Chapter 36

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My Meal is?
Fuu…… my body is heavy…… that’s right, I got mentally tired on top of being injured. I’m reaping what I sow. I should have listened to the warning.


They didn’t come to wake me up yet…… has the time not passed yet? I’m hungry…… Although I’m sluggish, it’s not to the degree I couldn’t move. Un, let’s eat.

I come out and call out.

“Hasn’t the quarter passed already?”

“””””Eh? Ah!!”””””

Wh, what is it?

“””””Sorry(I’m sorry).”””””

Eh, wha, what?

“””””I forgot.”””””

Ha? What?

“””””We ate everything!”””””


M, y, m, e, a, l !!
I glare with all my might!! I will definitely! Not forgive you~!!!


“Ba, Baa……”
“So, sor…… hii……”
“F, forg……”


Geez!! I’m! Hungry! As well!!





Haa…… meal won’t appear even if I keep on staring, will it……


I’m hungry…… haa……


“Iris, bring the brown sugar. The remaining salt and dried fruits as well.”
“Shien, boil the water.”
“Ivar, get sourleaf.”
“Sapin, rub my shoulders.”
“Elm, put dried meat and water in a small pot.”

“Hey! Quickly get moving!”




Again, it’s the turn of oral water supplement again.
I’m too hungry and irritated. Let’s consume sweets moderately.
I sprinkle salt on the sourleaf and take a bite.
Yeah, it’s edible. Unlike Japan, there seems to be almost no lye. Well, let’s not overeat.
But, I wanted to eat warm after all. How unfortunate……



“What is it?”

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine already. I’m also sorry for getting too angry.”


“Was it tasty?”

“Yes. Tasty after a long while.”

“Oh my, by long while you mean?”

“Because Baachan slept.”

“Ah…… that’s right, isn’t it…… I heard you had only hard bread and dried meat.”

“Yes. Also water.”

“You did not boil the water?”

“But…… hot water has no taste.”

“It tastes different just from being boiled, you know?”


“Right, it’s warm, right?”

“Warm is different?”

“Ivar will understand if you drink it.”

“Try drinking.”

Oh my, then, I will requests seconds as well


“Ivar, bring to me as well.”


Oh my, Ivar stretched his words. Has he gotten more used to it?


“Baasan, sorry.”

“You say so, but you sent Ivar first, didn’t you? Shien.”

“N~ You knew……”

“There’s no way I wouldn’t know. It’s not like I can get angry at Ivar or Iris, can I?”

“Short while ago was?”

“Because you were all gathered. You knew that too, didn’t you?”

“Haa. Really, I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine already. The lack of ingredients is because I got injured in the first place.”

“Also, because we got too used to your cooking?”

“Oh my?”

“Delicious things…… are addictive……”

“Even though I only made simple things……”

“Why is that?”

“Well? I wonder why?”

“By the way, Elm, and Sapin are?”

“Ah~…… startled……”


“Therefore, stop it please~ This is it!”


“Haa. Because it’s for the first time, you see?”

“Oh my? Is that so?”

“It was first for the two? Iris and Ivar saw it before.”

“Ah, that’s right. In front of the guild…… so, are they perhaps afraid?”

“It’s not that much, I would say. Well, they might feel a little nervous.”

“Fuun. Even though Shien is alright.”

“Accustomed, I think?”

“Is that so? Ah, can you call everyone? I want to know about tomorrow.”

“Okay. Wait a moment.”

“Yes. I’m waiting.”


“Ivar, thank you.”

Ivar brought back the hot water. Then, he sat next to me. Ivar pours the hot water into my cup. The two of us taste the plain hot water after fuufuu cooling it down.

“See, it’s warm, isn’t it?”

“Yes. Warm. Tasty.”

Stomach warms up when consuming warm things. Warm you see, if it’s warm, it feels delicious. Fuu.

How cute……

“Koyu-sama, I’m terribly sorry for before. By the way, what have you called us for?”

“Don’t worry about before. I’m also sorry. Have I startled you? Right, right, what about tomorrow? We are departing, right?”

“Yes, it’s a small village, but we will do our best to arrive the day after tomorrow.”

“I understand. I will behave myself, so it’s all right to hurry. I won’t restlessly loiter around the carriage anymore.”

“If you want to do that.”

“Yes. Let’s depart tomorrow after I cook the meat we are soaking. Therefore, wake up slightly earlier than usual, okay? That will be our breakfast.”

“I understand.”

“I will go to rest already. Goodnight.”



With this, all that’s left is to talk with Iris.
Let’s speak in the carriage then.

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