Chapter 262

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To Rubia 2
The next morning, I cooked some Red Wheat and made a large quantity of mochi while teaching Marshelly-san. I rolled it up into bite-sized pieces and decided to go with whatever flavors I personally liked such as, sweet red bean paste, sweet soy sauce, roasted soybean flour, grated radish, and butter shoyu.
Yesterday, I sent Syl crepes when I had the chance, and later I will send him mochi in this style later.

“This is also delicious~”
(Truly. So Red Wheat could turn this springy in texture, huh.)
“Yes, I’m surprised at that too, but it’s amazing how different the change in taste is.”
“I’m glad you like it.”

Since Marshelly-san seems to be preparing to mass-produce the Red Wheat, I asked her if she could give me some since I was about to run out of my stock.

After parting with Oswald-san, we resumed heading to Rubia again.
I didn’t expect to meet Oswald-san and his friends, but we only spent two days there. Therefore, I decided to keep moving at a leisure pace.

(N~ I’m more curious about over there!)
“Is something there?”
(Dunno, I just feel like it!)
“Is that so? But well, it’s fine. Let’s take a look.”

For the time being, I decided to go into the direction Joule was curious about.


Vector ran up ahead.

“Shall we go too then?”
(Oniichan, get on, get on.)
(Allen-chan and Elena-chan on me then.)
(Do you want to go with me, Mile?)

I got onto Joule, Allen, and Elena on Feat, and Mile got on Bolt, and we chased after Vector.

“Oh, I can see the sea.”
“”It’s the sea~!!””

After running for a while, a sea came into sight.

“”Onii~chan, Onii~chan.””
“Wanna swim~”
“In the sea~”
“Yeah. Let’s play for a while.”

The weather has warmed up and it was a perfect day for swimming.
As soon as I gave my consent, everyone ran in a straight line toward the sea.

“Wait, Joule, stop for a moment!”
(Here I goo~)

Jules ran into the sea with me on his back, and when he got to a certain depth, he dove in with all his might.

“Hey!? Joule!!”

I got completely soaked, because I wasn’t prepared for this.

(Here we go~)

Following us, Allen and Elena who were on Feat’s back, and Mile who was on Bolt’s back jumped into the sea.

(Aniue, I will be patrolling around to see whether there are monsters in the vicinity. Please be careful while in the water.)
“Alright. Thank you.”

Bolt left to patrol the surroundings.

“H~e~y~ Jou~le~ why did you jump in with me still on your back!”

I got off of Joule’s back and went around to his front and squished his cheeks between my hands. However, Joule didn’t feel any pain or remorse and laughed.

(Oniichan, swim with us too!)

It appears that he wanted me to play with them also, so he jumped straight in.

“Let’s play.”
“Alright, alright.”

Allen and Elena hugged me, and appealed to me to play with them.


When I agreed, and we were about to start playing, Vector called for me. However, he wasn’t nearby.

“”Over there~””
(Niichan, I want to play too!)

Vector didn’t go into the sea, but instead was slumped on the beach. The naughty Vector didn’t jump into the sea because he didn’t seem to want to get wet.

“Oh, he doesn’t have the mermaid bracelet.”

I immediately went over to Vector and attached a mermaid bracelet to him.

(Thank you, Niichan.)
“You really dislike water, don’t you?”
(Yeah. Say, Niichan, can I leave this bracelet on?)
“Sure you can. However, it’s not a solidly built magic tool, so it will break if you are not careful.”

Vector, who was no longer wet after wearing the mermaid bracelet, was now in the water, so we started playing.

“So, what are we going to play?”
“Waves?… Ah, that?”

The game we did when we played in the sea near the Bailey, the one where we used water magic methods to make waves and make them carry us off freely.

“Sure.——Ah, right, hold onto this.”

I took out a number of soapy balloons from the Infinite Storage and handed them around.
For Allen and Elena, I give them ones that were big enough to hold in both hands. I guess they wanted to surf too, so I gave Joule and Feat, who have instantly become smaller, something as big as their bodies. For Vector, I will need the biggest thing I have. And one that is big enough for Mile that she can ride on.

“Alright, here I go~”

I used Water Magic to create waves and make the children’s bodies flow in a big circular motion. This time I tried to make the movement like a flowing pool instead of a pool with waves.
The soapy balloons were like beach balls, so they served as floats, so they were easier to make them flow around. However, thanks to the irregularity of the moving soapy balloons, children’s bodies were spinning around in circles.

(Wow, this is fun~)
(Fufu, this feels good~)

Each of the kids seemed to be enjoying themselves, Allen, Elena, Joule, and Feat were flowing along, holding onto the soapy balloons well, Vector was falling down and climbing up onto his soapy balloon, while Mile was showing off her street performer-esque balloon-riding skills.


Bolt, who returned from surveying the surroundings returned.

“Welcome back, Bolt. How was it?”
(There don’t seem to be any problems.)
“I see, thank you.”
(It’s nothing.)

When I patted Bolt, who stopped on my shoulder as I continued manipulating the Water Magic, Bolt rubbed against me happily.

(Aniue, what kind of game is this?)
“I wonder? Spinning the sea currents? For me, it’s an exercise in water magic. Would you like to join them, Bolt?”
(No, I’m good. I want to stay with Aniue.)

Bolt is a really good, earnest, sweet kid.

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