Chapter 294

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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House Completion
“Oh, really?”

The next morning, after bringing home the children who had fallen asleep at the party, we were eating breakfast with Rebecca-san when she told us something.

“”Wow~ the house is finished~?””
“Fufu. I wonder, he only said to come to see it, so it might be finished.”
“Wah~ they worked fast~”

He called us to come and see the portable house we had ordered.

“Are you going right away?”
“Yeah. I’d like to see it immediately.”

That being the case, we immediately went to where the house was being built.


Usually, a house is built where you live, but in our case, we won’t live where it is built, so I rented land owned by the Ruven family and had it built there. When we got there, we saw two houses, and the kids and I couldn’t help but shout in admiration.

“Ou, young fella, you came.”
“Hello, Ivano-san.”

Perhaps because he heard our voices, Ivano-san, the head of the workshop, came out from inside the house he had built.

“Is it finished already?”
“All that’s left is a consultation with you and the finishing touches. It was an amusing job, so we progressed quickly. Well, go check it out.”
“Let’s check the hut first. Follow me.”

Ivano-san led us into the resting hut. A young man was in the midst of cleaning.

“Huh, Chief? Aren’t you finished with your… n? Who are these people?”
“They are the owners.”
“Eh, the owners? So young! Ain’t he younger than I!?”
“You are being nosy, Tom!”
“No, I mean!”
“Not only is he younger than you, but he also earns more than you as well. You are hindering my explanation, so go wait outside the hut!”

Ivano-san chased the hesitating young man—Tom-san, out of the hut.

“Sorry about our youngster nosiness.”
“No, it’s fine.”
“Well then, let me explain. As you can see, we have kept it monotonous, with no clutter, just a table, and chairs. What do you think?”
“It looks really nice!”

It was simple, but very carefully constructed.

“Onii~chan look, look!”
“There are chairs for Allen and Elena!”
“Whoah, it’s true!”

In the center of the hut was a rectangular table with three chairs on each side. And two of the chairs had high seats with armrests. They were definitely made for children.

“You took the trouble to make these?”
“I wouldn’t say they were trouble to make. Oh, if you don’t like them, then we can exchange them for normal chairs, too.”
“No, thank you very much. As you can see, the children are very happy about them.”

The children immediately sat down on the chairs to see how comfortable they were.
I usually put thick cushions on the chairs to adjust the height, but even without them, the chairs seemed to be just right for the height of the table.

“You can’t change the height, so they won’t work when the kids get older.”
“That’s not a problem. But since they are replaceable, do you have spare chairs?If so, I would like those too.”
“I will make you pay for those too, you know?”
“But of course.”

I had no complaints about the hut, so we moved on to the transferable relaxation house.

“We already put the carpet in, so take off your shoes.”

After Allen and Elena took off their shoes, they walked into the house as if they were ready to jump in.

“Wow~ it has a good atmosphere.”

The walls were made of light brown wood, the floor had light gray carpet with short hair, a cream-colored sofa and a low table. The room was generally bright, with the sun shining through a large window.

“Since you didn’t tell me what colors you preferred, I decided to go with a bright, soothing color.”
“Thank you very much. It’s good this way, and we could create a different kind of atmosphere by using curtains and some small accessories, too.”

It looked good as it was, and it looked like it could easily be modified.

“”The bed is amazing! So huge!””


The children, who had been looking around the house, opened the door to the bedroom and exclaimed in admiration.

“Lemme see? Ohh, it really is big.”
“”We can all sleep together!””

The bed, which took up more than half of the room, looked impressive, but it was exactly as requested.

“It was our first time making a bed that wasn’t simply big but took half the size of the room. Does it meet your expectations, young fella?”
“Oh my~ I cannot really complain.”
“Gahahaha. I’m glad to hear that.”

The kids jumped into bed and enjoyed the soft mattress.

“How is it, Allen, Elena?”
“”Very good~””
“Looks like they like it.”
“I’m glad to hear that. Oh, by the way, here are the sizes of the sheets and covers. If you want a spare, you can use it to order them. If you want a spare immediately, you can go to the store two doors down from my workshop, “The Little Blue Bird”, and give them my name, and they will make it for you.”

Ivano-san seemed to have a bold personality, but he was also very considerate. The chair, the atmosphere of the room, and even the size of the bed!

“Ivano-san, this is the best! Thank you.”

After that, we also checked the bathroom and toilet and were briefed on the magical equipment that had been installed, but there was nothing in particular that we wanted to have fixed, so we received both the hut and the house that day.

“Uoh, you really can carry it!”
“Nono, I wouldn’t order it if I couldn’t.”
“Hearing about it and seeing it happen before my eyes are two different things.”

After surprising Ivano-san by putting the house in the Infinite Storage, we went to the workshop to pay the rest of the bill, and then we immediately visited the Little Blue Bird.

“Yes, yes, welcome.”

When we entered the store, we were greeted by a man who was a little older than me.
I thought it was unusual to be greeted by a male shopkeeper, since most of the sewing and costume stores I had been to were staffed by women.

“I was introduced by Ivano-san and I would like to order some sheets and duvet covers.”
“Are they perhaps the larger ones that Ivano-san asked for before?”
“Yes, that’s probably it.”

When I showed the note I received from Ivano-san, it seemed to be the same one the male shopkeeper had imagined, and he gladly accepted my order. So I ordered a set of sheets and a duvet cover in navy blue, light blue, green, gray, and cream, in addition to white, and I also ordered curtains.

“Is there anything else?”
“N? What is it, is there something you want?”
“”You see, you see!””
“We want clothes.”
“With ears we can wear outside now.”

Err……… clothes with ears to wear outside? And right now?

“What we have is only for when it’s cold.”
“And sleep.”
“Ah, now that you mention it… is that so?”

Speaking of clothes with animal-ear hoods, they have a poncho coat and stuffed animal pajamas for sleeping. What could they wear now, would be either a thin cardigan or a hoodie, I guess?

“Excuse me. Do you also offer tailoring services here?”
“Yes, of course.”
“Then, could you make us a thin cardigan for the kids to wear? A hooded one. I would also like for animal ears to be attached to the hood.”
“Animal ears… is it?”
“Something like this.”

The shopkeeper looked at me strangely, so I took out a coat from the Infinite Storage and showed it to him as a sample.

“And so, what kind of animal ears would you like?”

When I asked the children what they wanted, the names of the Contracted Beasts came up.
Joule and Feat are imitated on the coat, and some sleepwear costumes imitate birds, so if that’s Bolt, then the only ones remaining would be Vector and Mile.

“Ah~ they are talking about a Scarlet King Leo and a Forest Rat… would it be too difficult?”
“I can use something similar for the colors, but…”
“I thought so.”

Mile’s could be made simply by attaching long ears, but when it comes to Verctor~ The mane would be a bit difficult.

“Then a green one with long ears in the style of a Forest Rat. And if you can’t do a mane for the red one, we will do just with the round ears on it. Can I order two of each?”
“Yes, for sure.”

He said he could do it all in a few days, so I made the order, and we left the store.

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