Chapter 319

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Voyage 4
“The whole ship is buzzing about Heavenly Drops, but as I thought, you guys were present, huh. How lucky~”
“Ah, Evan-san, Scott-san, good morning. By the way, what is this Heavenly Drops?”

Is it not raining Konpeito anymore? Just as I was thinking this, Evan-san and Scott-san called out to us.

“It’s what people call the finest nectar raining down from the heavens.”
“Yes, that’s it. It is said to fall so rarely and in such a small area that those who are lucky enough to be in its presence are considered lucky.”

When Allen and Elena held up the jar containing the Konpeito, Scott-san affirmed.
The sugar candy is apparently called “Heavenly Drops”.

“Oh, you’ve gathered quite a lot.”
“Is that so? The kids were able to collect this much after doing their utmost best, you know? I didn’t let them pick up anything that fell on the deck, though.”
“Eh? You’ve collected this much without picking up those that have fallen on the ground? That’s quite a lot then.”
“Yeah. I’ve heard that they fall only in small numbers, and more importantly, after a certain amount of time… the Heavenly Drops that fell will disappear.”
“Eh!? Ah, it’s true.”

Hearing Scott-san’s words, I looked around to see the Heavenly Drops that Allen and Elena failed to catch that were supposed to be lying on the deck were completely gone.

“”Will these disappear, too?””
“No, they should be fine. They don’t seem to disappear if you pick them up quickly for some reason, so only those who are present during the rain can pick them up.”
“Heeh~ so they were something this amazing~”

I stared at the drop I happened to pick up again.
I had picked it up when it had fallen on the deck to be appraised, so I had somehow kept it in my hand.

“Is there any other use for this besides eating it?”
“N? I wonder… I have no idea, but that may be only because I’m not aware~”
“I also have no clue. It’s called the finest nectar, so you don’t do anything but eat it, I guess? I’ve heard that a single grain can fetch a very high price.”
“I see. So once you pick one up, will it disappear if you throw it out?”
“I’ve heard that they don’t disappear.”

So, if I throw away this one drop here, it won’t disappear.

“… Takumi, are you throwing it away?”

While I was hesitating about the Heavenly Drop in my hand, Evan-san looked at me with a suspicious look on his face.

“I mean, I picked this one up from the deck… rather, do people sell the drops that have fallen to the ground?”

My kids were able to catch them midair, but normal people would pick these up from the ground, right?

“They do. As for eating… wouldn’t it be fine if you clean them with Washing?”
“Ahh, there was that move!——Washing.”

There was a way to clean it with magic without washing it with water! I immediately cast Washing on the Heavenly Drop that I have picked up from the deck.

“”Muu~ if we picked up~””

If we could have picked up the ones that fell on the deck, we could have collected more… Allen and Elena were pouting such.

“Sorry, sorry. Let’s pick up the ones on the ground next time as well.”
“”Yeah! Will do my best.””

When I told the children that I would not forget this mistake and that we would make use of it next time, they were fully motivated.

“… They are lucky to have encountered it once, but they are determined to encounter it again?”
“… No, but aren’t those guys going to run into it again?”
“… That’s true.”

However, Evan-san and Scott-san had a dumbfounded look on their faces when they heard our exchange.

“That being said, Allen, Elena. This looks to be very rare, so don’t show it to anyone, and eat it in secret.”


For now, I’ll just warn them not to show it off or eat it in public.

“It’s just like Takumi to not sell them, but to use them as snacks for the children.”
“Eh, I mean, isn’t that normal, since the kids picked up all the stuff themselves?”
“No, no, not many parents would be able to do that.”

You mean they would take it away from the kids and sell it off to make a living? Well, would I do that if my life was difficult, too?

“Well, we are not having a hard time making a living, after all. Ah, would you like to eat this?”

I held out the Heavenly Drop I had been holding between my fingers to Evan-san.

“Oi. Don’t hold it out as if disposing of your old inventory.”
“I cleaned it.”
“Then eat it yourself, no? Well, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t curious how it tastes.”

Evan-san is so honest.

“Allen, Elena, I need you to do something for me.”
“”What is it?””
“Can you give Evan-san and Scott-san a Heavenly Drop?”
“”Okay, sure~””

Well, I was also curious about the taste, so I decided to eat what I had and asked the kids if they could share a piece for both. They readily agreed, and immediately took two Heavenly Drops from the jar and offered them to Evan-san and Scott-san.

“Eh, you sure?”
“I will feel bad.”
“”It’s delish, you know?””

Allen and Elena grabbed Evan-san’s and Scott-san’s hands and placed the Heavenly Drops in their palms, as if to say, “Come on, take it.”
One good point about my children is that they do not mind sharing their stuff!

“Are you really, really, sure?”
“Would you like a payment for this?”
“”Don’t wanna.””

Evan-san squatted down to make eye contact with the children, and confirmed that they didn’t mind. Scott-san tried to pay out of obligation, but the children immediately refused.

“Rather than money, they would prefer you play with them, so if you could do that instead?”
“”Yeah, let’s play!””

I don’t know how much a piece of this candy costs, but I thought it would be better for the children to play instead, so when I suggested an alternative, they smiled and nodded. When Evan-san and Scott-san saw this, they looked at each other as if saying, “Are they really fine with that?” But in the end, they agreed.
Then, the three of us tried the Heavenly Drops.

“”How is it? How is it?””
“Yeah, it’s delicious.”
“It indeed tastes great.”

The Heavenly Drop instantly melted in my mouth, spreading a refreshing sweetness around.

“N~ delicious it is, but… I don’t think it’s worth the price tag?”
“There’s another reason for that.”
“Another reason? Is there more to it than just being lucky enough to be where it falls?”
“Yes, it’s said that your fortune will improve if you eat it. It’s not certain whether that’s true or not, though.”
“Fortune, huh.”

I see. It may be a superstition, but I’m sure there will be people who will want to believe it.

“”Hey, hey, Oniichan.””
“N? What is it?”
“Won’t it rain.”
“One more time~?”
“Hahaha~ if your luck is good, we will encounter this again before long.”

As Allen and Elena looked up at the sky to see if the Heavenly Drops would fall once more, all of a sudden——wee, woo… the alarm bells rang throughout the ship.

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