Chapter 293

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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“Here you go, guys. Your food and extra ale.”
“Eat a lot~”

When the food arrived, the children’s faces lit up.

“”Can we eat~?””
“Sure, go ahead.”
“”Yay~! Thank you!””

They asked for my permission, and when they also saw Evan-san and Scott-san no in approval, the twins started eating immediately.

“Lad, Lass.”
“Won’t you treat us as well?”
“I would like one too!”

As they began to eat, the adventurers around the cafeteria called out to them.

“”Treat~? What does that mean?””
“It means to buy something for someone else.”
“”I see~””
“Or rather, don’t crowd around the kids, you guys.”

After Evan-san explained to the children who were tilting their heads because they didn’t understand the word “treat”, he also warned the others.

“It’s you or Scott paying anyway, right?”
“Yeah, yeah.”

It seems that they were trying to appeal to Evan-san and Scott-san from the beginning.

“Allen will treat you~”
“Elena can too~”

However, the twins easily acknowledged and the adventurers around were stunned by their reaction.

“Allen, Elena? I think everyone was joking when they said that, you know?”
“”Was relied on~!””
“N? Ohh~ You were happy to be asked to treat them because they were relying on you that way?”

It seems they were happy to be asked, even in jest.
In addition, they immediately rummaged through their pouches and took out their leather bags containing money.

“Oy, Takumi. I don’t need to guess, but are they taking out their money right now?”
“That seems to be the case.”
“Nono, stop spacing out and stop them!”
“Well, isn’t it alright?”

I thought it would be a good opportunity for them to experience something like this, so I kept my mouth shut and watched what happened next.

“How much is alcohol~?”
“N? Let me see? It’s 20G each.”
“”Erm… one~ two~ three~…””

When the children heard the price of the ale, they also started counting the number of people.

“Wait a moment!!”
“W, well, we are happy about your thoughts, but we really can’t be treated by kids, can we… l, look, eat your meal before it gets cold, alright?”

The adventurers, realizing that the children were serious, rushed to stop them.

“”Ten people?””
“Times ten…”
“”Erm… two hundred!””
“Oh, correct! Then, what’s 200G in coins?”
“”2 Silver coins!””
“Correct again!”


Unexpectedly, the study of mathematics showed up, and the kids got the two-digit multiplication right, even though it was a simple number.

“That’s the children’s older brother, right? Why is he so carefree in this situation?”
“He’s doing a calculation lesson now.”
“Rather than that, the kids are totally serious about treating us. What do we do?”
“What do we do, you ask… what do we do?”

The people around were whispering but let’s not mind it.

“N? What is it?”
“”Have no Silver coins~””
“Huh, you don’t?”

When the amount of money was counted, the children looked in their leather bags again, but they were too sullen after looking and made disappointed noises.
Apparently, they didn’t have any Silver coins on them. Hmmm, I thought I had given them all the coins.

“As expected, even Takumi wouldn’t let kids carry that much money!”
“”Can we use Gold coins instead?””
“Wait a moment! Oy, Takumi!! Why are you making the kids carry Gold coins!!”

Evan started to get even angrier, surprised that the kids were carrying gold coins.

“Why, you ask… just in case something happened?”
“If you let them have that much money, they will get kidnapped or attacked instead!”
“Stop joking~ There’s no way they would get kidnapped with me around~ Besides, even if something were to happen, my kids will be vigilant before it happens, and even repel the threat if possible.”

I’m not worried at all about kidnapping, even if we do get separated, and I’m sure they will fight off any attack. Ah, no, I can’t say that there were no kidnappings happening recently, can I? They got kidnapped by gryphons and the Crystal Elk, after all~

“”Hey, hey, are Gold coins okay~?””
“I don’t think there would be a problem, but… let’s exchange.”
“It means to split the money into smaller amounts.”
“”Split? Make them smaller?””
“Cut in half?”
“Or break?”
“Nono, not like that!?”

When the children heard the word “split”, they thought of breaking or cutting the coins to make them physically smaller.

“Exchanging one Gold coin for ten Large Silver coins, or one Large Silver coin for ten Silver coins, is called money exchange.”
“”Ohh~ let’s exchange!””
“Then, let’s exchange 1 Gold coin for 9 Large Silver coins and 10 Silver coins.”

Allen and Elena each offered me a gold coin, and I gave them the proper amount of Silver and Large Silver coins.

“Ten times.”

The children grabbed a Silver coin each and smilingly ordered some ale from the mistress.

“Hey, you guys! What do you think you are doing, asking these kids for alcohol!?”
“No, no, we were just kidding!”
“Yeah, yeah. Well, we thought we’d get a chance to get Evan to buy us drinks, but we didn’t mean to rip off the kids!”

The mistress scolded the adventurers, and they were all overwhelmed.

“”Is fine! Our treat!””
“Mistress, there’s no problem so let the kids do as they like.”
“If you, their guardian, says it’s fine then I have no problem. Are you sure, though?”
“Yes, please do as they say.”
“Alright. It’s ale for everyone then.”

After this, we became friends with the adventurers and we all partied together.

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