Chapter 138

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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A Date?
“Takumi-san, do you have any plans today?”

While eating breakfast at the Ruven House, Rebecca-san asked about my plans.

“No, I have not decided on anything particular……?”

I thought of taking it easy for a while, so I didn’t have anything planned. Therefore, when I replied, Rebecca-san joyfully joined her hands and smiled.

“Truly! Then, I was wondering if you would go shopping with me!”

With Rebecca-san’s proposal, we decided to go shopping together with Rebecca-san.
Of course, matching in Rebecca-san’s style――shopping around in a carriage with maids and guards.


Allen and Elena were exhilarated from the different than usual outing.

“Now, now, Allen, Elena. It’s dangerous unless you sit down.”

When I cautioned the children who were clinging to the window from their seats, the two unwillingly returned to my side.

“Fufu, look Lizzy~ They seem to have so much fun~”
“Indeed, Okusama.”

Rebecca-san and her personal attendant Lizzy-san who were sitting at the opposite seats were warmly looking at Allen and Elena.

“By the way, where are we going today?”
“Oh my, did I not tell you? Our first destination is a place Takumi-san knows.”
“Eh, is that so?”

When I asked about our destination, Rebecca-san replied with “a place I know” but she did not tell me “where” that is.


But, I immediately recognize our destination.
Allen and Elena seem to have understood too.
The carriage stopped at the store『Silver Thread』where we ordered the coats from.

“My! Rebecca-sama, what is the matter!? We would have come to the mansion if you called for us!”
“Fufu, going to the merchant’s shop is good once in a while. Mary, pardon me for coming all of sudden, but are you free now?”
“Of course!”

When we entered, the store’s Mistress――Mary-san immediately appeared.

“You came too, Takumi-sama? You came just at the right time. The coats you have ordered before have been finished, I was just about to contact you~”
“Is that so? ―――She says the coats are done!”

Hearing that the coats were done, Allen and Elena “quickly, quickly” urged Mary-san in a joy.

“Fufu, these are the items you have ordered!”

Mary-san sought to excuse herself from Rebecca-san and immediately brought the finished coats.

“Oh my?”

Was it called a torso? She brought in torso-only mannequins wearing western clothes. Seeing the coats they were wearing, I was astonished.

“It’s Joule!”
“It’s Feat!”


A coat for Allen that resembled the Fenrir Joule and a coat for Elena that resembled the Celestial Tiger Feat. That is still all right! Still!

“”Yaa~y! Matching with Onii~chan!””
“…… Hahaha~”

The problem was my coat. I left the design to the store.
It was a dark, long coat with a hood. But, on the hood! There were lop-ears attached!
When I dejectedly dropped my shoulders next to the delighted children, Mary-san who worked on the coat had an expression that succeeded at making a prank.

“What is wrong? Oniisama――the ears on Takumi-sama’s coat are removable, should I remove them?”
“”No way~!””
“Oh my, are they to your liking?”

The children seemed to be very pleased with the ears, so when Mary-san asked to remove them, they immediately objected.
It would be difficult to ask her to remove them now. Mary-san who was smiling “Hohoho~” was definitely aiming for this development.
Well, I didn’t think she would attach ears to my hood too and even if I put the hood on, the attached ears are droopy, so they won’t stand out that much…… I think~? No, but~……

“”Will remove them~?””

While troubled over what to do, Allen and Elena were looking at me with puppy eyes.

“N~ no…… err~ …… would Allen and Elena prefer it this way?”
“”Yeah! Matchi~ng!””
“…… Ugh.”
“My, my, is this Takumi-san’s loss?”

While faltering because of the children’s behavior, Rebecca-san delivered the finishing blow.

“Fufu, to be matching with Oniichan. Aren’t you happy~”

It appears that the lop-ears will stay on.
Then, I shall be careful to not put the hood on in the public.

“It was a worthwhile making it~ then, please try it on to confirm the size.”

――But, just when I thought so, we were told to try the coats on to confirm the correct size. Accordingly, I had to put the hood up immediately.

“Oh my, oh my, Allen-chan, Elena-chan, it suits you really well~”

Being praised by Rebecca-san, Allen and Elena smiled bashfully.

“You see, Allen is Joule!”
“Elena is Feat, you know!”
“Is Allen-chan a Fenrir? And, Elena-chan must be a Celestial Tiger.”
“The special features of both were captured splendidly~ ――You have done a good job, Mary.”
“Thank you very much, Rebecca-sama.”

Next, the gazes gathered upon me.

“What Takumi-san is wearing, you were not trying to imitate anything in particular, were you?”
“Yes, he has ordered a coat in black color, but he entrusted me with the rest.”
“Fufu, have you decided on lop ears that won’t stand out too much while playing around?”
“Fufu, you could tell?”
“Of course. You have done a great job with that one as well, Mary.”
“I am honored by your words, Rebecca-sama~”

As I thought, Mary-san was aiming for this design.
The design of the coat was considerably to my liking, so I had nothing to complain about. The animal ears too, as long as Allen and Elena are satisfied.

“Takumi-sama, do you feel tight or baggy anywhere?”
“…… It is very comfortable.”

The size was perfectly fitting my body, there wasn’t anything that felt out of place.
Because I had Allen and Elena’s made slightly larger, they have parts where the coats are too big for them, but it doesn’t seem like it would obstruct their movement.

“Thank you very much for the wonderful coats.”

When I said my thanks, Mary-san smiled joyfully.

When I finished paying for the coats, Rebecca-san who originally brought us to the clothing store ordered animal-type sleepwear for Allen and Elena.
Moreover, it was of many animal varieties and colors.
Apparently, Rebecca-san became fond of animal-eared clothing.
However, when she asked if I wanted matching clothes, I firmly refused.
Instead, I joked with “How about some for Wald-sama instead?”, Rebecca-san really ordered some with an amused face.
…… Will she really make Wald-sama wear them once they are done?
Wald-sama will definitely refuse to wear it, but his opponent is Rebecca-san after all~ I felt sorry as I could easily imagine her forcing Wald-sama to wear it.

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