Chapter 148

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“Eh, Takumi-san!? We, weren’t you too fast? D, did you perhaps abandon the request!?”

When we returned to the Adventurer’s Guild after collecting the Armored Buffaloes, Mikina-san who noticed us exclaimed in surprise.
Because we apparently returned in a way short time, she misunderstood that we weren’t able to defeat the Armored Buffaloes.

“My, my! Takumi-san, I am so glad you are fast at work~”
“Eh? Ehh!?”

Keimi-san who noticed us too approached, but she showed a different reaction from Mikina-san.

“”Defeated, you know~!””

Allen and Elena informed the shook up Mikina-san that we have safely defeated the Armored Buffaloes.

“I, is that so?”
“Fifteen animals!”
“Eh!? Fi, fifteen, is it!? You defeated that many in such a short time?”

Although bewildered, Mikina-san still spoke with Allen and Elena politely.

“Oh my!”

Finding their exchange warming, laughter unconsciously spilled from my mouth.
Keimi-san also watched over the three.

“H, hey! Okaasan and Takumi-san too, you are terrible for laughing at me!”

The face of Mikina-san who noticed us laughing turned bright red.

“My, isn’t it fine? Rather than that, Mikina. Finish the procedures of the request first please.”
“…… Yeess.”

Mikina-san pouted her cheeks at Keimi-san a little, but she obediently started the procedures.
She is, umm… about sixteen years old? She would be a senior high school student in Japan. When I consider that, I find her behavior and speech excessively charming.

“By the way, Takumi-san. The children said there were fifteen Armored Buffaloes, but how many of them are you willing to hand over to us?”
“Let’s see… how about ten?”

Would be five too much for us to eat? Is what I thought, but I wanted to have some surplus, so I decided to sell off ten of them.

“Oh my, are you fine with that many? Of course, we will gladly take them!”

But, Keimi-san did not seem any problems with ten animals as she said with a pleased expression.

“Also, may I ask you to dismantle the remaining amount?”
“Sure, sure. Do you want to dismantle all five? If that’s the case then we won’t be able to have it ready immediately, so you would have to come to pick them up tomorrow?”
“I’m fine with tha—”
“”Ehh~! Want to eat meat~!””

I decided to request dismantling of our part of the Armored Buffaloes while at it. Because we receive dismantling free of charge, I thought it would be better to have professionals do it.
There were too many, so when I decided to pick them up tomorrow, Allen and Elena strongly opposed it.
They are saying that because they want to eat the Armored Buffaloes immediately, tomorrow is too late.

“… Would it be possible to have one dismantled right away?”
“Fufu, of course. We will take them in immediately, can I ask you to put them into the dismantling room?”

That being the case, we moved to the dismantling room.

“Gajeel-san, I would like to request a quick dismantling~”
“Ou, Keimi? I am free, so there’s no problem… n? You are… the lad who brought the Orc General and many Orcs, right? What did you bring me this time?”

The staff in charge of the dismantling was a middle-aged man—Gajeel-san. He remembers us just from seeing our faces one time. Well, I did bring a large number of Orcs with me, so I naturally left some kind of an impression, didn’t I~
Of course, at that time, he realized that I can use Infinite Storage, but… has it been settled that I have brought lots of monsters today as well? … Why?

“Fufu. Gajeel-san, you are going to enjoy it after seeing it.”

Keimi-san came to keep watch, so abiding by her instructions, I retrieved the Armored Buffaloes from the Infinite Storage.

“Ohh~ that is some magnificent Armored Buffalo! Still, what is this about? Hasn’t its neck been cut off!”

Gajeel-san exclaimed in surprise after seeing the Armored Buffalo.

“Oh my, truly. The sturdy skin on its neck has been cleanly cut through. As expected of Takumi-san. However, Gajeel-san, it’s still too early to be surprised.”
“What do you mean?”
“Now, now, Takumi-san! Take them all with a bang please!”

With a bang she said… Allen and Elena are jumping up and down cheerfully.

“Come on, come on, quickly.”
“… Roger that.”

Being urged by Keimi-san again, I took out all Armored Buffaloes this time.


Gajeel-san opened his eyes wide and exclaimed in surprise.

