part of the warehouse.

“Ohh! If that’s the case, I don’t mind at all.”

I’m glad. Last time, we were shown to the warehouse because we came with Cedric-san and others. I thought there would be a possibility of being rejected if it’s just us, but it seems he will guide us inside.

“Takumi-sama, do you perhaps have an interest in imported goods like the Kahee beans?”
“Yeah, that’s exactly it. Could you let me see if you have such articles?”
“If that’s the case, I will present you the goods centering around such articles. Also, let’s see…… How about a few dungeon items that don’t usually appear on the market?”

It appears the branch manager properly understands what I desire.
However, there’s something else I want to see in this store.

“Also, I’m sorry for the way I put it, but I would like you to show me things that aren’t demanded that much.”
“Things that aren’t demanded, is it?”

Branch Manager-san was making a wondering expression. In addition to ‘What is he planning to do with that?’ However――

“Yes, something like the soy sauce from before.”

Now, the customers wanting to purchase soy sauce increased, but it should have been completely unpopular product before. Even if they are unpopular in this world, there might be products that I would want.

“Ohh! Which reminds me, it was Takumi-sama who identified the way of using soy sauce! I see, I see. I understand. I, Kashim, will take responsibility for showing you the goods!”

The branch manager――Kashim-san must have determined that I was the source of the butter and soy sauce scallops and the soy sauce boom.
Moreover, from his expression, he seems determined and full of expectations of discovering an unpopular product.

“This way first, please.”

Without a delay, Kashim-san guided us to the warehouse and immediately presented the goods.
The first thing he showed me was fruit from Serdik called “Nana fruit”. They were several of lightly curved, long and narrow fruits.
As a matter of fact, Nanas are harvested when they are yellow and unripe, the skin turning red is an indication, and the white insides are eaten.
Most of the fruits here were orange and not ripe yet, but Kashim-san peeled a completely ripe and red one, and let us sample it.

“This is……”

The skin and color are different, but the shape and taste is the same taste of bananas that I know.
Moreover, it was without any grassiness with considerable sugary content, it was good.

“It’s sweet and easy to eat so it’s reasonably popular, but it’s quite difficult to handle. Even though we are careful, we often mistake the ripe period……”

Kashim-san’s explanation included characteristics that were in the bananas I know as well.
Allen and Elena seem to like Nana fruit too, so I would definitely like to buy them.

“Kashim-san, the Nanas you have here are actually still not completely ripe, but do you still have ripe ones like the one we had just now?”

“Y, yes…… ripe ones are stored in a different storage area, so we have them?”

I see, they have them in a different place. In that case――

“If possible, could you sell me all the ripe ones you have?”
“Takumi-sama, even those here will get spoiled in seven-eight days. The completely ripe ones won’t last longer than two or three days. I’m really happy that you want to purchase them but I can’t recommend buying them in such large quant……――!!”

Kashim-san suddenly stopped talking and fixedly stared at my face.

“――Infinite Storage.”

Kashim-san is aware that I’m able to use the Infinite Storage, so even if I purchase the completely ripe Nana fruits, I won’t have to worry about them rotting once I put them inside the Infinite Storage.

“Yes. Therefore, If I had to choose, I think the completely ripe ones would be better.”
“Did you say all of them?”

Kashim-san looked at me with expectations.

“I would be troubled if rotting ones were among them though.”
“Of course, I have no intentions of handing such things over to Takumi-san…… I have no intention, but are you buying if they are precisely good for eating?”
“P, please! Of course, I will sell it cheaply!”

Oh, it seems he will sell it cheaply.
Well, if he didn’t sell it now, the people here would have to eat it themselves or they would have to dispose of it. If you are going to sell that, might as well reduce the price.

After that, he showed me “Koko Fruit” which was a light brown, hard fruit the size of a soccer ball.
There is apparently a whitish liquid similar to milk inside. Therefore, I judged that that’s a coconut and the liquid inside is coconut milk.
But, from my memory, the liquid in the palm fruit is transparent――coconut juice and coconut milk is the result of manufacturing, but…… well, let’s agree that the thing itself is here.
The children seemed to like the Koko fruit, so I bought some.
I have also bought several dungeon-made products, it was quite a harvest.

“Come to think of it, are you registered in the Merchant’s Guild, Takumi-sama?”
“No, I’m not.”
“Is that so? Then, may I ask you to register before long? It will still take some time until the curry spices will start selling, but we are going to pay Takumi-sama as soon as they sell.”

That reminds me, Cedric-san told me to register in the Merchant’s Guild as well.
Once registered, you can receive money in every region of the country through the Merchant’s Guild. It’s like the bank thing in the Adventurer’s Guild.
In my case, the Merchant registration will be added to the Adventurer registration, and the accounts can be apparently merged.

“I understand. I will go and register after this.”
“Thank you.”

Just a registration will finish immediately, so let’s go and register before returning~

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