Chapter 11

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Waiting Time (Iris’ mutter)
Although the dinner is already prepared. We can’t still eat, right?
Ah, right, right, let’s prepare tea. Everyone seemed to enjoy it during lunch.
I pour water in a small pot and boil it. Once it boils, I insert the perilla in. I take it off the fire and let it cool off.


Is the town patrol still not here? Somehow, everyone’s gaze……

“Wait a little more, please.”

“Yes. Would drinking tea be alright?”

“Ah, I want too.”

That Shien. I wonder what about others? When I look, everyone nods. Un, un. Let’s have a tea break.


I would like a tea strainer or a filter, but it can’t be helped, they don’t exist here, after all. I slowly pour tea into wooden cups and circulate to everyone. A warm, refreshing herbal tea. It should have a relaxing effect. It’s not certain, you know? It’s just something I had always thought.

The relaxing time passed for a while.
The unruly feelings of battle already calmed down.
We shouldn’t lose focus, though.
The feelings of leisure were born only in mind.


“Hey, Baasan. I would like to slowly talk afterward. Of course, with everyone. Is that fine? At this rate, we won’t know how we should protect you.”

“If Koyu-sama could accept that, I would be very grateful.”

“Koyu-sama, you can talk as much as possible. You are way away from our common sense. Truthfully, it’s not something guards should even think about, but it can’t be helped. I plead you.”


You don’t have to be so respectful. I wonder how much I can talk about?
First, different world summoning…… It would be better to ask God-sama. Let’s say that I’m from a distant foreign country.
I was kidnapped and brought to this country.
It should also be better to say that there was no magic in my country.
Next, the magical power and magic, huh? I think it would be better to talk about this properly. I intend to live in this world from now on, I should learn how to use it. Since there’s no gas or electricity like in my former world, it’s a necessary power to live, right?
About the pocket…… Come to think of it, there’s that thing called a magic bag, so I think it should be alright to say that I have that bag at hand.
About money, to put it bluntly, I think there’s no need to speak about it. But, maybe it would be better to say something? Let’s think about it if I’m asked?
After that…… There was something else. Oh well. Let’s think about it at that time.
Let’s ask God-sama when we arrive in the next town.
I mean, I wasn’t able to remember everything I was cautioned about. Too much was said at once, right? It’s only natural I forgot. I’m an elderly, you know? I should have at least make a memo. Well, let’s prepare a memo pad when visiting the church next time. Let’s do that.
I have an idea for the time being. Let’s take it easy until it’s time to speak.
Take it easy…… I became slightly sleepy. Am I tired? I wonder, how far the town pat… ro…… l……



☆☆☆ Iris’s Mutter ☆☆☆

Koyu-sama happily made dinner. Although we are camping outside, she cooks like if she was in a house in a town. She treated everyone to tea. She seemed very happy. I have also drunk the tea at lunch, but the aftertaste is refreshing, and it calms me down. I have never drunk something like that before. Is it alright to make tea for everyone like this?
When we said that we’d like to know more about Koyu-sama later, she nodded and immediately started thinking about something. With no wariness towards us. I wonder how did such a dangerous person manage to live until now?
Even the usually brusque Shien is talking so much. I was really surprised when Shien was making fun of Koyu-sama. It was my first time seeing him laugh like that.
Ivar as well. He would drink from anything but his flask and he would only eat the food he secured himself. He ate both the meat and bread at lunch, and he drank tea. So his expression can change so much, huh? Well, I am also surprised at myself.


She’s a mysterious person, Koyu-sama.
But!! Isn’t she too surprising?!
We have to make sure properly. That there’s nothing more than this.

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