Chapter 110

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The audience with the king finished, and we, who returned from the visit of the castle, decided to wander around the capital.
I decided to go to the clothing shop first to order the coats I promised to Allen and Elena.
This shop prepared the clothes for the audience. At that time, I was choosing from ready-made clothes, but the shop apparently works on orders from scratch.

“Welcome. ――Oh my, customer is if I’m not mistaken Ruven Household’s……”
“Yes, I was in your care the other day.”

When we entered the store, a familiar middle-aged woman welcomed us.
She is the seamstress who adjusted the sizes of the clothes when choosing the clothes at the Ruven House and she’s also the wife of this shop’s manager.

“I’m glad I could be of help.”
“I came with a tailoring request today. Those clothes were very comfortable to wear, so.”
“Oh dear! Thank you very much. I’m glad you said so~”

When I praised the clothes from the other day, she smiled in delight.

“Then, what kind of article does the customer demands?”
“I would like to order a winter coat for these children.”
“Coats, I see. Please, leave it to our shop by all means.”

When the Mistress pleasantly agreed――

“Allen, Joule!”
“Elena, Feat!”
“Oh my?”

Allen and Elena cheerfully started insisting on the design of their coats.
But, the Mistress puzzledly tilted her head to the two’s words. Well, of course, the meaning won’t convey by saying “Joule” and “Feat” after all~

“I’m sorry. They want the same ears as animals attached to the hood.”
“Then, Joule and Feat refer to names of your pets or something?”
“Yes, that’s right. Might I request to have it done?”
“Fufu. Of course, I will attach lovely ears to the hoods.”
“Thank you very much. ――Allen, Elena, she says that she will properly attach ears to the hoods.”

Eared hoods seem to be okay as well. When I told Allen and Elena that she will attach the ears, they raised both of their hands in delight.

“Well then, shall we chose the fabric first? Since we are talking about winter coats, then a thick skin with fur would be all right, yes? What would be good?”
“Ah, I have fur that I would like you to use, would you mind using that?”
“My? May I see what kind of fur it is?”
“Yes. Umm…… this is it.”

I retrieved the Water Bear fur from Infinite Storage and showed it to the Mistress.

“Is this perhaps…… Water Bear fur? How wonderful~ It’s quite impossible to find fur this big without any cuts.”
“Is that so?”
“Yes, Water Bear fur has is water and cold resistant so it’s a material with a great affinity to coats, but they are always damaged during its subjugation. That’s why it’s rare to see one that is this undamaged. Furthermore, large furs are very bulky, right? Therefore, even if obtained, they are cut into smaller pieces in order to make them easier to carry.”

I see. People who are able to use Infinite Storage are few and even if one has a magic bag, the bag’s capacity might not be enough for the fur. If that were the case, then you would want to make the bulky fur easier to carry.

“May I ask you where have you obtained an article this fine?”
“Sure. I obtained this in the Dungeon of Ripples.”
“My, that’s if I’m not mistaken…… the recently rumored one?”
“That’s right. It’s from the newly discovered dungeon.”

N? I suddenly have a thought…… for example, if you defeat a Water Bear in the dungeon by chopping it into pieces. At that time, will the dropped item of the fur be also chopped up into smaller pieces?
Or will you obtain fur as large as we did?
N~ We fundamentally defeat monsters without injuring them too much, don’t we~ The method of defeating monsters might or might not have an influence on drop items. I can’t help but be curious after such thought crossed my mind. Let’s verify it next time we enter a dungeon.

“I have obtained it there. I think it won’t be this early, but it’s possible materials from that dungeon will appear soon.”
“My! That is good news. Water Bears are monsters that don’t appear in Guardia that much, so it’s quite difficult to obtain their materials! I have to quickly send a person to Bailey to obtain them!”

Ah, but, we have started encountering Water Bears only at the fifteenth floor. I wonder what floor other adventurers have advanced to?
But well, although not detailed, I have reported information about the dungeon, so it should be fine?
Adventurers should be reaching the floor with the Water Bears soon. At that time, there’s no doubt that the materials will start circulating around the market.

“…… Erm.”
“My, I’m sorry. Rather than that, the coats for these children, right? A fur this large will be enough for the two’s coats. What to do about the color? Should I keep it blue or do you want me to dye it with another color?”
“So it’s possible to dye it, I see.”
“Yes, we have many dyes, so we can dye it in any color you would like.”


Hee~ so they can dye it in any color we wish, huh~ I thought natural dyes would be mainstream in this world, but there seems to be another method. There should be colors that are impossible to make with natural dyes.

“Allen, Elena, you can apparently choose your favorite color of the coats. What color would you like them to be?”
“That’s right.”

Yeah, I should have known. They want to make it Joule-ish and Feat-ish in all aspects.

“I see. ――I’m sorry, could you make them look as Fenrir and Celestial Tiger, respectively?”
“…… Eh? Customer…… you have talked about pets a little while ago, but are you keeping a Fenrir and a Celestial Tiger?”
“T, they are similar, extremely. It’s a bluish-white dog and white cat with black stripes!”
“Oh my, is that so?”
“Yes, that is so!”

Oopsy, close, so close. I was careless. But, I properly deceived her, right?

“Bluish-white might be difficult, right? Besides, white with black stripes might be troublesome…… I will pay as much as you ask for it, so could I ask you to do it?”
“It might take a while, but leave both of them to our shop please.”
“Really!? Thank you very much!”

I’m glad. It seems I will be able to keep my promise with Allen and Elena.

“”Will make~?””
“Yes, it will be complete before it gets cold, so look forward to it, okay?”

Allen and Elena were frolicking about the coats that will match Joule and Feat and showed sparkling smiles after hearing the Mistress’ words.

“Fufu, looks like I will have to make it with passion.”

The Mistress looked at Allen’s and Elena’s smiles and closed her eyes as if smiling.

“Then, may I take the children’s measurements? I used only approximate size the last time, so I would like to take precise measurements.”
“Yes, please do so. ――Allen, Elena, your measurements need to be taken, so come over here~”

The two lined up before the Mistress and she took their measurements.

“Yes, this is the last one. Thank you for your hard work.”
“”Hard work~””
“Allen, Elena. It’s: Thank you.”
“”Thank you~””
“Fufu. You are welcome.”

When the measurements were taken, Allen and Elena turned towards the Mistress themselves and spoke to her.
They really grew over this short period of time, didn’t they~

“The children’s size will be fine with this. Is it fine for me not to make customer’s――Oniisama’s coat?”
“Ahh~…… Please make one for me as well. Would one piece of fur of the same size be all right?”
“Yes, it will, but…… you still have more?”
“Yes, I have a few――”
“Won’t you sell them to our store!?”

How many times have I been jumped because of the materials…… so it’s Water Bear fur this time, huh~
I said “a few” but I actually have quite a lot. However, well, rather than letting out so many, selling two or three shouldn’t be a problem, right?
Thinking such, including the piece for my coat, I took out three pieces of fur.

“My, my, my! How delightful~ I will make Customer’s order the top priority! Now then, let’s take Oniisama’s measurements!”

The Mistress who got excited by the furs I took out started taking my measurements.

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