“Allen defeated this one!”
“Elena defeated that one~!”
“This one’s Allen’s!”
“This is Elena’s too~!”

To be honest, I can’t tell who defeated which Armored Buffalo. But, Allen and Elena were pointing at the toppled bodies of the Armored Buffaloes.

“Oyoyoy, what is with this number! You said it as a joke, but there’s seriously so much! Rather, are you saying that these kids defeated some too!?”
“That’s right~ Aren’t they amazing~”

For some reason, Keimi-san seemed to be boasting.

“Amazing is amazing, but… there’s no need for you to be boasting about it, no?”

Gajeel-san was thinking the same thing as me.

“Gee~ you are such a party pooper, Gajeel-san~”
“I don’t go to parties! And so, you are fine with dismantling only one immediately?”
“Yes, that’s correct. We bought ten, the rest is Takumi-san’s. They want to take one of the five home today.”

Allen and Elena emphasized in between Keimi-san’s breakdown.

“… Oh, I see. Let me get to work, wait for a moment.”

When Gajeel-san nodded in consent after seeing the buoyant children, he immediately started dismantling one of the Armored Buffaloes.

“It needs to be properly dried out of blood first. Yep, the skin’s luster is good too.”

He peeled off the skin in no time.
Allen and Elena who were admiring Gajeel-san’s swift operation drew even closer to him as they stared at him work.

“Niichan, it’s fine to bring back only the skin, horns, and meat. Can we dispose of the unusable parts like the internal organs?”
“Eh!? You don’t eat the organs!?”
“What!? You want to eat it!?

I was startled by the words of Gajeel-san who at last started processing the meat.
I thought that maybe eating the organs of the Armored Buffaloes would be harmful to people, but that wasn’t the case when I took a look with Appraisal.
It’s such a waste to not use (eat) for yakiniku! Too wasteful!

“Takumi-san, you are saying that it’s safe to eat the organs?”

Keimi-san asked half-convincingly.

“I have never eaten Armored Buffalo before, but I often ate animals of the same biological family. It’s delicious, you know?”
“Hee~ I would like to try eating that by all means then.”

Keimi-san made a somewhat scheming face—

“Say, Gajeel, the guild throws away the organs of the purchased Armored Buffaloes, right?”
“According to the tradition, yes.”
“Then, there wouldn’t be a problem if we tried eating it, no?”
“… Ah? Yeah, that’s right, wouldn’t it be fine if the Guild Master gives his permission?”
“Oh my, then it will be fine.”

She began making plans after I said that the organs can be eaten.
Moreover, because the Guild Master is her husband, she will surely get permission.

“Ahh, it would be better to ask for permission from you too, right? Do you mind, Takumi-san?”
“Ah, I don’t. You can do as you please with the share the guild has bought.”
“Thank you! And so, how do you cook it?”
“Eh? Err…”

Come to think of it, I only bought what they had at supermarkets and never dealt with organs aside from that~

“First of all, you wash them in lots of water to make them clean, and then give them a salt rub? If they stink, you boil them together with herbs and I think they should be fine to eat after cooked thoroughly, but… I am sorry, even though I ate it before, I did not handle them so much, so I am not confident to say that ‘this’ is the correct way.”

I don’t think my way is wrong, but I decided to convey that I am not certain.

“Is that so? I got it. I will have our guild’s chefs to try various things then.”
“Also, they spoil fast, so please be careful.”
“Understood, I will pay attention.”

We have never been there, but the guild has a bar-room. Keimi-san is apparently going to employ those people.

“Here, I am done.”
“Thank you very much.”

In the meantime, Gajeel-san finished dismantling. Pros work so fast!

“Well then, Takumi-san. You will come to pick up the rest tomorrow, right?”
“Yes. I have not decided on the time yet, but…”
“You can come anytime. Then, would you mind leaving the payment for the Armored Buffaloes for tomorrow?”
“I don’t mind.”
“Then, I will prepare it by tomorrow. Takumi-san, thank you very much for today.”
“No, I am glad I could be of help.”

After collecting the materials of the dismantled Armored Buffalo into my Infinite Storage, I decided to return straight to the Ruven House.

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