Chapter 1

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Who are you?
“I am terribly sorry!”

Who are you?
An unknown silver-haired youth is suddenly prostrating in front of me on the floor.
Around 20 years old…… I think he’s younger than me.
Because he’s facing the floor without flinching, I can’t see his face.
I don’t understand…… why? I think that he surely has a well-featured face.
The reason why he’s prostrating in front of me is unknown.
Because I have woken up in this unknown place just several minutes ago.

That’s right.
Before I noticed, I already was in a room I don’t recognize.
A room surrounded by white walls from every direction.
The size is around 8 tatami, I think…… There are two white doors. There are no windows.
There are two leathered-covered sofas for two people facing each other.
A jet-black glass table is in between the sofas. Nothing else is here aside from that.

Hmm…… because of the white walls, this room seems like a “typical” president’s office.
Well, that does not matter, though.

Since I don’t recognize this place, is this a kidnapping?
I thought so at first, but I’m not restricted and above all, I think that the kidnapper is quite a considerable person……
After wandering around the room aimlessly, I return my sight at the youth on the floor.
Yeah, he’s still lowering his head.
Is that it? You won’t do anything unless I say something?
I would already like the explanation.
Can’t be helped, let’s greet him first.

“Ah~ Umm, who are you and what do you want from me after bringing me here?”

When I spoke, the youth finally raised his head.
Yep, as expected, he’s a terrible handsome young man.
Green eyes together with silver hair. A tall figure with facial features that would put Hollywood stars to shame.
The clothes he is wearing are plain and white, but that makes him look rather attractive.
I can’t find any faults.
This goes past envy, it may be worthy of respect.

While I’m on such topic, he was also staring back at me who is impolitely observing him.
…… He’s still sitting on the floor, though.
Because he was looking at me like that, I had to tell him 『Wait』 as I would command a dog……
This, am I the bad guy? Am I getting misunderstood? I’m not a bad person, though!
He has been apologizing since the beginning, so I shouldn’t be at fault. Probably!

“…… How do you do? I’m Kayano Takumi.”
“Thank you kindly for the politeness. My name is Sylphreel. Please, call my Syl.”

Haa, he sighs and introduces himself while bowing.
He doesn’t do anything aside from that.
He properly answered me. Alright, I can go ahead like this! Is what I thought, but――。

――The conversation didn’t continue……

Why did it end with self-introductions?!
Where’s the follow-up? An explanation, please!
The one who knows the circumstances is you, Syl!

“…… Ah~――Syl-san, who are you, where am I and why am I here?”
“No need for honorifics. ――From Takumi-san’s standpoint, I’m a god. This place is called a Holy sanctuary.”
“………… Haa!?”

This youth is a god and this play is a sanctuary?
Is this a new scam?

“This is not a scam.”

Eh? Were my thoughts just read?

“No. Although I can read minds, I didn’t read that before.”
“Then, how do you know!?”
“Somehow, I thought you wouldn’t believe so I intended to correct it.”

Nonono! You have been like an abandoned puppy a while ago, why are you suddenly so calm?
It’s strange no matter how much I think about it!?

But, I understand! I have understood that I will get only tired by talking to this person in a serious manner!

“……… Can you explain simply?”
“Ah, I’m sorry. I have killed you by mistake.”

Too simple!!

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