Chapter 389

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Speedrunning a Dungeon 2
“”Here we go~””
(Oniichan, catch it!)
(Niichan, here I go!)
(Aniue, don’t worry. I got it~)
(Joule’s passable, but Vector is no good.)
(Too rough!)

Allen and Elena kicked at the monster they encountered while running, Joule or Vector followed them and picked up the loot and threw it our way, and I followed them to receive the loot. If I failed to catch the loot, Feat or Bolt will follow up.
We have done something like this before~ Was it in the “Dungeon of Minerals? Ah, but that time I used Wind Magic to pick the loot up.

“”There’s more~””

Allen and Elena increased their running speed even more. This was not a speed
for a marathon, but the speed for a sprint race.

(Ohh, they are fired up~)
(I have more to show, too!)

Joule and Vector excitedly followed the twins.

“Ahh~ geez…”
(Fufu, the twins are so energetic~)
(Mile, please hold on tightly.)
(I’m in your care!)

I, Feat, Bolt, and Mile, who was on Bolt’s back, also sped up and chased after the kids.

“”Eat this~!””
“… Whoa.”

And so, we in the loot pick-up crew followed after the kids for a while.

“”There it is~!””

We kept doing this and ran without stopping until we reached the tenth floor.

“Allen, Elena, stop right there!”

When they found the stairs down to the eleventh level, I called the children to take a break.

“Break time. Let’s have some snacks.”
“Wanna eat~”

The children, who had been wondering why they had been stopped, smiled brightly at the word “snacks.”

“What would you like?”
“”N~… meat bun!””
“You are not feeling anything sweet, huh. Well, it fits perfectly the atmosphere.—Everyone, would you like meat buns too?”

We rested for a while with warm buns and hot milk.

“There are 15 floors in total here, so we’re already two-thirds of the way through.”

All ten floors so far were snowfields. There was no maze, it wasn’t that big either, so we advanced with ease. It took about… four hours to get here?… Huh? Taking time into consideration, shouldn’t we be having lunch, not snacks? Change of plans. Let’s have a good rest and eat a proper meal.

“Which one do you want to eat next?”
“”Curry bun!””
((Same here!))

Since we have already started eating them as snacks, I didn’t have to make a meal all over.

(We are progressing smoothly, aren’t we? We are only a third of the way away, so I’m sure we can conquer it today~)

When the meal was over, Joule began to talk happily about how well we were doing.

“Will do our best!”
“To finish today!”
“N~ even if it’s a little harder from here on out… I think we can do it.”
(Yeah, we can do it, of course we can!)
“… It’s a lower level dungeon, after all.”


My children can conquer an intermediate level dungeon in three to four days, so conquering the lower level dungeon in one day might be a piece of cake for them.

(Niichan, how many laps can we do?)
“How many laps!?”
(Yeah! We want to conquer it as soon as possible, but I don’t want to leave early! So, after we finish here, why don’t we go back to the beginning and do it once more!)
“”Good idea!””

Allen and Elena agreed with Vector’s opinion.
An unthinkable, repeating laps plan?

“Err… I guess twice would be alright.”
(Two more times then!)
“No, you got it wrong! Once more. Two times in total!”
“”Ehh~ two more times!””
“Lo, look, we really don’t know if we will be able to conquer it the first time by the end of the day, do we? So let’s just make it one more time.”

Allen and Elena nodded silently at each other, and suddenly stood up firmly.

“”Let’s go!””
((Let’s go!))

Allen and Elena started to run, followed by Joule and Vector.

“Eh, why so suddenly!?”
(My, oh my, they surely intend to conquer this one before the day ends.)
(Two more times it is, then. It looks like we are conquering this dungeon three times in total.)
(Takumi Nii, you fired them up!)

The “We really don’t know if we will be able to conquer it today” may have tugged at the heartstrings of the children. No, it definitely touched them.

“Anyhow, let’s go after them.”

Before the kids were out of sight, we hurried after them.
… It really is all about chasing today.


And in no time at all, we reached the last floor, and in front was the Boss room.

“… It was a groundless fear that we might not get here by the end of the day.”

From now on, I will be very careful about what I say.

“”Let’s go~””

Allen and Elena opened the door to the Boss room, and we went inside.

(I wonder what is inside~)
(… Hmm~ it’s a Snowman! I wanna do it!)

The boss was a Snowman. A Snowman with three snowballs piled on top of each other.


The first challenger of the boss battle was the fervent Vector, and although he was using a low-level magic (fire magic), he defeated the Snowman with a single, high-intensity shot. It was that easy.

Dungeon Record
The 4th dungeon “Earth” 15/15 floors
The 16th dungeon “Snow” 15/15 floors
The 53rd dungeon “Ripples” 30/30 floors
The 55th dungeon “Minerals” 30/30 floors
The 65th dungeon “Large Animals” 30/30 floors
The 89th dungeon “Entwined” 7/50 floors
The 94th dungeon “Colors” 15/50 floors

In the end, we conquered it in half a day~
This was the seventh dungeon in our Dungeon Record. The number grew larger~

“”Let’s go one more!””

And so, we returned to the first floor using the transfer device and went through the dungeon again.

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