Chapter 298

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Staying Overnight
Bolt led the way, and we found a nice open space deep in the forest.

“Ohh~ This place looks good. Thank you, Bolt.”
(It was nothing. You can ask me of this anytime.)

After patting Bolt, I took out the hut out of the Infinite Storage.

(Huh? I thought it would be a bit bigger.)
“This is a resting hut. I’m sure I will have everyone look for a place for the house in the future. So I thought I will have guys to check the sizes first.”
(So it’s like that! We should memorize the sizes then.)

Joule said that it was different from what he had imagined, but after listening to my explanation, he nodded his head as if he was convinced, and then checked the size of the hut carefully.

(So this is a resting hut, Niisama?)
“Yeah. I plan on using it when the children need to rest, or when we need to take a shelter from rain.”
(I see, understood.)

When I opened the door to show Feat the inside of the cabin, Joule and the others took turns checking it out, too.

“This one is not so cozy, so just remember this one is for emergency use. And, this one is——”

I put the hut away in the Infinite Storage and took out the house this time.
The place Bolt found still had some margin of space left after the house was placed down.

(Now this is a house! Ama~zing!)
(Oh my, that’s quite a splendid home.)
(Indeed. But, this seems it would be good even in a slightly narrower place.)
(Ohh~ amazing, amazing!)
(It’s wonderful!)

“Now then, it’s a bit early, but let’s relax at home for the rest of the day. Come in.”

Before entering, I cast Washing in all of us and we went in.

“”I’m home~””
(Oh, that’s nice. I’m home~)
((((I’m home~))))
“Haha, welcome home~”
“”Onii~chan too, welcome home~””
“Yup, I’m home~”

Just from the greeting, this already felt like “our home”.

(Wow~ the interior looks good!)
(It feels very relaxing.)
(It has a bright, but very calming color scheme.)
(Yep, yep, it’s calming~)
(It’s splendid!)

Joule and the others began to relax in their favorite places.

“I haven’t arranged the furniture and decorations yet, so if there’s anything you want, just let me know. I personally would like a hanger rack to hang my undressed jacket.”

I don’t have a place to put my undressed jacket, so I’ll get one as soon as possible.
I had no choice but to put it in the Infinite Storage for now, and then I sat together on the sofa with Allen and Elena.

(N~ let’s see~ I would like a big cushion. A big one I could climb on!)
(Ohh~ that sounds nice! I would like one too!)

Joule and Vector wanted cushions. I would like a large cushion that I could lean on when sitting directly on the carpet, too. I also need a regular cushion for the sofa.

(Aniue, could you make a place for me to stay on top of the hanger rack?)
“I can have something made solely for your personal use, you know?”
(Too many things would become obstructions in the room, so please make a place for me in the corner of the room.)
“You don’t really need to hold back so much~ But, thank you for your consideration. I will discuss this with the craftsmen.”

Is it a hanger rack, or a hanger pole? No, a pole hanger?
I wonder if I can get a type of hanger that has several branches on the main pole, and have one of the branches or the top of the pole be able to host Bolt?

(Takumi Nii, I would like a step. This table is too steep for me to climb on!)
(Thank you!)

Allen and Elena hurriedly placed Mile, who was trying her best to climb, on top of the table.


“I will have it ready soon.”

Something like a staircase that would allow Mile to climb easier? N~… maybe a personal chair would be a better choice? No, let’s go with both. I should have this made promptly.

“Allen, Elena, Feat, what about you guys?”
(Let’s see~ I can’t think of anything for now, I will let you know immediately if I come up with something.)
“”Yeah, will say!”
“Roger that.”

After relaxing for a while, I started to prepare dinner.

“N~ what should I cook? Oh, let’s do steamed buns!”
“”Steamed buns! Wanna eat!””
(Oh, those you made in the dungeon before? Sounds good!)
(That was delicious.)
(Everything made by Aniue will surely be delicious.)
(Steamed buns! Steamed buns!)
(I wanna eat it, too!)

The first thing I did was to make a large amount of dough for wrapping using burst powder.
While the dough was rising, the next step was to make the filling. I mixed ground meat with small pieces of bamboo shoots and shii mushrooms, and made two flavors, one based on shoyu and the other based on miso.

“Next is… a seafood one made with shrimps or scallops would be nice, too.”
“”That! Next one?””
“Next one? N~ let’s see… a pizza, one with a tomato base with plenty of cheese. I could also do curry or red bean paste buns!”
“”Let’s make everything!””

When I listed the ingredients I could think of, the kids looked up at me with sparkling eyes.

“Wrapping is difficult, you know?”
“Will help~”
“Let’s make them~”
“Well, yeah. It’s still early, so let’s get to it!”

The reason I made more dough was because I wanted to store it in the Infinite Storage for the next time, but I thought it would be better to store the finished buns so that we could eat them right away the next time.
So, I made various flavors of ingredients and worked with the kids to wrap up more and more buns.

“Now we just have to wait for them to steam.”

I hadn’t had a chance to use the steaming pot since I got it made, but I finally get to use it.

“Yeah, this should be enough.”
“”Finished~ let’s eat quickly!””

We steamed the buns in turns, watching them steam for about ten minutes!
There were six kinds of buns: two kinds of meat buns, seafood buns, pizza buns, curry buns, and red bean paste buns. While I was waiting for them to be steamed, I also made a Chinese-style soup flavored with sesame oil, so it was quite a hearty meal. Hmm, even I can’t eat all the kinds, can I?

“A half of each for Allen and Elena… would be still too much? How about having a third of each together with Mile?”

The total amount of food the children could eat would be about two whole buns each. Mile’s body is also small, so cutting the buns in thirds would make for the perfect amount for all three.

(I want to eat one of each!)
(Me too, me too!)
“Roger that. Are you okay with one of each too, Feat?”
(Niisama, is eating that much okay?)
“Of course, it’s fine.”
(Thank you, Niisama.)

Joule, Vector, and Feat wanted one of each.

“What about you, Bolt?”
(I also want to try every kind, but as expected, I can’t eat that much.)
“Then, how about going half with me?”

I also want to taste all the kinds, so I decided to share it with Bolt.


The kids groaned as they ate the steamed buns. Well, since everyone’s face was all warm and fuzzy, I guess it suited their palates. But for me, it felt a little thin and I thought the ingredients inside could be more strongly seasoned.
After dinner, we all relaxed again, and at the end of the day, we unveiled the large bed and all slept together.
It was a little funny to see that although the bed was spacious enough to use, the way we all squeezed into the middle like a bun filling was the same whether we were in the forest or at home.

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