Chapter 8

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Adventurer’s Guild
Good morning. Sleeping in the bed is indeed nice.
I have children on both of my sides so I can’t really move, though.
Apart from that, listen to this! I didn’t notice because I didn’t have a mirror until now, but my eyes are green! When I saw my reflection in one of the windows, I was really startled. It’s the same jade green as Syl’s.
Because nothing was said regarding my appearances and I didn’t request anything, so the appearances were done without my consent. Black hair was a necessity…
Well, there are no problems if my eye color is different.

Now then, after we slowly finished breakfast, we headed to the Adventurer’s Guild.
It’s a building with a sign of a pentagon shield with two crossed swords.
When we enter inside, a spacious hall comes to sight. Because I came here today only to register, we set off with the third chime, but there are adventurers still loitering around here and there. Because these people are wearing armor and carrying weapons, there’s no doubt that they are adventurers.
They are mostly concentrated around the bulletin board on the left side of the hall. That’s most likely the place where requests are put.
Well~ but, there’s an available receptionist at the counter so I wasn’t wrong to come at this time.
Without further ado, I take Allen and Elena and approach the receptionist.

“Good morning. What may I help you with?”

The female guild receptionist greets us with a sweet business smile.

“Adventurer registration, please. Ah, these children too. There’s no age restriction, is there?”

When I convey my business, the receptionist looks at Allen and Elena. A surprised look appears on her face, but she immediately returns to her original expression.
Small children like these rarely come here, right?
The age of majority in this world is 15, but it’s not unusual to start working earlier. Although I say that, it’s just helping parents with work or routine tasks for the town. The Guild also has requests related to routine tasks for the town. However, most of the children who work like that are over 10 years old…

“Yes. There’s no age restriction so registration is possible. Please fill the necessary information on this form. Do you require amanuensis[An amanuensis is a person employed to write or type what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another, and also refers to a person who signs a document on behalf of another under the latter’s authority] ?.”
“No, it’s all right. Thank you very much.”

I give my thanks, receive the form and pen and check the contents. The necessary items to fill are the name, age, and special skill (Primary way of fighting). It’s only these three items.
I have never seen the characters the form is written in before, but I properly understand them. There are no problems with writing.
After checking the form over, I fill out three papers.
For the special skills item, it’s magic (Wind) for me, and hand to hand combat for Allen and Elena.
I handed the forms to the receptionist after filling them out.

“Yes, thank you very much. Please wait a moment until the card is completed.”

When the receptionist miss received the forms, she checked whether there are some problems and then she started operating a crystal.
After several minutes, she lines up three credit card-like metal cards on the counter.

“Please check whether the name is correct then drip a drop of blood on the card. This will complete the registration. After the registration is completed, please check for abnormalities.”

The Guild Card is a magic tool. The 『ownership』of the card is determined by the blood and no one aside from the owner won’t be able to use it.
First, I drip blood on my card and register it.



Name: Takumi Kayano
Race: Human
Age: 20
Personal Rank: F
Party Rank:
Level: 11
Request Record:
Dungeon Record:
Money: 0g
Light Magic
Dark Magic
Wind Magic
Life Magic
Abnormal Status Resistance
Mental Status Resistance
Physical Attack Resistance
Magic Attack Resistance
Transmigrated From a Different World
Blessed by the God of Creation, Marianora
Friend of Wind God Sylphreel



A good amount of information is written on the card.
Ah, I’m glad. It says I’m an ordinary Human.
There are 5 “*” main entries that are obligatory to display, however, it, fortunately, doesn’t display the family. I feel relieved because the other information is optional and can be hidden. With this, only those with permission will be able to see my details.
There’s a possibility that Guild staff would need to read it, but it should be all right if I just conceal the necessary details.
After that, Allen and Elena drip their blood on the cards and I don’t forget to alter their settings.

“There’s a fee for a reissue, so please be careful of losing it. Would you like to hear the explanation about the guild?”

There’s no fee to register as an adventurer, but it seems it costs 2,000G (2 Large Silver Coins) for reissue of the card, if lost.
I have the knowledge about the rules of the guild, but because it would be troublesome if there is some discrepancy, I request for the explanation.『Well then』 Miss receptionist bowed and began the explanation.
First, the explanation about the ranks.
The ranks begin at F, and raising to E, D, C, B, A and S.
Rule of a thumb of the ranks――


F Rank – Newcomer
E Rank – Fledgling
D Rank – Full-fledged
C Rank – Skilled
B Rank – Superior
A Rank – Superior+α
S Rank – Hero


――Those are the standards.
In addition, there’s something called a party where several people handle a single request. In that case, the Party Rank becomes the average rank of the party members.

The Requests which are located on the Request Board (Request Subject, Reward, Time Limit are written on them) you bring them from the board to the reception and once accepted, you can begin the request.
There’s a recommended rank written on the Request and you are able to receive requests one rank above yours. The reward is received after completion, there is no penalty fee for failure.
The number of successful and failed requests is considered during a rank up. It’s harder to rank up with too many failures and there even exists a penalty for consecutive failures.
Also, if you don’t receive requests in three years, the registration will be revoked, and the registration will be disposed of if you commit vicious acts.
With the exception of materials collected for the requests, it’s possible to sell monster materials, ingredients, etc. at the Guild’s counter. There are fixed prices which profit the adventurers.
Of course, adventurers are free to sell their materials to individual shops, but if problems arise, the Adventurer’s Guild won’t get involved.
In addition, the Guild functions as a bank and the money deposited at the Guild can be withdrawn at any Guild branch in any country.
And last, the Guild does not involve in quarrels between fellow adventurers, injuries and in the worst case death are all self-responsibility. This concludes the explanation.

“This is all. Do you have any questions?”
“Yes, the party registration, please.”
“I understand. Your guild cards, please.”

I register me, Allen and Elena as a party at once.
The party’s name is『White Wings』. I imagined angels since the children are god’s relatives.

I have money that I received from Syl, but it’s a finite amount, so I have to work for a steady income.
The identification papers were the purpose, but in a different world, it has to be Adventurer, right!
Therefore, I simply registered as an adventurer.
But, the problem is Allen and Elena.
It would be best if Allen and Ellen could do house-sitting when I’m on a request, but I think those two would definitely follow me.
Well, the children are strong, they won’t become a burden. If that’s the case, it would be best to prepare everything right from the start.
It would be better than having them sneaking away during the house-sitting. Besides, I want those two to see various things and places!

“The registration is complete.”
“Thank you very much.”
“Will you receive a request today?”
“No…… ah! If I have medicinal herbs or monster materials at hand, will there be any problem using them for a request?”
“No, if the condition of the material is good, there are no problems. Do you have anything with you?”
“No, just making sure. Would it be alright to trouble you again if I have more questions later?”
“Yes. I’m responsible for the reception, my name is Luna. I look forward to working with you.”
“Thank you very much. You probably already know, but I’m Takumi. Please treat me well”

I recalled the materials from the Gaya Forest, but as expected, a newcomer who just registered bringing out such things would bring too much attention so I gave up.
Then, after giving my thanks to the polite receptionist miss――Luna-san, I take Allen and Elena and leave the guild.
After that, I went to return the temporary identification papers to the west gate and wandered around the town aimlessly afterwards.

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