Chapter 261

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New Request
Following breakfast, lunch also suited Oswald-san’s palate as he highly praised it.
Then, dinner. I prepared four kinds of rice dishes: vegetable curry and rice, chop-suey ricel, Chinese-style fried rice, mushroom rice with many kinds of mushrooms, and I also made au gratin potatoes, vegetable tempura, miso-pickled cucumbers, and radish stew… regardless for their suitability of eating them together.

“All of them were very delicious.”

Oswald-san ate so much food that I wondered where in his slender body it went, and as if following Oswald-san by example, Allen and Elena also ate a lot of food. So the amount of food that I made thinking that I could store in the Infinite Storage for later was all gone.

“Don’t you feel sick from eating too much…?”
“I feel a little over-indulged, but I’m feeling uplifted. I didn’t realize there were so many different types of food I could eat!”
“I’m glad you liked it, but be careful not to eat too much.”

At this rate, all I can see is the future where the slender Oswald-san is going to get blubbery and fat.

“”Become bouncy-bounce?””
“You guys ate lots too, didn’t you~”
“Ate lots~”
“Haha, it should be fine if it’s only once.”
“”Thank goodness~””

Allen and Elena looked worried as they touched their own stomachs, but when I told them that they will be okay, they seemed reassured.

(Oz will be fine too. Since Oz doesn’t know how to cook, I will be the one making it. I will only make the usual amount of food from tomorrow afternoon.)
“That’s a relief.”
“N, no way… Marshelly, we just got new recipes to try, so you should cook a little more——”
(You can’t.)

Marshelly-san interrupted Oswald-san’s words and said flatly refused him.
It seems that Oswald-san has no future of gaining weight. Well, he’s a little too skinny now, so I think it’s okay for him to get a little fat, though.

(Oh, by the way, Takumi-san. I have a request for you.)
“A request?”

Marshelly-san looked at me with an apologetic look on her face.

(Yes, I’m really sorry that I’m asking another request of you immediately after you completed the previous one, but from now on, I would like to ask you to help us procure some condiments and seasonings once every two or three months.)
“Erm… you mean delivering it here?”
(No, we will come to get it ourselves.)

If you are coming to pick it up, that means you are coming to town, right? Why not just get it yourselves?

“… It’s my contracted beast that will come to get it.

Oswald-san shabbily added to Marshelly-san’s words.

“By a contracted beast, you mean… Claudia?”
“No, it’s not Claudia, but Lyra, an Edenbird.”
“… Edenbird.”
(She just left for a stroll, so she’s currently not present.)

Edenbird is an A-ranked monster. I thought that Dryad and Black Panther were quite incredible to see, but he even contracted with an Edenbird. Oswald-san is truly an amazing person~
When you consider that the only ones I contracted on my own are the Pastel Rabbits… it makes me seem quite miserable, doesn’t it?

“If, if I remember correctly, you said that you have an acquaintance that gets food for you, right?”
“Yes, that’s true, but he is, after all, a hassle to deal with. He reluctantly gets me things like salt and bread because he owes me a favor, but he’s always asking me to find a replacement.”
(That man is too much of a bother! When I ask him for things, he won’t buy them properly!)
“Oh, really?”

Ahh, so you want me to take over.

“Huh? Earlier, Marshelly-san, you said that you can grow Red Wheat, so I’m sure you can grow soy and miso fruit as well, no?”
(They are plants I have never seen before, so it’s unlikely.)

I see, so it’s not like she can grow… everything.
She didn’t know that shoyu and miso existed, so of course, she has never seen the trees grow.

“But we are moving around so much, wouldn’t it be too difficult?”
“In that case, you can hold onto this.”

Oswald-san took out a drop-shaped stone that was the same color as his eyes, which looked like fresh green leaves.

“Erm… this is?”
“This is the stone that I poured my magical power into. With this, Lyra can trace my magical power to wherever you are.”

Oh, which reminds me, when Kaiser gave me his scales, he said something similar!

“Of course, we will make sure that Lyra has more money than it takes to buy it.”
(Vegetables and fruits, everything I grow here, too.)

The vegetables and fruits grown by Marshelly-san are so fresh and delicious that they are very appealing.

“The main things to buy are salt and bread. The flavorings I provided this time should be fine, right?”
“Yes, indeed. And anything else that seems like I could eat is also welcome.”
(And then there are the processed goods, like tea. I can make herbal tea, but I can’t process tea leaves into tea. And occasionally, household items as well. Whenever a pot or a dish is about to break, I will ask for help.)

I see, they won’t be worried about tea if they don’t have it, but they will welcome it. They will also need to replace the aging utensils.

“I understand. I’ll take care of it.”

I have the Infinite Storage, so I’ll just buy a reasonable amount of it ahead of time to be flexible when Lyra comes around.

“Really! Thank you!”
(Thank you for accepting.)

When I accepted, both Oswald-san and Marshelly-san seemed delighted.

(Right, Takumi-san, I can grow plants regardless of the season to some extent, so if there’s anything you want, just ask for it.)
“Thank you. I will let you know if something comes to mind. If I come up with any additional dishes, I’ll write them down on a piece of paper for you, too.”
(Oh my, that’s wonderful. Thank you very much.)

Negotiations were concluded and we spent the rest of the evening relaxing.

“”… Funiyu~””
(Why it’s not me!)
(Vector, don’t make ruckus!)
(Yeah, you will wake up the two.)

Before I knew it, Allen and Elena had fallen asleep on Claudia, using her belly as a pillow. Vector fussed with a disgruntled look on his face, but was chided by Feat and Joule.

“My, oh my, they are totally asleep.”
“I’m sorry, Claudia. I will move them right away.”
(Takumi-san, she doesn’t dislike it, so it’s fine.)
“Is that so? Ah~ one of my children seem to be getting jealous, though~”
“Hahaha~ is it the red boy?”

Even if you didn’t understand what they were saying, you could tell just by looking at him that Vector was being jealous.

“Correct. I’m going to go take the kids to their room because they will be woken up from all the noise.”
”Well, if you have someone else’s contracted beast taking your role, you might as well be jealous. Do that then. Yeah, but will you be coming back, Takumi-san?
“Yes, sir.”

I picked the kids up and laid them down in their room with Vector wagging his tail as hard as he could, and returned to talk with Oswald-san some more.

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