Chapter 168

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The Great Capture Strategy 1
“Ah, it’s that flower!”
“They are over there too~”
“Although it’s the season for Ice Flower Grass to grow, this is quite incredible~”

The next day, we entered the forest to look for Pastel Rabbits without a delay.
However, instead of Pastel Rabbits, Allen and Elena found Ice Flower Grass in large groups one after another.

(Oniichan, Oniichan! An Ice and Snow Flower is growing over there!)
(I will pick it no!)
(Aniue, there are many Lemoné fruits over here.)
(Bolt, drop them from the tree, please. Vector and I will catch them.)
(Leave it to me!)

Joule and others also found herbs and fruits, so everyone was cooperating with picking and harvesting.

“… Oy~ Our goal today is not picking fruit and herbs~”
(We know~)
“”Pastel Rabbits~””
(Wait a moment please, Aniue. We will finish soon.)

Allen, Elena and Joule often get absorbed when they discover something, but it’s unusual for Bolt to get this absorbed in it too.

(Oh my, how unusual for Bolt, isn’t it?)

Before I noticed, Feat stood by my side.
And, she was finding Bolt’s actions curious just like me.

“You think so too, Feat?”
(Yeah. This is just my guess, but are Lemoné fruit Bolt’s favorite, by any chance?)
“I see, that might be the case.”

He would like to pick many if it’s something he really likes.
Come to think of it, I have not been paying attention to the preferences of Joule and others enough~
They delightfully ate what I made, but they surely have their favorite ingredients, right? I should have asked.

“Rather, weren’t you going to catch the Lemoné fruit too, Feat?”
(Vector is doing his best, so I left it to him. Look.)

When I looked at Vector after being prompted by Feat, I saw him splendidly catching the fruits Bolt dropped into a fruit basket. The fruit was being dropped quite fast, but Vector caught them all without missing a single one.
Moreover, he seems to be having lots of fun.

“Yeah, there certainly won’t be any problems by leaving it to Vector.”
(Isn’t that right? That’s why I thought that I wasn’t required.)
“Indeed. Then, you should stay with me, Feat.”
(Yeah! I have Niisama all for myself~♪)

Feat, who is a person of firm character was acting spoiled, so I patted her head. Feat then happily purred.
After patting Feat for a while, Allen and Elena who were collecting Ice Flower Grass returned in a hurry. Then, the two drew closer to me as if asking to be patted, so I did.
Next, Joule and Mile who went to pick Ice and Snow Flowers returned. When Joule jumped at us as if saying (Let me in too~), everybody tumbled down. His current appearances are bigger than originally, after all~ Well, I am glad we ended without injuries. Allen and Elena were frolicking with Joule for “revenge.”
And lastly, Vector who held a fruit basket full of Lemoné fruits in his mouth and the satisfied-looking Bolt returned.

(I am sorry to have kept you waiting, Aniue.)
“You did not take that long, so don’t worry about it.”

Bolt landed on my shoulder and apologized for taking too long, so I patted him and told him not to mind it. Vector quickly put the basket in front of me and joined the kids in frolicking. No, it’s not an exaggeration to say that he charged straight into them.

“Still, you picked quite a lot~ Is it because you are fond of Lemoné fruits, Bolt?”
(Yes! I love sweet and sour!)
“Ohh, so it was like that after all~”

Just as I expected, Bolt loves Lemoné fruit.

“I could have prepared it for you anytime if you asked.”
(It’s because we, the Contracted Beasts, fundamentally don’t have the need to eat, and yet we are receiving food from Aniue, so… I didn’t want to trouble you any further…)

I was shocked by Bolt’s excuse. I knew that he had an earnest personality, but I did not think it would be to such extent.

“What are you saying, Bolt. In the first place, the ingredients and money used for the meals have been obtained by everyone’s hard work, you know? You don’t have to restrain yourself so much.”
“You are not forcing to eat the meals I cook, are you?”
(Absolutely not! I am always looking forward to it!)
“I see, I am glad to hear that. If you are pleased with the meals I make, I am also happy. Therefore, if you have something you want to eat, don’t hold back and ask me.”

In the end, cooking is the best when you know there’s someone to enjoy.

“Why don’t we start with what we have and make a snack from the Lemoné fruit?”
(Really!? I am so happy! Thank you very much, Aniue!)

Bolt was very pleased with my proposal.

(It’s not fa~ir if it’s only Bolt!)


But, here I heard Joule’s dissatisfied voice.

“Now, now, Joule. Stop sulking. I will properly make the things you like too.”
“Really. I will make everyone’s favorite things. But, all at once wouldn’t be possible, so do it in turns. You guys should all think about what dishes you want to eat, be it with fruits or berries, meat or any ingredient you like.”
(Yaay~ I am so looking forward to it~)
(What a bliss. Thank you, Niisama.)
(I want meat~♪)
(I am looking forward to it no!)

When I said that I will hear everyone’s request, Joule and others started giving the names of ingredients, saying “That would be nice, this would be good.”

“What about Allen~?”
“And Elena~?”
“You sure can too, but… don’t I always ask what you want to eat?”

Not liking being left out, Allen and Elena asked what about them. But, when I pointed out that I always ask them what they want to eat, the two tried to gloss over it with a laugh. Therefore, when I rustled Allen and Elena’s hair, the two started giggling.

“Now then, we should start looking for the Pastel Rabbits~”

When I called out the instructions because we have derailed from our original purpose quite a lot, everyone gave me a cheerful reply.

“Let’s go~”
“That way~”

Allen and Elena told me the direction of the Pastel Rabbits, so we advanced deeper into the forest.

(Hey, hey, Oniichan.)
“N? What is it, Joule.”
(That flower… it was a medicinal plant, right?)

After walking for a while, Joule found a white flower and asked me half-confidently.

“Yeah, that’s Chamomile. A kind of an herb.”
(Herb? Is it edible?)
“It’s used for tea. Also… it can be used as a flavoring too. Errr… it has relaxing effects if I am not mistaken?”
(It can be used then? I will get it!)

Understanding that Chamomile isn’t just a flower and is usable, Joule immediately broke into a run.

“Allen too~”
“Elena too~”

Allen and Elena undauntedly chased after Joule.

“Ahh~ we are derailing again~”

Securing things that can be eaten or used no matter what is apparently the motto of my children. My Infinite Storage gets full every time we go out.
Well, I have also mania for collecting things, so I can’t really say anything here~

“With moderation, okay~”

First of all, I cautioned them to not pick too much.

(Niisama, are you fine with not stopping them?)
“We can just stay a night out if we don’t have enough time. It’s quite cold, but it’s not unbearable and we should be able to keep ourselves warm by sticking to you guys.”
(Fufu, leave it to me then. I won’t let you get cold, Niisama.)
“We will be in your care then. Besides, it will be fine even if we don’t find any Pastel Rabbits.”
(Oh my, Niisama saying that again~ You are thinking that the possibility of not coming across them is highly unlikely, right?)
“… Well, you are right.”

While talking about something like that with Feat, Allen and Elena who were picking the Chamomile stared fixedly at a certain place.


It seems that Allen and Elena discovered a Pastel Rabbit that was hiding in a bush.

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