Chapter 169

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The Great Capture Strategy 2
(Oh~ there it is~)
(Oh my, truly. It’s a white child.)
(Look nano! There are more behind no!)
(Certainly, there’s two, no three.)
(Ehh~ where~? I can’t see.)

Allen and Elena really did find the elusive Pastel Rabbits right away. Moreover, it appears that it wasn’t only one white Pastel Rabbit, but several rabbits at once.

“”Catch them~?””
“Yeah. But, should we send only you guys after them? As expected, if Joule and others approach, the Pastel Rabbits would escape.”
(Truly~ All of us are considered predators for them except Mile.)
“”Got it~””

Wolf, tiger, lion and a hawk. Each of them are predators the bunnies would fear.

“”Come here~””

Allen and Elena stepped forward, crouched down and gently called the Pastel Rabbits over.
Then, the Pastel Rabbits that were hiding in the bush showed their heads all of sudden.
Even though Pastel Rabbits are supposed to fear humans~ truly mysterious.

“… I wonder why?”
(Oh my, they came out, did they not? As expected of Allen-chan and Elena-chan!)

Why are they coming out without escaping?
As I spoke in bewilderement, Feat praised Allen and Elena.

(Wow~ You are amazing, Allen, Elena.)
(How strange~)
(Is it because it’s Allen and Elena?)
(That’s amazing, I can consent to that no!)

Joule, Vector, Bolt, and Mile looked at the children with admiration.

“”Good child~””

Before I noticed, the white Pastel Rabbit snuggled up to Allen and Elena’s hands.

“… The blue one and black one are also coming out, huh.”
(Whoa~ they are lining up before Allen and Elena~)
(As expected of them no~)

As if envious of the white Pastel Rabbit that was being patted, the blue and black Pastel Rabbits hopped with their utmost effort towards Allen and Elena.
After patting the two animals to their satisfaction, Allen took the white and blue rabbits into his arms while Elena took the black one and they returned to us.

“”We are back~””
“Welcome back. You have caught them splendidly~”

Even though “coming here = coming to predators” the Pastel Rabbits were calmly twitching their noses in Allen and Elena’s arms.

(They are not afraid at all, aren’t they?)

When Feat approached the face of the black rabbit in Elena’s hands, the Pastel Rabbit was completely calm.


Joule and Vector got closer to the rabbits in Allen’s arms, but they really did not even flinch.

“… I can’t tell whether their senses are dull or they are just too courageous.”
(Aniue, did we complete the request with this?)
“N? Ah~ it would seem so.”

They said the color doesn’t matter, so there wouldn’t be a problem with finishing the search for the Pastel Rabbits here.


But, it seems that Allen and Elena were holding the colors Lilika-sama and Sistina-sama specified in mind.

“They did not say they have to be yellow and red, you know?”

… They want to continue searching.
Do I make a compromise or be selfish?

“Got it, I got it. It’s not that long since we entered the forest, so why don’t we look for a little longer?”
((Yeah, let’s look~))

When I acknowledged Allen and Elena’s plead, the two raised their hands up with whole-faced smiles.

“Look, place these children in here.”

I took a basket from my Infinite Storage and had Allen and Elena place the Pastel Rabbits in it. When I put vegetables inside just in case, the three animals immediately dug in.

“They were~”
“… Seems like it.”

Were they troubled with food because it’s winter? No, but there are grasses and fruits all around, so that doesn’t seem to be the case.

“Well, we have more vegetables than needed. Now then, which way do we go?”
“”N~ you see… that way!””

When I asked Allen and Elena for the directions, they pointed towards a mountain.

“That way, huh.”
(Let’s go, let’s go!)

After resuming the search deep in the forest——

(There are red flowers over there~)
(That’s Red Hermit Flower. You found a rare flower there, Joule.)
“Looks like Sunshine?”
(You are right indeed. That is Sunshine Herb no doubt.)
(Niichan, it’s the tasty one!)
“Vector, it’s Snow Bean nano! Let’s get it no!)

The children found medicinal plants after ingredients and picked them up.


Moreover, the two Pastel Rabbit they found were yellow and purple ones.

“Will we find them~♪”
“Come out~♪”

Allen and Elena who found a yellow Pastel Rabbit searched for the next Pastel Rabbit while singing a song in a good mood.

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