Chapter 37

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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I have to speak with Iris.

“Iris, we are returning to the carriage.”

“Y, yes……”

Iris returns a miserable voice. It’s quite amusing. Well, she must be still cautious because of the meal.
We must discuss the future of cooking. I think that she can’t stay like that forever? Meals are important. If she wants delicious things, I think it would be better to make them herself for to some extent.
Well, I don’t think it’s bad to eat what others cook, but it’s a necessary skill when living alone.
Besides, if I know something useful, I would like to help. I think it’s necessary for people, but am I being selfish, I wonder……


“Iris, sit here.”

I hit panpan the seat next to me.
I won’t let you escape?


“What have I said before going to rest?”

“Ha…… eh…… um……”

“Even though I finally made a meal together with Iris……”

“Sorr…… ma…”

“I wanted to eat together……”

“…… I’m sorry……”

“Let’s eat together next time, okay?”

“Ye… s…”

“So? Was it delicious?”


My, what a fine answer. It really was delicious, wasn’t it? Well. Oh well. Let’s leave being angry at that.
Now then, how can I motivate her for next time?
She doesn’t seem to want to learn that much?
I wonder if I missed the opportunity.


“Let’s make dishes together from now on, okay? Okay?”

“Ah…… that’s…”

Iris suddenly averts her gaze. That won’t work for me, I intend to teach you, after all.

“Oh my? Does Iris not want to learn from me?”

“No, but I think you understand from today. I think it would be better to stop because I will only cause troubles for you.”

“It wasn’t troublesome. It’s just because you don’t have many experiences, right?”

“That’s not the case. I just don’t like cooking.”

“You like delicious things, right? What we made together just a little while ago was delicious, right?”

“Yes. But……”

“No buts. You have to practice in order to cook properly.”

“I panic, I’m bad with a knife…… I will only tire you out, Koyu-sama.”

“Then, if something happens to me again and I collapse or get injured, are you all right with just hard bread and dried meat?”

“I didn’t mean it like that……”

“So, when people would want you to make them something, you won’t do it?”

“That’s not the case. But, the things I make are not that great.”

“Then, what will you do if I fall sick?”

“You will recover after a while……”

“Eh? What if I get a fever? You will let me only to sleep? Like this time? Or are you planning to let me eat only dried meat while I’m with a fever?”

Let’s continue to attack.

“That’s not……”

“Isn’t Iris in charge of recovery? Are you just going to watch?”

“I will properly cast Heal.”

“Are you able to do anything with magic?”



“People can’t recover their physical strength if not eating, can they?”

“Yes, that’s why I prepared hard bread and dried meat.”

“Eh? I see…… if you say that much. Iris prefers hard bread and dried meat overcooked dishes, don’t you? It can’t be helped then. I’m sorry for forcing you to eat the dishes I cooked until now.”

Iris’s face turns blue. Just a little further.
Well, we can’t do anything great until we arrive at the village.

“You can stop the flattery now. Oh well, you had no choice, but to say it was delicious in front of me, had you? I’m sorry for forcing you to say something you didn’t mean. I didn’t notice.”


“I will make sure to be obedient and not to do anything. I’m really sorry for causing you troubles.”


“I will go to rest now, goodnight.”

I stop the talk and lie down.
I’m terrible, right? But, if she stubbornly didn’t want to do it, I wanted to hear the reason. I know the method was poor, but there are only around ten days left to teach.

I hear swallowing from behind.
Let’s wait for swallowed words…… I’m a terrible Baasan……


“I’m scared…..”

…… Just a little bit more……

“Having people eat something I made……”

Do your best……

“Even if I make it, will they eat it or not…… I don’t know……”

That’s that, but they will eat it, right? The members of this team.

“Again…… if I’m mocked again……”

“Iris? Do you think that everyone in Vanveil won’t eat it?”


“Say, when was it when someone didn’t accept to eat? Do you think that Shien or Ivar would do something like that?”

Iris hangs her head and shakes. Un, that’s right, isn’t it? Iris also should know.

“Iris, how long do you intend on prolonging the time? Even if you fail a little now, they will eat with smiles?”

She’s looking at me with a surprised expression, isn’t she? Yes. It’s already fine.

“Let’s try working hard, little by little? I can teach you now?”


“There might not be much time, but the basics should be reasonably possible?”


“Right, Iris should be able to learn to handle even the hated knife of yours.”


“That’s right. My grandchild used the kitchen knife since she was three years old.”

“T, three……”

“Of course, she couldn’t do it well right from the start. She learned a little by little. Let’s give it a try? Okay?”

“Yes…… my best……”

“I won’t ask you impossible, little by little.”



“So, what kind of fellow was it? The one who wasted Iris’s cooking……”


“Someday…… fufu…… what kind of harassment should be good, I wonder……”

“Ko, Koyu-sama.”

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