Chapter 172

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Request Fulfillment
When we returned to the town, we went straight to the Adventurer’s Guild.
Along the way, we were gathering great attention.

“My! My oh my! You did something incredible again, Takumi-san~”

When we entered the Guild, Keimi-san immediately came to greet us, but she spread the words of surprise and disbelief instead.
Allen and Elena were holding two Pastel Rabbits in their hands each, while having another one sitting on their heads. And because I had the basket with another six Pastel Rabbits in each of my hands, so it might have been inevitable.

“You must have been stared at greatly up until now, right?”
“Yes, enough to make me pray that it stops…”

Most of the gazes were of envy and curiosity, but to be frank, they made me feel gloomy.

“Anyhow, Keimi-san. I’m thinking of reporting the completion of the request to the Stanval and Müller families first, may I ask you to do the procedures for us?”
“Yes, I got it. I will do it right away.”

We moved to a separate room and Keimi-san began working on the procedures.

“The yellow one belongs to the Stanval family and please let the Müller family choose from either the red or pink one.”
“Erm, yellow one is for the Stanval family, Müller family will choose one from the red and pink one? Roger. And so, what about these children? Are you taking them?”
“I planned on taking only two back, but… how many requests for Pastel Rabbits are there? There will be fourteen rabbits left…”

I might as well take the rabbits for the Risner and McPherson families too, but there surely isn’t that many Pastel Rabbit capture requests, no?

“There are at least twenty of Pastel Rabbit capture request, so there is no problem. Rather, the rabbits are very welcome. I am so thankful~”

… More than twenty. So there are so many requests for Pastel Rabbits, huh~
I felt sorry to the other adventurers for completing their requests, but it was a needless worry.

“There are so many requests? There weren’t that many displayed on the request board, right?”
“Yes, indeed. Only requests with higher priority and those with better conditions are displayed on the board. We are not proud of this, but it would not be possible to display all of the requests.”
“Ah, that’s so, isn’t it?”

The adventurers are completing requests every day, yet the request board is always full. That’s because new requests are coming in too, but there were requests that weren’t displayed before as well.

“I shall process the requests to the highest bidders then, is that fine with you?”

Keimi-san checked with me whether it’s all right to process the remaining Pastel Rabbits for the requests.

“Yes. No… wait a moment please.”

I don’t know what is considered high and low amount of money for the request, but wouldn’t it feel a bit awkward to give the rabbits to the highest bidders?

“In the first place, are there requests on Pastel Rabbits based on their color?”
“There’s a few of them like that, yes. Most of the request had not specified it, though. Obtaining the desired color would likely increase the price of the request, after all.”
“I see. Keimi-san, I am sorry to say this, but would it be possible to show us all of the requests for the Pastel Rabbits?”
“N? Do you have some idea? Got it, I will arrange it immediately.”
“Thank you.”

Keimi-san left her seat and went to gather the people.

“Allen, Elena, you better decide on what children you are going to take to Theodore-kun’s and Larry-kun’s homes now.”
“”One bunny~?””
“Indeed, let’s leave it at one this time.”
“”N~ … Got it.””

Allen and Elena chatted “this one or that one” among themselves.

“You decided? Then, for Theodore-kun’s family——”
“The blue child, and for Larry-kun’s family——”
“White child, I see. Then, hold on those two children and place others in the baskets.”

Just as we decided on the remaining two, Keimi-san returned.

“Sorry for the wait~”
“Keimi-san, you were fast… —— Are all of these requests for the Pastel Rabbits? Somehow… aren’t there way too many?”

Keimi-san who returned was holding a considerably thick bundle of papers. All of those are requests for Pastel Rabbits… are they? From the looks of it, isn’t there more than thirty?

“After you brought so many Pastel Rabbits back, Mikina who saw that gathered all of the requests. It was astonishing to see~ I also didn’t know the number of requests precisely, but… it seems that there were this many.”

Keimi-san also didn’t expect this many requests as a wry smile floated on her face.

“… They are more popular than what I heard, aren’t they~”
“Fufu, indeed they are. Well, Pastel Rabbits are this cute after all, so it can’t really be helped.”
“Truly. —— Ah, would you mind if I looked at the requests?”
“Of course not. Here, take a look.”

I received the bundle of requests from Keimi-san and skimmed through the contents.
As Keimi-san, there were only a few requests that specified the color, there was no other description in particular. The presentations of the requests were all loose, the most differences were in the money columns.

“Are there any requests that the guilds want to prioritize?”
“Let’s see~ Speaking of it, there are? —— Err, this one and this one, I think?”

Keimi-san pulled two requests from the bundle and handed them to me.

“They are the guild’s frequent customers. Ah, but you don’t have to mind it, Takumi-san.”

When I looked at the requests Keimi-san handed me over, both of them were paying a large sum for the fulfillment of the request. Well, it’s not like there was a problem with that, so I decided to accept those two requests and lined up neatly the rest of the requests on the table.

“Allen, Elena, choose twelve from these.”
“Yep, twelve. You are choosing people whom you will be giving the Pastel Rabbits.”

When I informed them that they will be choosing owners of the Pastel Rabbits, Allen and Elena stared at the papers earnestly.

“This! One~!”
“This too! Two~!”

Allen and Elena pulled a paper each and handed it to me.
And then, they stared earnestly at the lined up requests again.


They choose seriously each and every one of them.

“Yes, thank you. —— Then, Keimi-san, let’s go with these fourteen.”

When I handed Keimi-san the two requests of her frequent customers with the twelve requests Allen and Elena chose, she was making a face of disbelief.

“What a novel way of choosing. This is my first time seeing this kind of method to choose.”

Well, that’s correct. Normally, one would choose according to what Keimi-san said in the beginning, the requests with the biggest commission.
People seldom choose via a lottery-like method like this.

“Allen and Elena helped to catch the Pastel Rabbits too, after all. Therefore, they have the right to choose the future owners.”

That’s only for the public ear to hear, I just did not want to choose according to the commission.

We left the Guild after leaving the Pastel Rabbits with Keimi-san and took the two Pastel Rabbits to the Risners and McPhersons on the way home. In spite of our sudden visit and talks of keeping the Pastel Rabbits, both families delightfully accepted. Therefore, we could feel at ease from being able to entrust them with the Pastel Rabbits.

“We are home, Rebecca-san.”
“”We are home~””
“Welcome back. Did you have fun?”
“”Yeah! You see~””
“We have~”
“A souvenir~”
“Oh my, a souvenir? I’m happy~”

When we handed over the Snowbelow Mushrooms to Rebecca-san who came to greet us after returning to the Ruven house, Head Chef Berry who was coming through told me “Don’t bring such high-grade ingredients so readily, please. ” in tears. By readily, he probably means the Majesta fruit and three-colored truffles… just about this? Ahhh, is the General Orc and Armored Buffalo also included in the high-grade ingredients?
But well, as for me, I would like to get rid of such things as high-grade ingredients and rare items.

And then, the next day, letters of gratitude from the Stanval and Müller families arrived, but it was clear that they were delighted.
Moreover, it seems that there were acquaintances of Lilika-sama and Sistina-sama among the clients selected through the lottery method, according to the letters. Apparently, the Pastel Rabbits we entrusted to the Guild are being loved too.

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