Chapter 173

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“Sorry for calling you all of a sudden.”
“No, it’s fine. What do you need from me?”

Today, we were called to the Knights Order by the second prince, Felix-sama, who also acts as the Knight Commander.

“I have a request for you, Takumi-dono.”
“A request, is it?”
“Yes, I’d like for you to go together with Alfried to the Meat Dungeon.”
“Meat, dungeon… is it?”

There, he asked me to accompany Al-sama to a dungeon, but… I was puzzled by the name of the dungeon that was unknown to me.
That’s because I have no knowledge of this “Meat Dungeon”. The knowledge I possess has been inserted by Syl, so I was sure there were 108 dungeons in total.
That’s why even though I am aware of dungeons the people of Aetherdia aren’t, the opposite shouldn’t be possible.

“Your Highness, Takumi-san might not be aware of the dungeon’s popular nickname.”
“N? Ahh, I see. Pardon me, Takumi-dono. The Meat Dungeon I am talking about is the 65th Dungeon ‘Huge Animals.’”

When pointed out by Isaac-san who was also present, Felix-sama corrected himself.
I see, it was a nickname. Yep, that would explain why it isn’t among my knowledge.
… Rather, I have been going to the castle (meeting with the royalty) quite a lot recently, and Isaac-san seems to have been nominated as the person in charge of me, but is that just my imagination? Moreover, he followed-up for me many times already too~
Is it perhaps because he’s from the Risner family that became our guardians… or something? But, Wald-sama would be in the same position then, but Wald-sama is not here. Well, I am sorry to Wald-sama, but I would not like being followed-up by him~

“That dungeon is full of large monsters, you see. Additionally, the dropped items are mostly edible meats, that’s why it’s called ‘Meat Dungeon’ by the public.”

“Dungeon of Huge Animals” is one of the intermediate dungeons, it has no attribute, it’s a dungeon of a special class, and it’s apparently very close to the Capital.
Still, for meat to be the common drop? That’s quite an interesting dungeon if I say so myself.

“Al-sama is going to that very dungeon? A prince is?”
“Yeah, there are some circumstances because of which Alfried has to go personally.”
“Would it be better for me to not ask what those circumstances are?”
“No, it’s not like it’s a secret or anything. That… a cunning, nagging old man has assigned duty for Alfried to complete… then this and that happened, you see.”

I don’t know what that cunning old man said, but Al-sama has to go to the dungeon because of that?
Yep, I don’t get it. Well, looking at the evasive Felix-sama, I can tell it’s nothing worthy.
After all is said and done, he named the other party as a cunning old man.

“And so, the request for me is to act as his guard?”
“Yes. We intend on adding a few Knights as guards too. There’s a difference between the having the knowledge and experiencing the dungeons for yourself, after all. I would like you to accompany him as well, Takumi-dono.”

So we aren’t the sole guards?
In that case, were something to happen, we can keep the monsters company while the Knights protect Al-sama. Something like that?

“Is capturing the dungeon not the objective then? Do you have a number of floors in mind?”
“Far from capturing the dungeon itself. The objective this time is to obtain the meat of Flamesaurus that resides on the twelfth floor.”
“Flamesaurus meat, is it?”

Flamesaurus, huh. A C-ranked, huge lizard that bursts into flames.


Allen and Elena who were obedient up until now showed great interest when talking about meat.
They have not eaten Flamesaurus meat before, after all~

“N? The Flamesaurus meat? It’s quite delicious meat.”
“Allen wants to eat~”
“Elena too~”
“”Let’s go, to the dungeon~!””

Hearing that it’s delicious, the children were suddenly eager to go.
And, they pulled on my clothes as if saying “Let’s go immediately.”

“Hey, hey, we are still in the middle of the talk, no?”

When I cautioned the children, they both stared fixedly at Felix-sama.

“… Err, so, may I believe that you have accepted the request?”

Felix-sama’s words were clogged up after being silently stared at by Allen and Elena, but he immediately continued the talk.

“Yes, if you consent for the children going too, then I will accept.”
“Naturally. Thank you for accepting.”

After accepting the request from Felix-sama, we went to meet with Al-sama straight away.
That’s because Al-sama will be the one telling us the details and the date of departure.


“Sorry about this, Takumi.”

After meeting up with Al-sama, his first words were those of apology.
We really just met, so I stiffened for a little in surprise.

“Eh? Wha, Al-sama? What’s the matter?”
“What are you saying, did I not get you involved like this, this time?”
“Get us involved? How did it turn out like that? I was only offered a request, which I accepted, you know?”

The reason we are going to the dungeon is because I heard the story and decided to accept the request. I definitely wasn’t dragged into the matter, and definitely not coerced.

“That’s true. However…”

Although I did not blame him, Al-sama felt complicated and couldn’t consent.

“”Let’s quickly go, to the dungeon~?””
“As you can see, my children are this eager to go, so you don’t really have to mind it. —— Allen, Elena, it’s not your first time meeting, but you should at least introduce yourselves.”
When I urged the children to introduce themselves to Al-sama after recalling their first time meeting with him, the children cheerfully introduced themselves.

“The yummy meat~”
“Will gather lots~”

And, they exposed their appetite.

“Meat is certainly this time’s objective, but… we won’t be getting that much, you know?”
“”No way~ lots~!””
“You are going to get many?”
“”Yeah, many~!””
“… Takumi, these children seem to be in extremely high spirits.”

Al-sama was slightly dumbfounded by the children’s state.

“Yes, that is so. And so, have you decided on the time of departure?”
“I am ready any time as long as the Knights that are going to accompany us are decided.”
“Your Highness, please excuse me for cutting in your conversation, but the Knights that will accompany you to the dungeon have been already selected.”
“Is that so?”
“Yes, we were already officially notified by His Highness Felix-sama.”

Najack-sama informed us that the knights who will be accompanying Al-sama to the dungeon as guards were already selected.
And since he said “we were already officially notified” it means that Najack-sama will be going as well. Well, Najack-sama is Al-sama’s personal guard, so it’s only given that he’s going, right?

“I see… but, Takumi heard about it only today, right? Don’t you have preparations to make?”
“No, we are ready any time. Even if you say ‘Let us go right away’ that is.”
“Going right away might not be that wise, though.”
“Hahaha~ I know.”

Even though we would be good to go even if Al-sama said “Let’s depart right away then” I understand that it would not be possible.

“Then, how about three days later?”
“Yes, I understand.”

The day of departure to the dungeon has been settled on three days from now on.

“”Ehh~ we are not going today~?””

Allen and Elena were dissatisfied with these three days.
The two definitely want to go to the dungeon right about now.

“Don’t you guys want to have delicious meals in the dungeon?”
“I will prepare many tasty meals before going to the dungeon. Look, I might make some snacks too, you know?”

Although I could cook something on the spot, having something ready to eat in the Infinite Storage would make me more at ease. Besides, it might be good to prepare some snacks for when they get hungry.

“Got it~!”
“Three days~!”

When I pulled the trump card that are snacks, Allen and Elena immediately agreed with the three days.
Being raised by me who loves to eat, the two also cannot win against food~ I have to repeatedly teach them not to follow strangers that offer them delicious sweets.

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