Chapter 285

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Steel Hawks
Today, we are going to take on a request with Evan-san and Scott-san’s adventuring party, the Steel Hawks. It seems that the Steel Hawks are a B-rank party, which makes them a higher rank than our C-rank party, the White Wings.

“How about Luminescent Mushrooms?”
“Oh, that sounds good.”
“Indeed. How about this one as well?”
“That’s nice, too.”
“”This one~?””
“Kraken material… Allen, Elena, let’s not do that one for now.”
“”Can’t~? Then, this one~””
“Lemme see… Flare Tortoise? This one should be okay, I guess?”
“Right. I think that one is good.”

After meeting at the Adventurer’s Guild, we first examined the requests on the request board. The plan was to get two requests for monster materials, and one for medicinal plants.

“Alright, it’s decided then.”
“Let’s finish at the reception then.”
“”We leaving~?””
“Yes, we are~ Allen, Elena, are you prepared?”

After we finished at the reception, we immediately left the town.

“Mountains or the coast, which direction to you want to go first?”
“Let’s see~ Let’s go to the mountains first and look for the Jumbo Elks and Luminescent Mushrooms. When we are done with that, we will go along the coast and look for the Flare Tortoises.”
“That sounds good.”
“”Mountains~ let’s go, let’s go!””

When we decided on the destination, Allen and Elena were ready to break into a run.

“Now, now! Allen, Elena, you can’t go on your own.”
“Come on, I will hold your hands.”

It’s been a long time since I have held the hands of Allen and Elena, since they always run off when I’m not careful enough.


However, once we were holding hands, the children happily waved their hands back and forth.

“You get along so well~”
“Indeed. It’s heartwarming.”
“I feel like we are going to let our guards down~ Isn’t that bad?”
“Let’s be careful.”

Evan-san and Scott-san looked at each other with a smile but seemed to focus at the task at hand.

“N? What is it?”
“Herbs found~”
“Will get it~”

The twins who found some herbs and wanted to go to pick them up.

“Takumi, you can let the kids loose. Right, Scott?”
“Yes, I don’t mind.”
“Are you sure? These children love to move about a lot, you know?”
“As long as they don’t go somewhere and don’t return… that won’t happen, right?”
“You don’t have to worry about that.”

If they get separated, I will be able to locate them. But I can’t imagine the children getting lost, you know?

“There’s no problem then.”
“I will take you up on your offer then. Allen, Elena, you can go but don’t disappear from our sight, alright?”

Evan-san and Scott-san gave their permission, so I let go of the children’s hands and they started running happily.

“It was a Lilie~”
“There was Clen, too~”

The children came back happily with the herbs they had collected in their hands.

“”There’s more~””
“So much in such a short time…”
“That’s amazing. I know you have warned us about it yourself, but I didn’t think it would be to this extent.”

Evan-san and Scott-san were dumbfounded to see the children repeatedly picking up herbs and bringing them to me.
But so far, they have only collected herbs that are commonly found~

“Oh, have you found something again? What did you find this time?”

Evan-san’s gaze followed the children as they suddenly started to run, as if he was already getting used to it.

“Wait a moment! Evan, that!”
“Isn’t that a Horned Rabbit!”

Evan-san and Scott-san panicked because there was a monster in the direction the children were going.


“Ah~… those two will be alright.”
“Even though Horned Rabbits are weak, they are still monsters, you know?”

Shortly after stopping, Evan-san ran to the children.


However, the Horned Rabbit was defeated by the children in no time.
Scott-san who stood beside me and Evan-san who stopped in place were stunned.

“”Defeated it~””
“Yeah, welcome back.”

Allen and Elena came back, dragging the carcass of the Horned Rabbit along. Evan-san returned with them.

“Allen, Elena, Evan-san and Scott-san got startled, so announce when there are monsters nearby first. You can do it, right?”
“”Nniyu? Got it~?””

First of all, I told the kids to report any monsters they see and not run out immediately.

“I knew they had good motor nerves when I saw them practicing the sword, but… I didn’t think it was to this degree. They can move quite well.”
“That was some brilliant kicking.”

Being praised by Evan-san and Scott-san, Allen and Elena puffed out their chests proudly.

“Which reminds me, I didn’t tell you about our fighting styles, did I? The children mainly use kicking techniques like the one earlier, and rest is water magic. I’m basically a mage, and I use wind magic the most.”
“Right. As you can see, Evan uses the big sword on his back, and I use this sword. We are not very good at magic and the most we can do is some auxiliary spells, but Evan uses fire and I use water.”
“I have been thinking this since before, but Evan-san’s sword is quite incredible, isn’t it?”

His sword was bigger than Allen and Elena. To swing a sword that large must take quite the muscle strength.
Well, I would be able to swing it too, but I would not be able to manipulate it and the sword would probably fly off somewhere with centrifugal force.

“”Onii~chan, Onii~chan.””
“N? What is it?”
“Wolves came~”
“We going.”

While discussing our fighting styles, Allen and Elena informed me that monsters had appeared and charged towards them.

“It’s three Gray Wolves.”
“Can we really take this so leisurely?”
“It shouldn’t be a problem.”

In no time at all, Allen and Elena reached the Gray Wolves and easily defeated them.

“You weren’t joking or using a metaphor when you said we would have no turn to show up, you really meant it.”
“That’s right.”

Evan-san let out a big sigh as he remembered what I had said when we were talking about taking on a request together during the weapons course.

“Takumi-san, how well do you think those kids can actually fight?”
“I don’t think they should have any problems dealing with a large pack of Gray Wolves?”
“… No problems with a pack of D-ranked Gray Wolves, huh. Is their adventurer rank being purposely restrained then?”
“Yes, they are still children, after all.”

It is already very rare to have a D-rank at Allen and Elena’s age. A rank even higher would make them stand out too much.

“It would be for the best to let them stay at F-rank because we use the Adventurer’s Card as a substitute for identification papers, but we wouldn’t be able to accept higher ranked requests then, so that’s why they are D-rankers.”
“Ah, I see.”

While we were talking about the children’s abilities and ranks, they came back, dragging three gray wolves with them.

“”Onii~chan, is this delish?””
“N? N~ I guess it should be slightly tastier than common Wolf meat?”
“”Then, is normal~?””
“… Well, yes. I guess it’s normal.”
“”I see~ How unfortunate~””

Allen and Elena were a bit dejected.

“You won’t eat it then? We can just sell it.”
“”Selling meat is no-no~””

My kids are growing up to be good eaters, so they never want to sell their food… especially meat~

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