Chapter 109

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Unofficial Place
The moment we left the audience hall, we were taken to some private room. After waiting there together with Isaac-san for a while, His Majesty and the prime minister who finished the audience a moment ago entered with a few knight guards. I have tried to stand up from the chair in a hurry, but I timidly sat back when His Majesty signaled me with his hand.

“There are no unnecessary eyes in here, so you can act as usual without worries. If you have something to say then say it without holding back.”
“Thank you very much, Your Majesty.”
“Fumu. This is not an official occasion, so I won’t mind if you call me Tristan.”
“U, umm…… Your Majesty Tristan?”

When His Majesty sat facing me, his first words were about my attitude. Act as usual he said, even though this person is the head of a country…… is that fine? Moreover, I received permission to call him by name.
His Majesty’s gaze was saying “give it a try” and when I tried, an obvious frown formed on his face…… it seems he didn’t like it.

“…… Tristan-sama.”

When I tried calling him again without using his title, his frown faded away in satisfaction.
What to say…… there are many friendly people among the Guardia country’s royalty and nobility? All the people I became friendly with wanted me to call them by their names…… No, there are people like Baron Gilbert who caused trouble in Shirin and Count Tugal, so it’s most likely just a coincidence.

“Yes. Well then, Takumi-dono. First of all, please accept this.”

“Who?” Is what I thought when Tristan-sama called the unfamiliar name, but it seems he was addressing the prime minister. Come to think of it, Ford must be his house’s name. Conrad must be his first name.
When the prime minister gave instructions to a knight holding a leather bag, gashari, such metallic noise resounded the moment he placed it on top of the table. It appears to be money, but there seems to be considerably a lot as the noise was quite loud.

“…… Isn’t there too many?”

There should be a considerable amount even if it was in gold coins…… there definitely aren’t large gold coins or platinum coins inside…… are they? I’m afraid to look.

“It’s a proper amount. Receive it without reserve.”

Even if you say that, it’s not like I can receive it without reserve.
I turned my gaze towards Isaac-san to seek help, but Isaac-san disappeared from the place he was supposed to be at. He apparently moved to stay behind me in a casual manner when Tristan-sama and others entered.

“…… When did you move away?”

I seriously didn’t notice. I have thought so before, but…… does the Risner House has a Stealth skill that can’t be detected with my Appraisal?
Well, Tristan-sama and others who entered were on my mind while last time I was absorbed in thinking about curry so that might be it, but~

“Rather than that, Takumi-dono. It’s His Majesty’s kindness, receive it gratefully.”
“…… Yes.”

I couldn’t expect help, so after thanking Tristan-sama and the prime minister once more, I put the leather bag on my person.

“Then, please receive this as well.”

When I was about to confirm the money I received, the prime minister presented a palm-sized box next.

“Erm…… this is?”
“This is a medal of honor.”
“T, thank you very much.”

When I open the box and look inside, there was a platinum-colored medal.
It was about the size of the bottom of a juice can.
The pattern was of a lion which symbolizes the Guardia country. On the back, there were engraved accomplished exploits(?), dates, and name. The discovery of a dungeon was engraved on the back in my case.
Apparently, those who subjugate a dragon which attacked a town, or a person who saved many people with their healing, etc. receive such medal from the country. Being able to receive this medal is apparently a very honorable thing.

“And this would be the storage list of the treasury.”

When thinking it was finally over, I was handed over the treasury’s catalog.

“Although this is the storage list, it can’t be taken out of the castle, so you have to either decide here or it will be prepared ahead of time on your next visit.”

N~ there are many items on the list that was handed to me, so it’s difficult to decide just by skimming through. I might as well decide after careful consideration.
However, Tristan-sama surely isn’t so free to wait on me until I decide, so would it be better to decide at a later date~?

“I’m sorry. It would take time to confirm what’s what, so it would be difficult to decide right away.”
“Then, you don’t mind leaving this for later?”
“Yes. Let’s do that.”

I returned the list for now.

“Fumu. Although on hold, all rewards have been handed over.”
“Yes, thank you very much. Then, is it all right for me to go next? Originally, I planned to send a word first, but I wanted to bring it and hand it over personally since it’s an article of the dungeon……”
“Ohh, I’m grateful for that. Let’s take a look at once.”

I didn’t think I could meet His Majesty in a private place like this, so I thought of having the item prepared by the official castle staff or ultimately by Isaac-san. But, when I brought up the subject because there was an opportunity to hand it over directly, Tristan-sama cheerfully accepted.

“This is it. Please, take a look.”

I have taken out the bottled brandy from my Infinite Storage at once. For now, it’s one of several bottles. I can’t display several bottles in here.

“What is it?”
“It’s alcohol called brandy.”
“Hou, alcohol? It’s my first time hearing about alcohol with such name.”

Tristan-sama must like alcohol as he looked at the bottle with great interest. But, at that time――

“”That, it’s not delish~””
“Eh? You guys-!?”

Allen and Elena made an unthinkable remark while pointing at the bottle I took out.
Since brandy is alcohol it certainly didn’t suit the two’s tastes, but I would like them to stop making such remarks in a place like this…… Tristan-sama is looking at the children with a wondering face.

“…… I, I’m sorry. Actually, there was an incident where the two tasted the alcohol when I took my eyes off of them…… umm, it’s considerably strong alcohol, so it didn’t suit the children’s taste…… anyhow, it’s taste has been guaranteed.”

I followed up the children’s words in panic.
I wouldn’t want His Majesty to think that I offered him something unappetizing after all!

“Ah, I see. Weak fruit wine aside, strong alcohol wouldn’t suit a child’s taste. Haha, so that’s why they made such a statement.”

Tristan-sama seemed to understand my explanation, so I was able to avoid a strange misunderstanding.

“So, is one of the Risner’s who guaranteed the taste?”
“Yes, my elder brother tasted it beforehand and judged it wasn’t be lacking to be presented to His Majesty.”

Isaac-san replied before me.

“Hou…… I’m looking forward to tasting it. Conrad, how about giving it a try with me tonight?”
“It seems to be precious, would that be all right?”
“Ah, I have prepared several bottles, so you can store it in a proper place later.”
“Is what he said.”
“Then, I will accept and partake.”

It appears that Tristan-sama and the prime minister decided to drink tonight. I hope it will suit their tastes.

“Allen wants to eat cream bread~”
“Elena wants Anpan~”

Allen and Elena suddenly demanded snacks.
Because Tristan-sama and others throw off their strict auras, the two children’s normal mood returned.

“Cream bread? And Anpan? What is that? Judging by their names, they seem to be pastry, but……”

Tristan-sama reacted to Allen’s and Elena’s words again.

“Ah~ you see……――”

Tristan-sama said he would like to eat them when I explained what they are, so we had a pastry-tea time for some reason. Tristan-sama was very pleased with the pastry to a point of blank amazement, so I decided to teach the castle’s chefs.
…… I thought that there won’t be many opportunities to visit the castle again, but I seem to have made a few chances for a visit.

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