Chapter 10

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Making Dinner (Vanveil Companions’ Conversation)

Yes, at the moment. But, what I saw that time was 1000.
I wonder why? Well, there’s not much difference between 900 and 1000.

“I will ask just in case, but was there an attribute?”

“I don’t know about attribute, but there’s something called Magic Attribute. But, I can’t read it. Something is written there, but it’s painted over. So strange~”

“…… Skill, do you have it?”

“I do. There’s one called Green Hands.”

“Ha? Never heard of such skill before.”

“Is that so?”

“I guess so. Normally, it’s like Ivar’s Enemy Detection or mine Body Reinforcement.”

“Iris doesn’t have one?”

“I, I possess Light and Wind attributes, so that’s that. But, I have never heard of Green Hands before.”


Being like magician…… I feel…… like I want to give it a try. I wonder what kind of skills there are? Ivar said that his’s is Enemy Detection, so he’s able to search for enemies, right? I wonder if he knows of the enemies (bandits) even now? Umm, kyorokyoro…… Not. Searching? I wonder how it works?

Sneakily. Let’s move to Ivar and stealthily ask.

“Baasan, don’t selfishly move around.”

H, how did Shien know?

“You are right in front of me, there’s no way I wouldn’t know.”

Shien’s head tightly follows me. Mou, isn’t just a little alright? If I can’t move, I won’t be able to ask Ivar……

“Be obedient for now. Once we clean those guys up, Iris will teach you.”

“O, oh my. Really?!”

“Eh, me?”

“I’m bad at it, and Ivar has to watch the surroundings, right? Baasan, don’t disturb Ivar.”

“I understand.”

Wakuwaku. Has the town patrol not arrived yet?


“Everyone is tied up. Ivar, look if there are no others around. As far as possible, please.”

Leader Elm-san has finished tying up the bandits and has returned to us.
But, does Leader-san need to tie them up by himself? I wonder why Shien doesn’t help?


“Because Iris’s head was hit, and Ivar has to look for enemies. It’s my duty to protect you!!”


I mean, how do you know?

“It’s written on your face.”

A, am I that easy to understand……


After Elm-san had inquired if I’m alright, he explained the situation. It appears that he understood that I did something. Even though I do not know.
Anyhow, right now, we have no choice, but to wait for the town patrol.
It seems we will be camping around here today.
It’s sort of like camping, I’m having fun. I had used to camp when I was young, didn’t I? How nostalgic. Husband would lit up the fire, we would cook rice in the camping cookware, and make a curry.
Since there seems to be time, shall I get the dinner ready? After I had proposed so, I prepared the stove. It’s a bigger one than at lunch.

I take out food from my pocket which was wrapped in a cloth. What should I make? Because there’s enough time, how about I make a stew as well?

I do have chicken meat, right? Also onions, carrots, potatoes, pumpkin, spring onion, oh my, there also a flour. It’s okay if it tastes similar.

I cut everything into bite sizes and put it in the pot. Shall I skim it until it boils? Ah, in the meanwhile let’s put the flour and water in the wooden bowl and knead it. Into dumplings.
When it starts bubbling, open it up~ When the vegetables become soft, I split the dumplings into small pieces and throw it into the pot. Oh my, they started floating. That reminds me, there should be miso in the carry-on.
I can’t take the carry-on out…… I put my hand on the carry-on which is inside the pocket and search. I open the carry-on, miso, miso…… Is it this? Miso in a small wooden cask which I got at the product exhibition.
Hmm, this much? I put in the miso. If I had miso filter, it would melt immediately. Well, it can’t be helped that I don’t have one, right?

Gu~rugu~ru I slowly mix.
Is it done? A little taste. Un, delicious……


…… …… ……

I, I’m being watched? How embarrassing. I’m not eating with hands, you know? Just ta, st, ing. The amount might have been a little larger, but it was just tasing~

I mean, miso’s taste…… It has been a while.



☆☆☆ Vanveil Companions’s Conversation ☆☆☆

Just as we have expected, there is a bandit attack. It’s obvious that you will get attacked if you are rich person traveling alone.
The slowly advancing carriage outside the town is a very enticing target. After the break, we left Sapin behind and departed. Sapin went into hiding.
Elm and Ivar are in the driving seats. Baasan and Iris inside the carriage and I. Usually, one horse is enough to pull the carriage, but we are using two. We advance slowly, seemingly carelessly.
Ivar has detected the enemies. The number seems to be quite a lot. More than expected.
We return to the place where Sapin was hiding.
Arrows…… Is it not possible to get back there? Even though we are so close……
The carriage stops. We leave the insides to Iris and jump down.
Elm and I cut the enemies down. The number of enemies gradually decreases. While hiding, Ivar defeats the enemy archers. I hope Sapin will be in time, but.
What? Iris has jumped out from the carriage.
Ah, eh? Baasan came out as if falling.


…… A surprise attack. The hidden archers are disposed of one by one.
Ha? Eh? A per, son…… flew over……
I bring them to trees. Tied up. Tied up…… finished. I come back.


Even though it went as planned, have we misread the number of enemies?
It’s unlikely that Sapin is still waiting.
We have no choice, but to attack here. While giving Ivar a signal with my fingers, I ready my sword. I unfasten the metal fittings and let a horse escape. Now then, come and shoot us.
I cut earnestly and reduce the enemy forces.
When I was about to cut a person with my sword, something suddenly came flying and hit the opponent…… Both stopped moving. It was a person.
Everyone in the surroundings is downed. Is it over? It was all too sudden, but…… Oh well, let’s tie them up.


After the break, I stealthily slipped out and hid. There’s no need to fight where enemies want you to, right?
I erase my presence and lie hidden. …… …… ……
N? The battle has already started. Pincer attack from behind is also good.
A tied-up person is rolling. Suddenly, in the carriage’s direction.
Is Elm doing the tying up?
“Looks like it has ended.”
“Yeah, sorry, could you retrieve the horse and let the town know? There’s quite a lot, we might not be enough to bring them in alone.”
“Understood. I will be right back.”

However, it ended too soon. I wonder what happened?


“Blown away?”
“Unknown skill?”
“Ha? Where did that food come from?”
“W, what is she making?”
“What did she put in?”

“”””I demand an explanation!!””””

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