Chapter 388

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Speedrunning a Dungeon
“”We are here~!””

We were now in front of the Dungeon of Snow.
The reason for this is that I had been defeated by the children’s eager “Let’s go there right away” expressions.

“”Arrived fast!””
(Ahhem! I told you so. I’m growing day by day, too!)
(Fufu, I am glad to be of service~)

The Dungeon of Snow was located southeast of the Capital. It was located between the town of Alveil and the port city Yolan, which I heard of before when boarding the ship, but we have never been there before.
Depending on the means of transportation, it could take several days at the earliest, but with Joule and Feat, it only took about an hour to get here… they seem to be moving a lot faster these days.

(Even though we could get here even faster if you rode on me~)
“Y, you know, I feel much safer with you around to take care of the monsters on the way, Vector~”
“Yes, safer. Since you are with us to take care of danger, we don’t have to stop every encounter, which saves us a lot of time.”
(I see~~~)

Vector was a little sulky, but when I praised him, he wagged his tail happily and followed the children toward the entrance of the dungeon.

(Niisama, you tricked him successfully.)

Feat approached me and whispered. She seemed to have noticed that I have done my best to change the subject.
In fact, I have never ridden on Vector’s back before. I mean, I believe Vector would run out of control as usual, even if we were riding on his back. If he just ran fast, it would be fine, but if we encountered a monster, we would definitely run toward it, and if there was an obstacle, he would probably jump over it.
In this respect, Joule and Feat, when they are carrying us, either do not participate in the battle as much as possible, or if they have to, they use magic. If there is an obstacle in their path, they will avoid it splendidly. They are very considerate.
With that in mind, it’s normal to default to Joule or Feat to carry us, after all.

“Don’t tell anyone, Feat. That I tricked Vector, I mean.”
(Fufu, I understand.)

Feet giggled and snuggled up to me, so I rubbed her head.


The children shouted from the entrance of the dungeon.

(Too bad. I wanted you to pet me a little more, but they seem unable to wait any longer.)
“Indeed~ they really love dungeons, don’t they~”
(Oh my, I also like it quite a bit.)
“Eh, is that so?”
(You get to see the children being lively a lot, after all.)
“Yeah, that’s for sure.”

In the dungeon, children are having a lot of fun, so it’s very lively.
Just like Feat said, it’s very heartwarming to see~

“… But, the level difference~”
(Level? Are they going to catch up again? Niisama, how big of a difference is there?)
“… We are the same level.”
(… Oh my.)

We are just barely keeping the same level for now. Really! Really, just barely!
Depending on what they do in this “Dungeon of Snow,” I will be overtaken.

“I’m hoping to make up for it somewhere, but…”
(Those children don’t give up much leeway when it comes to combat, right~)
“Exactly. And so, since they won’t let me, I’d like to sneak in some leveling…”
(That would be difficult. Both of them like to stick to you a lot.)

When I showed a distant look on my face just thinking about it, Feat chuckled.

“Although I’m concerned about the level difference as well, objectively speaking, I think it’s a very bad to let the kids fight and have me, their guardian, stand by and watch.”
(Niisama! We need to fix that some way! Don’t worry, we are on your side!)

Feat was desperately trying to cheer me up, but the children came over to get us, telling us that we were “too slow,” so my depression ended right there.

“”So white~!””

We passed through the first transfer device, entered the first level, and found ourselves in a snowfield with a light blanket of snow.

(It’s sparkly~ So dazzling~)


The brilliant sunlight reflected off the snow dazzled Vector, making him squint his eyes.

“So far, it’s not that cold here.”

I thought that the dungeon would be absolutely cold because it’s called “Dungeon of Snow,” so I had prepared for the cold weather, but it did not feel that cold at the first floor of the dungeon.
Well, it is unlikely to be freezing on the first floor of a lower level dungeon~

“I think you will get warmer once you start moving a little, would you like to take off your scarves?”
“”Take it off~””

Allen and Elena quickly removed their scarves and tucked them into their pouches.

“”Put it aw, a bunny~!””

I think the children wanted to say “”Put it away~”” with their both hands raised up, but their words were cut short, and they ran vigorously toward the Snow Rabbit they had found. And then, they kicked the Snow Rabbit with all their might.

(What quick movements~)
(But, I think they went a little overboard.)
(The Snow Rabbit got blown away.)
(Ah, did the loot get blown away too!?)
(The two of them are rushing to pick it up!)

Because the Snow Rabbit had been kicked so far away, the location where the loot was found was also quite the distance away. Allen and Elena looked at each other for a moment and then went to pick up the dropped item.

“”Put it away~! Ah, that’s not it. Defeated it~!””
Allen and Elena came back with smiles on their faces, but it was unclear whether “I put it away” meant that they had put away the scarves… or that they made a blunder. Well, I don’t mind either way.

“Welcome back. Did you make a little blunder, perhaps,”
“”A little one~””

Allen and Elena laughed in deceit, handing me a handkerchief-sized piece of fur.

“The loot is fur, I see. It’s pure white and looks very pretty, but it’s a little too small. Well, it’s the first floor after all, I guess that’s how things are going to be.”
“I guess it’s enough for an accessory or something? That, or we could sew a few of these together?”

The quality was not very good, but it could be used for something.

“A lot?”
“If we keep walking around looking for monsters, we’re going to run out of time, you know?”

It’s not that we are running out of time… but as expected, we don’t have the luxury of taking it easy.

“I’m glad you remember. Well, let’s move on, shall we? Which way?”
“”That way~!””
“Right it is. Roger that.”
“”Oniichan, let’s run!””
“Eh, run? You don’t have to hurry that much, you know!?”
“”Will run!””
“Let’s go~!”

Allen and Elena suddenly started running toward the stairs leading to the lower floor.

(Eh, Allen, Elena, wait up~)

Joule and Vector ran after Allen and Elena.

(Niisama, let us go too?)
“Ah, yes, that’s right. Let’s go after them.”

And finally, me, Feat, Bolt, and Mile chased after them.
Looks like the dungeon marathon has begun.¨

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