Chapter 284

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A Promise
After the meal, we took a short break, and then the training resumed.
It looks like there will be a lot of swinging and plunging in the afternoon to familiarize our bodies more with the use of weapons. Then there’s also teaching Nina-chan and Fiona-chan the proper way to handle daggers since they will use them as sub-weapons.
Therefore, the instructor’s hands would be free for a while, so I decided to learn a different weapon.

“You are quick to learn, Takumi~”
“Is that so?”
“Yeah, people are not normally able to learn to use one weapon after another like this.”
“I see~”

I tried using a bow, a large sword and even did hand-to-hand combat, all of which I quickly mastered.
I don’t know how long it takes other people to acquire the skills after learning the basics, but I seem to be on the faster side. Well, my body is special-made by a god, after all~

“Hey, Takumi. Let’s do some sparring.”
“Sparring? Me and you, Evan-san?”
“Yep, yep.”

While thinking about what to learn next, Evan-san proposed a sparring match.

“No, but I am no match for you when it comes to swords, Evan-san.”
“I don’t think so, though.”
“Nonono, you must be joking.”
“It’s fine, it’s fine. I won’t use my beloved sword and use an ordinary one instead.”

If Evan-san is not going to use his large sword and use a normal one, then… we could have more or less of an exchange, I guess? Nono, it would still be reckless to go for a bout with a professional swordsman.

“Please let me get used to the sword a little more before we spare.”
“… Can’t be helped then~ Instead, please go on a request together with us the next time.”
“Yeah, gladly. Let’s do that by all means.”

We just met Evan-san and Scott-san today, but both seem to be good and easy to get along with so I would welcome going on a request with them very much.

“Alrighty then, let’s decide on the time.”
“Yes, for sure. Ah, but the twins will be tagging along, are you okay with that?”
“Ou, no probs.”
“Indeed, those kids won’t slow us down, right?”
“Yeah, you don’t have to worry about that.”

I was very confident in that. I mean, I have not seen my kids run out of physical strength as of yet.

“Rather, the number of your turns to appear might be reduced to zero… are you fine with that?”
“… Eh?”
“Erm, what do you mean by that, Takumi-san?”

Evan-san and Scott-san didn’t seem to understand my meaning.

“Be it harvesting requests or subjugation requests, these kids will discover the objective faster than anyone and will head towards it at full speed when they do. Therefore, I always feel like their escort.”
“Is that so? N~ I have no problems with that if the children aren’t forcing themselves, but… it’s unacceptable as an adult to get carried by children~ Scott, what do we do?”
“Let’s see. Have you ever received a joint request, Takumi-san?”
“Umm, we did a joint expedition with several parties before. But that was a request from the Guild for each party, so that might be a bit different, right?”

The joint expedition with the Knights that went on in the Gaya Forest was a request from the Adventurer’s Guild and the Knights Order. Therefore, we have never received a request with another person like this. Oh, no, there was a time when we accepted a request together with Raizel. But that time, it was as if Raizel came along with us on our request~

“I see. Let me teach you then. Whenever you plan to do a joint request of your own, make sure to negotiate about the rewards beforehand.”
“The rewards?”
“Yes, the way to distribute the rewards. Take into account the number of people and differences in your abilities and decide on the reward distribution per party, generally 5:5 or 6:4. If you don’t decide on that properly, you may have a dispute over it after finishing the request. Or rather, you will have a dispute. There are always people who will complain even if you decide beforehand, so make sure to be firm about it.”
“I, I see…”

Scott-san seemed to be overly passionate about this, but it must be from experience, right? I guess it’s inevitable that things would get messy when money is involved.

“It got a bit lengthy but that’s about it, well… how about we split fifty-fifty this time?”
“Nono, even though there’s a little chance that they will be a burden, they are still kids so I’m sure they will get distracted and dart about, so it would be easier for me to work with you if our share was smaller…”
“I’m telling you it’s okay since we are the ones inviting you.”
“No, but…”
“No need for buts. Look, let’s take as many requests as we can get and consider camping out.”
“That is a good idea.”

Evan-san and Scott-san were happily discussing various ideas. Well, since the requests are changing daily, we decided that we would go out tomorrow.

“Aight, we are about to finish.”
“Yes, thank you very much.”
“”Tank you very much~””


It was about to get dark, so the short course was coming to an end. After thanking the guild staff that was teaching us, Kane-kun and others approached us.

“Takumi-san, thank you so much for today!”
“”””Thank you so much!””””

It seems they came to thank me for letting them take the short course.

“You don’t have to mind it. Ah right, you will need fees for today’s inn.”
“N, not at all! I did not come here to thank you with this kind of intention!”
“Don’t worry, I know. You can think of it as me being whimsy.”

It really was just a whim. If Kane-kun and others were conceited kids, I would end it by giving them simple advice because the Director made a request to me. To fulfill my promise, that is.
However, Kane-kun and others seem to be obedient and good kids, so I took care of them. Well, just a little bit.

“Let me be clear, it’s only for today, okay? Therefore, don’t get too spoiled.”

I handed Kane-kun enough money for five so they could stay at the inn, and they left.

“Now then, we should go home as well.”
I earned the Great Sword Swordsmanship, Spearmanship, Archery, and Hand-to-Hand Combat skills, and raised the proficiency of the Swordsmanship I had from before, too. Allen and Elena have also gotten quite used to using swords.
The harvest was pretty good, so when we returned to the Ruven mansion while pleased with myself, Rebecca-san was waiting for us with an angry expression on her face.

“Takumi-san, Allen-chan, Elena-chan!”

Rebecca-san vigorously approached us and touched the faces of me and the children.

“Are you okay? You are not injured, are you?”

She seemed to be checking for injuries.

“Y, yes, no injuries!”
“I was worried after hearing about you from Velio-san! Why did you not return home immediately!”

It appears that Rebecca-san heard from Velio-san that Bob picked a fight with us.
Even though she heard we were fine, she wanted to make sure with her own eyes that we were safe, so it seems she got angry because we didn’t return right away.

“I, I’m sorry.”

I’m really sorry for taking the short course so carefreely.

“You can’t do anything so dangerous again! Promise me!”
“No, we did not really do anything dangerous, you know?”
“You hear me? Promise me!”
“Yes, we won’t do anything dangerous! I promise!”

I couldn’t say no to Rebecca-san’s terrifying menacing look.

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