Chapter 137

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“Shall we stop before it starts to get dark?”
“Let’s do that.”
“Allen, Elena, we are turning above~”

We have obtained plenty of Crystal Flowers and it would get dangerous once it becomes dark, so I decided to stop here.

“Now then, as for the camping…… is here fine?”

Because the town is quite far away from here, so we wouldn’t be in time for the gate closing if we started returning now. Therefore, we decided to camp out today.

“Should I put up a tent?”

That reminds me…… we have been under the weather either wrapped in a blanket or buried among Joule and others, so we haven’t done camping like that yet~
Tent, a tent, huh…… n? Huh? I feel like I have a tent.
A waterproof tent that was given to me by the Water Chief Retainer-sama. N~……――Ah, I do have it after all.
But to be honest, I don’t think a tent is that necessary~

“Do you have…… a tent for yourself?”
“No, I don’t sleep in tents, but since Takumi-san and the children are here……”
“Ahh, you were considerate of us. Thank you. ――Allen, Elena, do you want to sleep in a tent today?”
“”With Onii~chan?””
“N~ I’d like to keep a watch outside, so I will be sleeping outside?”
“Then, Allen too~”
“Elena with Onii~chan too~”

I confirmed with the children just in case, but it seems that they won’t enter a tent unless I am there with them.

“Looks like we won’t need it.”
“Yes, indeed. Then, shall I prepare dinner?”
“N? Prepare dinner, is it? Not a portable food……?”

Well, normal adventurers would settle with portable food~ However――

“Portable food is nothing delicious, the nutritions are also one-sided, right? There’s no way you could settle for such a thing, right?”
“I can’t cook, you know? Moreover, I don’t have the ingredients nor the tools.”
“I know that.”

Yes, Raizel seems like someone who can’t cook~
No, it’s not necessarily that all people who are similar to Raizel can’t cook or anything. But, there wasn’t anyone among the adventurers I have met so far who could cook decently.

“I will cook a share for you as well, so wait for a moment, Raizel.”

Cooking a dish for us and letting Raizel eat portable food. There’s no way I let something like that happen, so I told Raizel to wait.

“Is that fine?”
“Yeah, we indebted to you today~”

As a specimen for Allen’s and Elena’s moves.

“Indebted, you say…… do you mean that during the fights? Does that count as being indebted……?”

Raizel let out a grumbling mutter, but pretending not to hear that, I started cooking.

“N~ I wonder? What do you two want to eat?”
“”Hmm, you see~……――Meat~?””

When I asked Allen and Elena what they want to eat, the two replied “Meat” with slight confidence while looking at Raizel.
Not what they want to eat, but replying with what they thought Raizel’s favorite thing to eat is, how good my children are~ Besides, Raizel does look like the meat-eating type.

“Raizel, do you like meat?”
“M, me? I do like it. Rather, that’s all I eat.”

Yeah, just like I imagined. Rather, meat is all he eats…… does he really eat only meat with no veggies……
Well, since we have decided to make a meat dish――

“What kind of meat would you like?”
“”Yeah, defeated~!””
“The defeated bear? Ahh, the Rock Bear you have defeated today~?”

Rock Bear, huh. That is not easy to dismantle and use meat~

“Raizel, would you mind if I used the Rock Bear you have defeated today?”

Allen and Elena defeated a Rock Bear too, but we are currently with Raizel so I sought his permission. I mean, we have not decided on the distribution of spoils yet.

“No! I don’t mind at all!”

Raizel cheerfully approved, so I retrieved a Rock Bear from the《Infinite Storage》.

“Ah, should I do the dismantling?”
“Can I leave it to you?”
“Of course…… although I say that, the skill of my dismantling ranks me at the bottom of adventurers…… is that still fine?”
“It’s fine, it’s fine. It’s not like I have that many experiences with dismantling anyway. Rather, dismantling is the specialty of workers, not adventurers, so I would be surprised if it was the other way.”

Well, in my case, I have gotten a skill from Syl, so I was quite proficient right from the start though~

“………… Huh? This Rock Bear…… it looks like it had died just now, doesn’t it?”

Raizel started dismantling right away, but it seems that he felt something strange about the carcass.
All the monsters including the ones Raizel defeated were collected by me.
Ordinary adventurers would dismantle the defeated monsters right on the spot and bring back only the parts of higher value, but…… because I can bring back large amounts, we settled with the minimal processing――the processing of internal organs.
Raizel has probably misunderstood that I am carrying a large capacity magic bag.
N~ what do I do? It should be all right to tell to the current Raizel, no?

“Ah~…… Raizel, I can use Infinite Storage.”
“Eh!? THE Infinite Storage!?”
“Yeah, the Infinite Storage. That’s why the Rock Bear is fresh. But well, I would be glad if you didn’t spread the information about my Infinite Storage.”

Let’s forbid him from speaking about it just in case. This ability is indeed an attractive ability for others after all.

“I won’t say anything, I won’t say anything!”
“I see, thanks. Then, I will leave the dismantling to you.”

What is this…… the speed of Raizel’s swaying tail has increased? Is he happy?
That movement, it looks just like when Joule is happy~

“Is it just my imagination?”
“No, it’s nothing. Now then, how about we prepare the rest before it’s too late?”

I cut the Rock Bear meat thickly, cooked it thoroughly with miso, made the rice and the Donburi was completed.

“What a strange dish?”
“It might seems so to you, Raizel. Well, give it a try. I will prepare something else if it doesn’t suit your tastes.”

From the experience up until now, the people of Aetherdia shouldn’t have different palate from mine, so all that’s left is a personal preference…… everything else should be all right, I think.
Although I say that, it’s my first time feeding a Beastman, so I can’t be certain.

“Then, shall we eat? ――Itadakimasu.”
“I, itadakimasu?”

Puzzled over the unfamiliar phrase, Raizel copied what we said and started eating.

“Delicious!! What the hell is this thing-!”

He seemed to like it. How confusing~
He just said “Dd” with his body trembling, so I readied myself for him to spit it out.

“Don’t startle me like that.”
“I’m sorry! But, this is too delicious!”
“I’m glad to hear that. There are seconds, so don’t hesitate and help yourself. Ahh, but the children are here, so don’t wolf it all down at once.”

Making sure to tell him not to become a bad example, Raizel, although not wolfing the meal down, ate at an extremely fast pace and in the end, finished eating five large servings.

After that, Raizel and I took turns standing a watch and returned to the capital, but the children demanded from Raizel to be their fighting specimen on the entire way back.
Raizel moved consciously with different patterns to answer them. Whether he liked or not, Raizel has completely become Allen’s and Elena’s combat teacher.

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