Chapter 7

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The destination is a Shrine. It’s roughly in the center of the town.
It’s a white, stone building. Although old, the white color is preserved and the ivy crawling over the walls leaves a deep impression.
A big belfry is attached to the roof, just right now, dong, dong…… six chimes reverberate around the whole town.
The bell resounds every day at fixed times. It works as a clock for those who don’t possess a high price magic tool. It basically substitutes a watch.
It chimes once at 6 in the morning. Then, the chime increases once every two hours, the Shrine’s bell chimes until 10 in the evening where it chimes nine times.
Get up with a chime and sleep with nine. The people live around this bell.

Anyone can freely enter and exit the Shrine Chapel.
The inside is spacious enough to accommodate a good number of people, a passage spreads straight to the altar in the back of the chapel from the entrance.
Oblong stools that can fit several adults each are lined along both sides of the passage, facing the altar.
A light shines from the high ceiling, illuminating the chapel.
Serenity. 5 stone statues are in the interior of the altar wrapped in such an atmosphere.
A statue of a woman in the middle. This must be the God of Creation Marianora. On both sides of Marianora-sama are four statues of men. On her right-hand side, there is the Fire God Salamanteel-sama and the Earth God Nomoodle-sama. On her left-hand side, the Water God Windell-sama and Wind God Sylphreel-sama――It’s Syl.

“Will you wait here for a while?”

I sit Allen and Elena on one of the stools, stand in front of the statue of Syl and look at it.
Ah, it’s Syl.
The stone statue has exactly the same appearances I remember.
People normally glorify and exaggerate the appearances of a god, but it seems that the actual appearances of gods have been properly transmitted to the people of Aetherdia.

(Syl~ Can you hear me?)

I close my eyes and call Syl at once.

(Takumi-san, I can hear you)

Syl immediately answers back.
It seems my voice reached him properly.

(Did you get used to the life over there?)
(I have arrived at the town just today. So I don’t think I can say I got already used to it. But, I didn’t have a hard time thanks to the magic and the convenient tools)
(That is good)

Syl was really concerned about me, it felt like that.
Having people that are concerned about you is nice. It feels somewhat warming.

――However! This and that are different things!

(Right, Syl)
(What is it?)
(You didn’t tell me. Isn’t there something that you have to say to me?)

I can imagine Syl’s body piki~in stiffen.

(W, what are you saying, I, I don’t know~)

…… No, you are definitely shaking.
If you are going to pretend ignorance, I’m going to put on a little better performance.

(Hoho~u… I see… You don’t know? Then, it can’t be helped. They finally seem to have taken a liking to me, but if Syl doesn’t know then I will have to put the poor children into an orphanage――)
(Wa, waa~!! Wait~!!

He gave up at once… I thought you were going to feign ignorance for a bit more, though~……

(I’m so~rry)

Ah, I don’t see him, but he’s definitely… prostrating……



(I thought it was strange. The starting location being A rank『Gaya Forest』, after all. No matter how you look at it, you would normally start at such an impossible place! But, I was able to leave the forest before encountering a strong monster. Besides, it’s strange for children to be in such a place! Moreover, they are “Human?” you know? At first I thought, there’s a race like that in this world~ but, when I arrived at the town and appraised the people there, everyone was a normal human, demihuman, and suchmon. I was fully suspecting you, Syl. So, what’s going on?)
(Don’t cry and start explaining. It’s not like I will get angry or anything)

Syl bursts into tears while prostrating.
Nono, you are a god, right? First… no, first is Marianora-sama so you are the second most important person, right? Why are you so brittle?

(Go on)
(It can’t be said from my mouth……)

When I urge the sobbing Syl to explain, he lets out some unexpected words.
What? “Can’t say”…… moreover, Syl said, “from my”…

Is he forbidden to speak?
From whom?
No… if that’s the case, wouldn’t that be strange?
If he imprudently spills it out, would he get in trouble…?
An existence that can forbid Syl, a god from speaking, I can think only of those four.

(Say, Syl. Wind God, Fire God, Water God, Earth God, do you share nonaggression, territory or such things…between each other?)
(……… We do)

I see. They do……
That means, there’s another god who is related to Allen and Elena?
I don’t think it’s Marianora-sama. Then, it’s someone between Fire, Water, and Earth…

(It’s just, those children are no ordinary children, leaving them would be dangerous…… I can tell you only that)
(I understand. I won’t ask anymore. Just… am I all right?)
(Takumi-san has become a part of my family, but it doesn’t change the fact that you will be living on Aetherdia like a normal human so… There’s just no control restriction, so there’s no limit to what you can do)
(Is there no problem with you assisting me?)
(Yes. It doesn’t change that Takumi-san is my family and since you have received a blessing from Marianora-sama it’s only natural to offer assistance)
(So, in the end, we are using a loophole……)

Allen and Elena are related to a god. Moreover, not just followers, something more important.
It’s just my conjecture since I can’t get more details, though.

…… At any rate――

(……… Was my existence a godsend?)
(… You are angry…… right?)
(Speaking honestly, if only you told me right away instead of stealthily scheming…… is what I’m thinking)
(I’m really sorry……)
(It’s okay already. It’s okay to rely on you when I encounter trouble, right?)
(Yes! I don’t mind no matter how trivial it is. Please, contact me anytime!)
(I understand. I will be relying on you at that time. Laters)

The conversation with Syl was forcibly ended in the middle.
Syl himself is hopeless, I can understand his reasoning, but I was used, after all, I couldn’t erase my negative emotions.
However, I’m definitely not angry nor disappointed.
My new heart just probably didn’t settle properly yet. I think there won’t be any problems if I give it a while. Once it’s settled, I will contact Syl again and make many demands. That will make the offset.


“Allen, Elena. Come here.”

Once my heart settled, I turn around and call the twins over.
When I call them, the two immediately trot over to me, I crouch and hold them in my arms.

“Thank you for waiting. Shall we return to the inn?”

I walk back to the inn with two smiling children in my arms and setting sun in the back.

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