Chapter 149

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When we returned to the Ruven family’s house, Rebecca-san immediately ran over to us.

“Welcome back~”
“W, we are home.”

I was slightly startled by Rebecca-san who seriously appeared at the entrance right away, but Allen and Elena cheerfully embraced her.

“Fufu, do you have any injuries, you two?”
“I see, I am glad to hear that~”

The children really got attached to Rebecca-san~
Their shyness of strangers has also recently deceased. Well, only with the premise that their opponent has no negative feelings towards them, but… being wary like this might be better in such cases.

“By the way! I was waiting for your return, Takumi-san!”
“Eh? Did something happen?”
“Fufufu~ Let’s leave the fun for later♪ First, you need to take a bath, right? Now then, quickly go and refresh yourselves!”
“Eh? Ehh!?”

While confused, we were pushed by the servants instructed by Rebecca-san who didn’t take any questions into the bathroom.
Well, although I can clean us with ‘Washing’, I have been thinking of wanting to take a bath after returning, so I decided to obediently take a bath first.

“Whoa!? Eh, what on Earth is this…?”

And then, when we finished bathing, our change of clothes got switched.
A servant did call us that they brought the towels… they must have, without a doubt, switched the clothes just then, no?
Anyway, when we picked up the new change of clothes—


They were onesies made from a soft and fluffy fabric. With hoods and naturally decorated with ears as well.

“Yeah, these are bunnies.”

They looked just like our contracted Pastel Rabbits Mimi and Pipi. The light blue was Allen’s while the pink one was Elena’s. Even mittens and slippers made of the same fabric were prepared.

“………… The problem is this one.”

There was one more thing. Obviously adult-sized, black onesie.
When I timidly confirmed, the bunny ears were attached to the hood just as I feared.


While Allen and Elena raised their voices in delight, I hung my head down in dejection.
No need to guess, does she want me to wear this?
I don’t know what fabric this was made from, but it’s very warm on touch.
However! She wants an adult, moreover a man like me to wear this!?
Nonono! It’s not just a little resistance I feel!
As expected, I had no courage to wear the onesie, so after taking out different clothes from the ‘Infinite Storage’, I helped the children who were feeling down because we weren’t matching anymore, change.

“”So warm~””

After changing the twins into the fluffy onesies and leaving the dressing room, a servant who was waiting for us took us to Rebecca-san.

“Oh my, oh my, how nice, how nice♪ You two look so adorable~”

Rebecca-san greatly praised Allen and Elena’s appearances.
The twins smiled bashfully after getting praised.

“Oh my, you didn’t wear yours, Takumi-san?”

Then, Rebecca-san who directed her gaze towards me looked extremely disappointed.

“Well~ that was a little bit…”
“I thought it would suit you though?”

Suit me… I don’t think whether it would suit me or not is the problem here though…

“I am sorry.”
“Gee, it cannot be helped then~”

When I apologized while looking away, Rebecca-san sighed unnaturally.

“Nevertheless, weren’t they made too fast? This is what you ordered when we went to the town together, right?”
“Fufu, I wanted you to wear it quickly, so I had them make it hastily.”

I thought it was made quite fast, but it looks that it was made in a great hurry.

“Now, now, Allen-chan, Elena-chan, I have many more, would you change your clothes for me?”

Moreover, it seems that not only the three were made in a haste.
At Rebecca-san’s signal, several clothes had been carried in.

“Let’s see~ Could you change into these next?”
“”What is it~?””

The thing which Rebecca-san picked was clothing in different shades of gray.

“You have to look forward to it when you wear it. Will you two let me see?”
“Yes, this one is Takumi-san’s.”
“Ehh!? You have one of these for me as well!?”

The dark gray clothes Rebecca-san handed over were child-sized. The lighter gray one was adult-sized.
Just when I thought Allen and Elena had different colors again, the two had the exact same colors this time.
And, of course, the essential hood with cat ears was attached to it… naturally, to the adult-sized one as well.

“I mean, the children are delighted when you are all matching, right?”

Rebecca-san and the children showed whole-faced smiles.
I thought she has given up before, but… it seems that I have been wrong.

“Are you sure this one is not Wald-sama’s?”
“It’s fine! There’s one for Wald too!”
“Eh? Really?”
“Of course!”

The same one was apparently made for Wald-sama too. A red one at that!

“Onii~chan! Allen will wear this~!”
“Elena will change too~!”

Allen and Elena held the cat onesies in their bosoms, jumping up and down happily.

“I got it, I got it. Come here.”

I immediately changed Allen and Elena from the bunny onesies to cat onesies.

“”How is it? How is it?””
“Fufu, it suits you two really well~”

When Allen and Elena finished changing, they started turning around to show it.

“”Ehehe~ Obaasama~ we finished~?””
“Good question! In fact, I have more!”

When Allen and Elena asked, Rebecca-san started unveiling more clothes one after another with a smile. Bird and sheep, she even had an imitation of a dragon.

“W, wait a moment. Just how many do you have!? Eh? I mean, didn’t you order just three that time? Why is there five!!”

Although there weren’t any adult-sized, she took out more after the three, moreover, she even had stuffed toys and mufflers.

“I had too much fun while ordering♪”
“… I am glad if you have enjoyed yourself. However, I am going to feel bad if you spent so much on us.”
“My, it’s fine. My husband is not someone who would complain after spending just this much. Rather, he was looking forward to it, so I think he will come to take a look later.”

Is this really fine? But still, to pay them back the money would be a little~
Right, let’s pay back in a different way next time.

“”Will show to Ojiisama~!””
“Fufu, he will be delighted if you charge into his embrace~”

While I was pondering, Rebecca-san planned the course of actions when Matthias-san returned.
First of all, I cautioned the two to not jump at him with all of their might.

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