Chapter 318

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Voyage 3
Second day of the voyage. It was another beautiful day.

“”Are there any fish?””

Once on deck, Allen and Elena climbed up on the railing and peered into the ocean.

“How was it, did you see any fish?”
“I see, that’s too bad.”
“”Will come if we call?””

At first the children were disappointed, but then they clapped their hands and called the fish.

“”Come koi~””

This is… the gesture I made when I called the koi in the pond~
However, if the koi are used to being fed, they might come to us, but fish in the ocean won’t come.

“”They came~!””
“Eh? No ways!?”
“”So many, look!””

The kids raised their voices in cheerful mood, so I hurriedly peeked in the water.

“Whoah, you are right.”

I could clearly see numerous fish flapping and jumping in front of the ship.

“Seeing this many fish at once is actually quite unpleasant.”

If there were so many fish so close to the ship, wouldn’t it cause problems with the ship’s progress?

“The hell is this!”
“Whoah, amazing~”

The other passengers seemed to have noticed the fish and hurried to call the crew.

“Excuse me, customers. Have you been baiting the fish?”
“No, we haven’t.”

The sailor came over to us near where the fish were most concentrated.
There were so many fish that he suspected we had baited the area.

“”They came when we called~””

Allen and Elena moved to a different location and called out for more fish, and a large number of them moved closer to the children.


When the crew and passengers saw this scene, they were stunned and astonished(?)

“We didn’t bait them, but you could say that the cause was us? Is it dangerous for this many fish gathering at the sides of the ship, after all?”
“N, no, there shouldn’t be a problem if they are at the sides, but if by any chance they were at the stern, then…”

I know that the ships are powered by magic stones, not engines, but I don’t know how it works. The sailors are slurring their words, but I guess there are propellers or drains at the stern, and if they got clogged up, we would be in trouble.

“Allen, Elena, the ship might encounter difficulties if there are too many fish around, so let’s not call for them again, okay?”

When Allen and Elena waved their hands, the fish scattered in unison. When the sailors and passengers saw this, they were once again stunned and yelled out. And since more people had gathered to see what was going on, there were more voices than before.

“Excuse us for the ruckus.”
“N, no, I’m sorry for doubting you.”

I quickly apologized and put the matter to rest as if nothing had happened.

“N? It’s raining?”

After the fish incident was over, we were still hanging out on deck when I heard something fall——a sound of something hitting the deck. Is it rain? I looked up to see that the sky was still blue.

“The weather is still beautiful.”

I thought it started raining, but it doesn’t look like it.

“What is that?”

I looked up and down the deck and saw a few colorful balls the size of my pinky fingernails lying around. I picked them up and immediately looked them up with Appraisal.

“”What is it?””
“Erm… a sugar candy?”
“”Is it sweet?””
“That seems to be the case, but… why are they falling from the skies?”

It seemed that what had been falling was… Konpeito?
I’ve never heard of such a phenomenon, but I wonder if it’s common in Aetherdia?

“”Can we eat?””
“Well~ eating something that had fallen on the floor wouldn’t be good.”

I don’t want them to eat anything that has fallen on the floor in a place where many people are walking about. But that doesn’t mean we should simply wash them, so I told the kids to give up.


Then Allen and Elena caught the falling sugar candy in the air.

“”How about this~?””
“… Well, I guess it’s fine.”

If candy that falls to the floor is no good, then the candy that doesn’t fall… is the logic here.
The Konpeito itself wasn’t anything weird since it said it was “Edible”, so when I gave them permission to eat, the twins popped the candy into their mouths.


The kids let out astonished voices and laughed in satisfaction.

“Is it yummy?”

The two of them quickly catch the falling Konpeito.


The two of them continued to catch the Konpeito that fell at regular intervals.

“Here, use a jar.”
“”Thank you.””

I handed them the empty medicine jar, and they quickly filled it with Konpeito.


The children squirmed as they listened to the sound of the bottle being shaken and rattled.

“”Only this much~””

They seemed to be frustrated that they couldn’t accumulate enough Konpeito, since it only rained in few candies at once…
That being said, I feel that the downpour of Konpeito would be a surreal sight to witness.

“If you want more, you’ll have to persevere and work hard for it. Or will you give up?”
“”… Will do my best.””

They were not giving up.
Allen and Elena then took the time to continue catching in the Konpeito from the air until the medicine jar was full.

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