Chapter 337

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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“Yes, yes, what would you like to eat?”
“N? A feast?”
“”Yeah, a feast!””

The children did not give specific names of dishes, nor did they give ingredients such as “meat” or “fish”.

“… Are you saying it can be anything?”
“”Something like that!””

“Erm… what do I do then~? Is there something you guys want to eat?”
“”N, you see~… ah! Pig shoga!!”
“Shogayaki, huh. Sure, sounds good. Let’s do that then.”

Although they said pork, it’s going to be Orc meat!
This time, I won’t be using the higher species, I will just use the regular orc.

“What would you rather have, a thick one or many thin ones?”
“Okay, thin it is.”

A single steak or several thin slices of meat is no different in terms of quantity, but… the number of slices will make you feel like you had eaten more.

“The main dish is decided on then. Also, a soup, salad and bread, I guess? N~ when it comes to shogayaki, I feel like eating donburi rice with it, but…”
“”Rice sounds nice~””
“Brian-san, I have a way to make white wheat taste good, but how do you feel about that? It will be a substitute to bread.”

Normally I would offer bread and avoid anything that might cause a fuss, but for some reason I had an irresistible urge to eat rice, so I decided to ask straightforwardly.
We could offer bread to Brian-san and the others and eat rice on our own, but if we were eating something different, they would definitely point it out!

“White wheat? I can’t imagine how to eat that hard stuff without any taste, but… I’m not against it.”
“Is that so? Thank you.”

Well, if it doesn’t work, I can just serve bread from the Infinite Storage, so there’s no need to hesitate to make donburi!

“Then, I need to cook the rice fi—”
“”Will do~!””
“N? I will leave it to you then.”
“”No worry. Leave it to us!”

I took out the rice cooker and white wheat from the Infinite Storage, and Allen and Elena began to measure the amount of rice with familiarity. In the meanwhile, I cut the Orc meat into thin slices, and began working on the shogayaki sauce.

“What soup would you like?”
“Would like eggy!”
“Fluffy one!”
“Fluffy egg soup, huh. Roger that.”

Other ingredients for an egg drop soup would be… mushrooms, I guess?
As for the vegetables, rather than eating them as a salad… I will just lightly fry cabbage and leek with salt and pepper and put them under the shogayaki.
Since the menu has been decided, I can add things as I go along.

“Rice is cooked~”
“Can you mix it and serve it into the bowls?”
“”Can do~!””

I put fried veggies on top of the rice that Allen and Elena had prepared, and topped it with shogayaki.

“The fragrance is dangerous!”
“Looks deliicous.”
“I’m starving~”

Kurt-san and the others gathered around us, as if they couldn’t wait.

“Yes, yes, it’s done, so please take it away.”
“Takumi-san, I’m really, really sorry about our guys.”
“It’s fine. Here, have some too, Brian-san. Rovel-san, too.”
“Thank you very much. It looks very delicious.”
“Thank you very much.”

Those who received their bowls in turn relaxed their cheeks.

“Allen, Elena, give some to Joule and the rest as well.”

I prepared enough soup for everyone and served it to them.
I would normally eat with chopsticks, but today I’m using a fork to accommodate everyone. It makes me feel a bit strange to use a fork for a donburi, but it can’t be helped.



When the rice was passed to everyone and they started eating, Kurt-san and the others seemed to like it and ate quietly.

“This is white wheat?”
“Yes, that’s right. How is it? If you don’t like it, I have bread too, so don’t hesitate to tell me.”
“No, it’s very delicious. It goes very well with the strongly-flavored meat.——Don’t you think so too, Rovel?”
“White wheat soaked in the sauce is the best!”

It seems to have suited Brian-san’s palate as well~ ……, but Rovell, who was quiet, and a bit reserved, had the best reaction. He seemed to like it a lot.
That’s right. Rice soaked in sauce is delicious!

“”Oniichan, is delish!””
“I see, I’m glad to hear that. Eat lots.”

Everyone finished eating in a flash, and even the second helping of rice I had prepared was eaten without leaving a single grain. Or rather, they were eating as if they were competing with each other.

“Thank you for the food, Takumi-san. It was really delicious. That white wheat was so sticky, it was more satisfying than eating bread.”
“I’m glad you liked it.”
“I didn’t know there was such a way to eat it. I’d ask you how to cook it, but none of us can cook, so I’m afraid this was the first and last time.”

It seems that none of Brian-san’s party can cook. Not many people among the adventurers can cook, huh~

“It’s true that cooking with a pot and fire requires some knack for cooking, but once you have the magic tools, cooking itself is pretty easy. You see, even my children can do it. Oh, but it’s also going to be more luggage to carry around.”

Even I am not confident about cooking rice in a pot. But with a rice cooker, as long as you measure out the white wheat and water properly, you can cook it with the flick of a switch, so I’m sure anyone can do it, but it’s not suitable for adventurers with limited luggage weight.

“Come to think of it, the children were cooking this, huh.”
“”Is simple!””
“… Takumi-san, is the magic tool you were using something that can be obtained only in Guardia?”
“The rice cooker? I’m sure you can get one in the royal capital. I got it there myself.”
“Is that so?”

Hearing the children’s words, Brian-san seemed to be thinking of a plan to get a rice cooker.
It seemed that I had succeeded in propagating white wheat. White wheat has almost no food status, so I’m glad to see it gaining a better reputation.

“Ah, come to think of it, there’s a magic tool store in Byld! The owner told me that he was friends with the craftsman in Guardia, so he might be able to make you one!”
“Yes. Ah, but…”

There’s a good chance they won’t be able to find it because the store is concealed with magic.

“Takumi-san, is something the matter?”
“No, it’s a special store, so I’m worried you won’t find it even if I tell you its location.”
“Is it that special?”
“”Is hidden with magic!””
“Hidden with magic?”
“Yes, it’s human repellent spell, to be precise. Normal people would probably walk just past it!”

Brian-san looked at me strangely, as if he had no idea why would a store had such magic cast on it.

“I know it.”
“Rovel, you know it?”

Brian-san was surprised that Rovel-san seemed to know about the store.
Rovel-san must be a magician with a high amount of magic power.

“I didn’t know it was a magic tool store, but I know of a building hidden with magic.”
“You never entered inside, Rovel-san?”
“I wouldn’t approach it of my own accord.”

Oh, yeah, a building with magic on it would be suspicious. Normally, you wouldn’t go near it.
Well, we just strolled in, though~

“It’s the building next to the grocery store. If you need a rice cooker, try asking there.”
“There still are some things I don’t know about the town I’m based in, huh. Thank you for the valuable information.”
“Nono, I’m glad I could be of help. Ah, right. We are planning to go back to the town after we finish this Boss room, but I think we still have a few days before we go back to Guardia. So, if you have any recommendations for places or stores in the town, could you let me know?”
“In that case…——”

During the break after lunch, Brian-san and the others gave me a lot of information about good places to eat.

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