Chapter 2

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The explanation, please.
“Ah, I’m sorry. I have killed you by mistake.”

An unexpected murder report.
It seems I have been somehow murdered by this god……
When we move to the sofa and I hear Syl’s explanation――

“Umm…… there appeared a “distortion” in a certain place, so I wanted to reinforce it, but I put too much power into it and it passed through. This “distortion” connected with a place where Takumi-san was at that time so… that… the great power passed through and directly hit Takumi-san…”


I let out a long sigh.
According to Syl’s explanation, he didn’t have any ill intent, but I died because of a trivial (?) power measurement error.
However, it doesn’t seem like it ends here.
Under the influence of the power which directly hit my body, I have been already extinguished. He apparently narrowly pulled my soul into this sanctuary, but my soul still received a great shock and because of that it’s not able to enter the circle of reincarnation again.
This seems to be the reason Syl was prostrating before me.

Hmm…… Although I can’t reincarnate again, normally, a person who died won’t notice that he’s reincarnated, right?
A person who remembers his previous life should be rare, right?
All my 28 years of life would get “deleted, right?
I don’t know what happens after one dies naturally, but since I am able to hold a conversation like this, should I be delighted that my soul is safe?

“So, what is going happen to me from now on?”

I judged that rather than worrying about death, what is going to happen to me from now on is more important so when I asked Syl made a strange face.

“Eh? Is there perhaps no after-sales service?”

Seriously!? Am I going to remain like this?
Will I remain a soul-like existence floating around?
Eh? Ghost? An unnatural existence?

“No, wrong! I have prepared for words of abuse, so Takumi-san’s words just greatly surprised me.”
“Ah~ Un. I have a feeling that words of abuse would be more suitable for Syl.”

Although I should be angry, I don’t have the recollection of actually dying. Therefore, somehow, I don’t have any will to get angry.
Besides, Syl has been keeping a low profile since the beginning so I have no motivation?
If that was his intention that would make me, on the contrary, angry, but I have figured in this short time that Syl doesn’t know how to properly express himself.

“It’s a lie. I half-joked.”
“Ha, half!?”
“Un. Half. It’s true that you made a mistake in the measurement of power, reflect on it.”
“…… Yes.”

Un, I have figured out how to handle Syl.
Is it okay to handle a god with such attitude? Is what I thought, but since Syl doesn’t seem to mind, it’s alright I guess?

“I will leave depression for later. So, what is going happen to me?”
“Ah, yes. First, I will make Takumi-san a new body, then I will put your soul into it.”
“A new body?”
“Yes. I will compose it for you with my power.”

Syl is going to make it……

“……………… I’m worried you will fail and create something strange, though.”

I’m somewhat uneasy…… Syl, he looks like the clumsy type…
Physical limbs are missing! Is not what will probably happen, but… I’m worried about the things with normal functions……

“I won’t! It’s all right!! I will use all my power to create a proper one!!”
“I have a feeling that all your power is dangerous, so stop it. Create it carefully…… and then.”
“Yes, I will do my best! Unfortunately, because Takumi-san’s new body will have my power dwelling inside, it won’t be able to return back to Earth. Therefore, I will move you to a different world I manage――Aetherdia. Right, it would be called a different world for Takumi-san.”

Aetherdia is the world with five gods.

God of Creation, Marianora
Fire God, Salamanteel
Water God, Windell
Wind God, Sylphreel
Earth God, Nomoodle

The God of Creation, Marianora-sama is the chief god. Syl and the others support Marianora-sama.
And it’s apparently the well-known world of sword and magic.

“Fu~n. I have no physical ability, won’t I easily die, though?”
“It’s all right! I will make you a healthy body, after all! Also, I will give you skills!!”
“Skills, huh…”
“That’s right! Skills!! Do you have something, in particular, you would like?”
“Let’s see…… First, not knowing the language would be unconventional.”

Language is important. Not having a mutual understanding spells trouble.

“Language and common knowledge are easy to insert to the body, don’t worry about it. Also, I will attach an appraisal skill.”
“That’s good, I will leave it to you. Also, an item box! Do you have something like that?”

When it comes to a different world, it’s an item box, right?
The difficulty will change depending on its existence.

“There are high capacity magic tools called Magic Bag, but I recommend a variety of space magic ‘Infinite Storage’ which also stops the passage of time.”
“Oh~ that’s it! I would also want some self-defense magic or technique.”
“I understand. If you don’t have any specifications, I will choose for you, is that all right?”

Infinite Storage! Sounds nice. Stopping the passage of time sounds attractive.
Something to protect the body with is left!
Magic has lots of possibilities, huh… And it’s not like I will be able to use a weapon……
I don’t understand the varieties of magic, will it be okay to leave it to Syl? He’s more or less a god, he will probably choose something suitable, right?

“I will leave it to you. Also, please don’t throw me out penniless.”
“I understand. It has been decided to use my attribute, wind magic for now then. I will insert the knowledge on using magic inside the body, okay! Also, I will put a necessary amount of money inside the Infinite Storage!”

Syl is the Wind God, after all. Speaking of wind magic, Wind Cutter and Air Bullet are basic, right? Well~ If he inserts the knowledge inside the body, will I be able to use magic reflexively? That will be helpful if that’s the case.
Oh, moreover, not just money. What about an item! I want to ask.

“Are you ready? Takumi-san will have to sleep while I insert the soul inside the body, do you have something you want to ask before it’s too late?”
“Un? Is this the last time we can talk?”
“Talking directly won’t be possible for a while. If you pray towards my statue in a shrine, we should be able to converse.”
“Is it all right to contact a god?”
“Yes. There won’t be any problem. There might be a time when I’m busy and unable to answer, but it should be okay to contact me anytime.”

Language is okay. Knowledge is good. Essential skills and items are prepared.
Is it all right?

“I can’t think of anything right now, I will rely on the shrine if I have something.”
“Yes. I will be waiting for you. I have caused you trouble. The next time you wake up, you will be in that world. Please, enjoy your new life without fail.”

I nod to Syl and my consciousness fades away.
Ah, I forgot to tell Syl to emphasize the work on my appearances.

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