Chapter 16

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Nanase Iori 2
I was able to persist for three days after the summoning.

The fourth day was no good.

I have destroyed my physical condition and went down with the sickness.

The living conditions are too different from Japan.

All of the confusion the sudden summoning to this world brought.

And more than anything, the things left on the other side are too many.

I wonder if Okaasan is anxious? What about Airi?

Even I studied with so much effort, this is too much.

While everyone is working hard at practice, I sob all night alone in my bed.

Covering my eyes with a cloth to stop my tears is the only escape route my heart can think of.

But then, there was a lot of same despair as mine in the dark, every night, I could hear sobbing and whining voices.

The situation changed after a week.

Everyone started to accept the reality.

After falling into panic, calling out names, they found out that the situation is hopeless and reached the decision.

They have finally come to a movie-like world. Mine classmates began to enjoy this world thoroughly.

I also did my best to put on a brave face and participated with everyone.

I have been able to obtain some rough information,

– We were summoned as Hero Candidates in order to oppose the terrifying Maou who threatens this country.

– Apparently, they are training the 31 of us (It seems that Kamijou-kun was not included from the beginning) in order to form the Demon King Castle subjugation party.

– In other words, if we don’t defeat the Demon King, we won’t be able to return.

– It seems they plan to select the hero through a competition (details unknown).

– We are treated by the country as guests, everyone was given a private room, aside from leaving the town we are free, a VIP treatment that applies even the living expenses.

– Every one of us possesses a rare special ability called the “Skill” which is able to create mysterious phenomenons such as magic.

That’s about it.

I should be happy that I’m not treated as a slave, huh.


It has been a month since I came to this world.

“Well then, let’s start Iori-dono’s training now!!”

A very vast site in the Royal Castle.

One day in the early morning.

I was having fun training my skill.

“Then, begin!”

With the instructor’s signal, men covered in robes raises their staves at once.

I raise my voice.

“Absolute defense!!”

Buuun, a half-spherical barrier appears in front of me.

Various magic attacks rushed at me simultaneously.

However, the invisible barrier which I deployed a little while ago blocks all the attacks not leaving a single scratch on me.

A scorching hellfire, crushing water pressure, crashing light, everything was repelled right before me.

A scene I already witnessed countless times.

I was scared at the beginning, but after witnessing it so many times, I am no longer shaken up.

I think that getting used to it is scarier.

This skill is just as the name suggests, it’s a magic barrier that defends me against attacks.

Everyone praised me how a class president would protect them all, but this shield looks like a husk which shuts around me.

It’s able to disable nearly every magic and is praised as a top support skill that can disable even the strongest skills.

I’m currently practicing in order to increase the quality of my concentration.

“Umu, good performance! The shield’s strength increases day by day and the duration has increased too!”
“Thank you very much.”

After I bow down to the instructor, the classmates standing on the side start clapping.

“You are amazing after all, Class president!”
“Even though I can’t fully invoke my skill yet……”

The usual praises.

I sigh in relief that my position has not changed from the one I had in Japan.

“Nanase, do you have time after this?”

Tougou who has sweat on his forehead talks to me with the usual tone.

Apparently, his training ended too.

“I do, but what is it about?”
“Let’s go to the town with everyone!”

By everyone he probably means his three lackeys.

I feel like I have been going to the town with them a lot recently.

And it was always Tougou who is inviting me.

(…… Should I make a more distance between us?)

I think for a while and answer.

“Sorry, I will have to pass today. I want to train my skill for a little longer.”

Most people would withdraw after hearing my serious way of speaking.

In fact, I really intended to practice my skill all day long.

To be frank, practicing is a pain, but I want to be a step or two ahead than everyone else.

“I, I see. That’s a pity……”

As expected, Tougou-kun has backed away.

I almost became slightly sorry after looking at his disappointed face, but I did not miss the small click he made with his tongue.

“Well, we are going. Good luck training.”
“Yes, thank you. Have fun, Tougou-kun.”

When I thank him with a smile, Tougou-kun and his worthless followers leave.

After seeing his departure, I turn towards the instructor.

“Now then, let’s continue the training!!”

In the end, I trained so hard until my body couldn’t move anymore.

“Ouch, that hurts…… As expected, I may have been overenthusiastic.”

The sun is about to go down.

I am walking around the town by myself.

I’m looking for fatigue relieving medicine.

I would get medicine in the castle if I requested for it, but I’d rather buy medicine by myself.

There’s also the benefit of aimlessly walking around a town which is one of my hobbies.

“Yes, your change! Thank you as always, Ojouchan!”
“Nono, it’s I who should be thanking.”

I purchased the article I aimed for.

I say bye to the shopkeeper who already became my acquaintance and leave.

After that, I aimlessly walked around the town.

The town is lined up with wooden houses that can’t be compared with Japan.

A road which neither cars nor bicycles drive on.

Some of the passersby on the road are not human, this reminds me that this world is a different world.

I have already become used to this town, but I still feel that there are many inconveniences.

(It would be nice if there were outdoor lamps at the very least~ I’m scared to walk outside in the night.)

While thinking such, at that moment,

“Oh my, what’s that?”

I suddenly caught an interesting scene at the edge of my eyes.

There’s a long line formed in front of the general store which I sometimes visit.

A young man is shouting in front of that store.

“A new card game revolution! Great quality Playing cards available! Now then, now then, everyone, stop by and look for yourself! From children to adults, you will surely forget about the time while playing!!”
“Playing cards?”

I mutter unintentionally.

Since coming to this world, I was killing the time by walking around the stores, and as expected, compared to our world, this world is quite undeveloped.

I was discouraged when I found out that even playing cards did not exist here.

“A sale at this time…… no matter how you look at it, isn’t the timing too good?”

I became interested so I decided to call out to the young man.

“Excuse me, could I talk to you for a bit?”
“Yes, yes! What would you……”

The young man who turns towards me stops breathing and stares at me.

“Do you know the one who made these playing cards?”

The young man answers after little to no consideration.

“Umm, the one selling them is Lisbeth, a famous merchant in the town, but there’s a rumor that the one who created them is actually a person from a different world……”
“A person from a different world……”

No way.

No, but, there’s only a single person who could do something like this.

Only him, who was driven out of the castle for being useless……

“Well, it’s just a groundless rumor! But, the person who came up with this must be a genius! I have not played such an interesting and fun card game before!”

I nod in understanding at the somewhat excited young man and mutter.

“…… I see. So it is so successful in this world.”
“No, it’s nothing. I appreciate you talked with me, during such a busy time.”

──H, hey, wait!? Are you seriously going to drive me away!?

The scene where he was driven away plays in my mind.

When I recall me who couldn’t do anything to help him, my heart aches.


“I’m really glad, that you are safe……”

I mutter lightly in relief.

I became interested in him at the same time.

It seems that he who was thrown out, pushed down to the very bottom of the abyss of despair is working harder than me.

I wonder where his source of energy and the nerves of steel come from?

“To use modern knowledge to make money, huh…… you are doing something quite interesting, Kamijou-kun.”

An approach that is taken from the fantasy novels I read before.

To think there would be someone who would really do it.

My classmate Kamijou Takuma who brought the fiction into reality.

I wonder what you are doing right now?

I’d like to meet him again, I thought.

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