Chapter 297

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New Attacks
“”Where is it, where is it~””
(It’s not here, huh~ I thought it would be easy to find, since it’s supposedly acting violent~)
“I found Clen over there~”
“And there was Shui over here~”

After an early lunch, the kids and I started to take a leisurely stroll, but we couldn’t find any Battle Horses, or even any sign of them, so we just wandered around. However, the kids were not just walking around, as Allen and Elena were working on gathering medicinal herbs while walking in the lead with Joule.

(Fufu, both Allen-chan and Elena-chan are so diligent~)
“Truly. Even though they don’t need to look for herbs right now~”
(It’s not like they are forcing themselves, so isn’t it just fine?)
(That’s right! I think it’s better to be fruitful than just walk around!)

While I was following behind leisurely with Feat, Bolt and Mile, we were still collecting medicinal herbs on the way.

(Fufu, aren’t you doing the same as the children, Niisama?)
“Haha~ I get the feeling of needing to pick them when they enter my sight.”

Leaving them after catching a sight of them… that’s not possible. Do I have a poor man’s mentality?

(Allen-chan and Elena-chan without a doubt resemble you, Niisama.)
(I have no doubts about that.)
(No doubts at all!)

Are you saying that the reason why Allen and Elena are always collecting herbs is because of my behavior? Their actions are similar to mine because we are together for so long?

“I have to be careful so that my bad traits don’t stick on them then.”
(Oh my, you have bad traits, Niisama?)
“Of course, I do. It’s difficult to answer, but… it’s not to the point where it makes me angry, but people often point out that I’m overdoing things too much.”
(Aniue, I don’t think there’s anything wrong about having that pointed out.)
(That’s right! It’s just that the people around you haven’t been able to keep up with you!)
“… Heeh~”

Feat, Bolt, and Mile followed up kindly.
But you see~ does that mean that if I behave myself, they won’t point it out anymore? I don’t feel like it… I must investigate further.

“Oh, by the way, how far did Vector go?”
(Oh my, Niisama. You have changed the subject so blatantly.)

When I tried to forcefully change the subject by mentioning Vector, who was out wandering as usual, after saying he was going to look for some meat, Feat smiled.

“Let me change it.”
(Fufu, as you wish.)

It’s okay for now, but in the future, I might not be able to keep my head above water against Feat~

(My, he returned.)

While talking about him, Vector returned.

(I brought down the Battle Horse!)

He was holding the Battle Horse’s remains in his mouth.

“”… Au.””

Seeing Vector happily return, Allen and Elena, who had been working so hard to find the Battle Horse, were disappointed.

(Even though Allen and Elena worked so hard to find it! Why are you snatching the two’s enjoyment!)
(That’s right, Vector. You always do as you please! Be a bit more obedient for once!)
(I won’t cover for you this time.)
(No meal for you, Vector!)
(Eh, eeeeehhh!!)

He was reprimanded by the other four animals and seemed depressed, but he seemed to be most shocked by Mile’s words.

(I’m remorseful! Please don’t take away my meal~~~)

As I thought, Vector hated the thought of not having a meal.


“… Allen, Elena, what do you want to do?”
“”… Muu.””

When I checked with Allen and Elena if they wanted to forgive him or not, the two puffed out their cheeks. They were obviously angry, but their faces could only be described as cute.

(Allen, Elena, I’m really sorry. I will be more careful in the future, so please forgive me~~~)

Vector appealed very hard, but the children silently looked in the other direction.
It seems that unusually, the children’s anger was not subsiding.

(Alle~n, Elena~)

Vector walked around to get the twins to look at him, but they quickly turned away again.
Vector was totally crying now.

“N? The two’s faces…”
(Yeah, Allen and Elena’s faces are grinning.)
(Fufu. Are they perhaps teasing Vector?)
(It seems that way. They are pretending to be angry.)
(Good! Do it more!)

The moment they turned away from Vector, the kids’ faces were definitely smiling.
However, by the time the Vector came around again, they were making pretend angry expressions.

“But, he’s now the pitiful one. If that happened to me, I would definitely cry.”
(Ah~ yes, I would, too.)

I don’t want to think about it, but if I was in Vector’s situation… I would cry for sure.
Joule agreed and Feat, Bolt, Mile nodded in silence.

“I would like to stop them, but… let’s wait for a little longer.”

I thought about stopping them right away, but decided to leave them alone for a little while longer, as it was the perfect medicine for the overly free-spirited Vector.

“Then, why don’t we go looking for a camping site now?”
(Yay~! We are staying the night here today!)
(Aniue, should I look for a cave or something?)
“As a matter of fact, I had a house built, so I thought of using that today.”
(Oh my, you had a house built, Niisama?)
(I want to see it soon!)

I put away the evidence of my request, the Battle Horse carcass, in the Infinite Storage and started preparing to move.

“That being the case, Bolt, can you look for a place that is a bit in the open but out of the public eye?”
(Understood! I will find it right away!)

Bolt left to find a good place immediately, in the meanwhile I stopped Allen and Elena who were pretending to be angry.

“Allen, Elena, are you feeling satisfied enough? We are leaving.”

When I called out to them, the children replied cheerfully.

(Ehh! What do you mean if they are feeling satisfied!?)
“It seems that Allen and Elena were pretending with you.”
(Pretending!? Eh, you guys were acting all this time!?)

Vector was taken aback by the rapid development.

(That can’t be~ You are so heartless~)
“No, I do think the twins were angry a bit there for real. They were trying their best to find the Battle Horse, after all.”
(… Au~ I’m sorry.)
“”Yea, it’s fine now~””
(Allen, Elena, I will reflect on this, so please don’t attack me like that again!)
“”Will think about it~””
(My gosh~~~)

The children’s newly learned mental attacks seemed to be quite unbearable, as Vector complained that he didn’t want to experience it ever again.

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