Chapter 336

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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“Have you calmed down?”

After a while, the five members of the Dawn Star finally came to their senses.

“”You okay~?””

Allen and Elena also looked at them worriedly, but since the two of them were the cause of the confusion, the five members of the Dawn Star wore subtle expressions.

“We are fine. We are sorry for worrying you.”
“”I see~ Glad to hear that~””
“Fufu, thank you very much. Still, you two are really strong, aren’t you?”
“”Yeah, strong!””

Allen and Elena were not humble at all.

“”But you know, you see, Oniichan is much stronger!””
“Oh my, is that so?”
“Allen and Elena is D-rank.”
“Oniichan is A-rank!”

Allen and Elena seemed to be comfortable talking to Brian-san and told him their adventurer ranks. I think it’s the first time they have ever told someone their rank?

“Oh my, I thought he wasn’t an ordinary person, but I guess I was right.”
“”That’s right! What about you, Brian Oniichan?”
“I’m also A-rank, just like your Oniichan.”
“”Knew it!””

Brian-san was also A-ranker.
Rather than that, Allen and Elena seemingly guessed Brian-san’s rank.

“If you ever heard someone talking of ‘Reijin’ Brian, then that’s our leader.”
“”Reijin? Oniichan, what is Reijin?”
“A beauty, it means a pretty person.”
“”Ohh~ it fits!”

Brian-san’s alias was “Reijin”, huh~ It fits him perfectly.
He’s good-looking, soft-spoken, sincere, and strong, so he’s probably very popular~

“Kurt! Why did you expose me like that!”

Brian-san’s voice got unusually loud. His face got a little bit red.
… I’m sure he’s feeling embarrassed.

“”Oniichan is ‘Setsuna’!””
“Hey!? Allen, Elena, you are not supposed to say that!”
““Not allowed to say?””
“I would prefer you didn’t~”
“”Even though is cool?””

My alias was revealed by the kids. It’s a little embarrassing having others know your alias, huh.

“Speaking of Setsuna, isn’t he the one who achieved A-rank in the shortest time?”
“Come to think of it, his unique characteristics are all matching.”
“That’s certainly true!”

Kurt-san and his friends seem to know a lot about adventurers from other countries.
They really know a lot~ I wonder where they get that kind of information? Maybe the tavern of the Adventurer’s Guild?
Then again, I don’t use the tavern much, so I don’t have many opportunities to get information. I don’t even go to the Adventurer’s Guild to get requests that often, so I’m less likely to go there than a normal adventurer.

“You guys know a lot. Where do you get this information from?”
“N? Let’s see~ I guess we get the most from our peers?”
“Yeah. And also from the inkeepers.”
“Indeed. And while the guild staff can’t tell you much about someone’s abilities, they are able to give you some random information.”

So interacting with others, I guess~ I can’t go to the tavern too often, so I guess I will have to get some information from the Guild. I should ask Andy, the Guild Master of the Adventurer’s Guild in the royal capital of Guardia, what kind of people have aliases. I’m sure he will be able to give me their names and description.

“That reminds me, I heard the kids Setsuna travels with are quite amazing themselves. It appears to be the truth, these little fellows are nothing short of amazing!”
“They are talked about even though they are just children, aren’t they going to get aliases soon as well?”
“That’s likely! Something like ‘Shindou*’ perhaps?” (*wonder child)
“‘Shindou’ is too normal. Isn’t that what the nobles tend to use for their children when they are little better than average? Let it not be that one.”
“How about ‘Miko’ then?”
“That’s not going to work either because the priests would get all noise over it!”

Kurt-san, Timon-san, and Hughbert-san were getting excited over Allen and Elena’s aliases.
Shindou and Miko were so accurate I got startled.


“When it comes to the aliases for the two kids, shouldn’t it contain the word ‘Twins’?”
“Like ‘Twin Swords’ or ‘Shield Twins’?”
“‘Swords’ is possible, but ‘Shield’ probably not, right?——Pipsqueaks, what are your special moves?”
“Kicking moves and water magic, huh. How about ‘Twin Beats’?”
“They use water magic and their hair color also match, so how about ‘Twin Skies’?”

Hahaha~ They are coming up with really suitable names~
Moreover, Allen and Elena were also participating.

“Takumi-san, I apologize for my guys.”

When I was smiling bitterly at a distance, Brian-san and Rovel-san come up to me and apologized.

“There’s no need to apologize. But, what do I say… so my alias was also decided like this, huh~… I feel complicated just thinking about it.”
“… Yes, truly.”

Brian-san who was named ‘Reijin’ was making an even more complicated expression.
His alias suits his appearances perfectly. Of course, it would make him feel complicated.

“You don’t like being called by your alias as well, Brian-san?”
“Yes, you too, Takumi-san?”
“Yeah. The power of people is amazing, isn’t it? Before I knew it, it had taken root and spread around.”
“Truly. By the time I realized, it was already too late.”

As for the alias, Brian-san seemed to be on the same page as me.

“”Oniichan, Oniichan!””
“What is it?”
“We wanna eat.”
“Together with everyone!”

As I was letting out a sigh with Brian-san, Allen and Elena came running up to me.
They seemed to have hit it off with Kurt-san and the others and wanted to share a meal with them.

“Sure. Go ask them what they want to eat.”

I agreed, and they happily went back to Kurt-san and his companions.

“Brian-san, Rovel-san. That being the case, would you like to have a meal with us? Or have you already eaten?”
“No, we were just about to eat… though, speaking of meal, the only thing we have is portable food.”

Ah, as I thought, the Dawn Star eats portable food, too.

“I have got the ingredients, so I will make you a proper meal. Is there anything you want to eat?”
“Eh? Ingredients? What do you mean, Takumi-san? I don’t think there are many raw ingredients to gather in this dungeon?”

Ah~ It seems that this labyrinth doesn’t offer much in the way of ingredients.
The only ingredients we have gotten so far are the lychee fruits and Black Bison meat.

“I have a pretty good magic bag, so I have plenty of ingredients left on me.”
“That’s great. Are you really sure, though? To be honest, I’m starting to miss regular meals, so even a soup with no ingredients would be very much appreciated…”
“You’d be happy with a soup with no ingredients!?”

Huh!? Aren’t they starving more than I thought!?
I don’t know how many days Brian-san and the others have been on this floor, but they should be still good on food that lasts, right? What do they take with them? Is it related to it? They are carrying only hard bread, dried meat, and water?
Uwaah~ of course they must be hungry. So painful! I don’t think I would be able to stand it!!

“I will serve you something better than soup with no ingredients! Please, come eat with us.”

An instant soup would make things a little better, wouldn’t it? I really hope it spreads fast~

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