Chapter 1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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…… Go forth. Pioneer!
A sublime warm space full of solemn radiance.
I, who can hardly move my body which is in the kneeling posture.
While listening to the flowing hymn, I frantically watch the surrounding with my eyes that are the only thing that can move.
That sight is still beautiful despite seeing it many times in the promotional video, it moves my heart.
My face is fixed on the flow of information, but because I was able to look at the surroundings to some extent, I’m very satisfied.
When I return my sight, a peerless beauty who was filled with a magical lukewarm gracefulness of a Goddess is granting the words.
To whom, you ask? Naturally, that’s to me who’s in front of her.
Well, I have already heard those words many times over on the promotional video, so I was having a fill of the scenery while ignoring her, though.
“…… Go forth. Pioneer!”

Ah, it seems to be over. I thank for your words.
I’m sorry, Goddess-sama. I wasn’t listening to you at all, but it really doesn’t matter since I know what you wanted to say, right?
The temple is bueatiful~ But, the hymn is completely BGM, it doesn’t echo even slightly――




My inner thoughts get interrupted, and the scenery of the divine temple spreading in front of me instantly vanished, and scenery of water fountain plaza crammed with people appeared instead.
Because the opening is relatively short, I would personally like to observe that temple for a little longer.
Well, it can’t be helped that it ended. Let’s move according to the schedule then.

The place where the flow of opening accomplice-sans are going is a considerably large facility.
The building of Medieval Europe architectural style is about three times larger than the other buildings around.
Accomplice-sans are naturally going towards that building, so I advance in the flow as well.
But, the flow branches out variously after entering the facility.

This place is commonly called “Training school”.
People who are just starting with almost nothing at hand go here for a short course similar to a tutorial for a little reward.
Because they also have tutorials that end in around ten minutes, almost everyone visits this training school.
People take these courses because initial funds seem to be necessary for purchasing weapons, but I’m different from such mainstream-sans and intend to properly receive the tutorial.

There are dedicated reception desks, and popular places have long queues.
Although I plan to line up there later, I think I will first complete a less crowded tutorial. Even if I’m not mainstream-san, efficiency is important, isn’t it?

Relying on the displayed information hanging from the ceiling, I walk and discover a reception with no people at all.
Even when I check what tutorial it’s again, there were no people lined up after all.
Far from that, the receptionist Oneesan was reading a book while yawning.
Although other receptions are busy, this place has a magnificent tumbleweed tumbling around.

Yep, this place is my destination, though.
I knew about this. It’s properly according to my information.

Nevertheless, I let out a single sigh and advance towards the book reading receptionist Oneesan.
Indeed, she’s certainly quite sophisticated.
But, that’s unrelated!

“Excuse me, I would like to take a short course.”
“…… Hae? Eh!? Ours!? …… Are you not making a mistake?”

I’m not making a mistake, you know? I certainly do understand the tumbleweed-like atmosphere, though.

“I’m not making a mistake. This is the reception of ‘Magic formations’, isn’t it?”
“Yes, yes that’s right! Yatta~! A new trainee after a long time~! Now, now, here. Please, write your name here! Over here!”
“Ah, eh, yes…… don’t pull on me that much……”

I was urged and pulled by the receptionist Oneesan who completely changed her colors from a little while ago, and she somehow ended up dragging me into a room behind the reception.




“…… that is the combat, ‘Magic formations’ is a skill classified both as production and combat. Are you following thus far?”
“Yes, it’s all right.”

The tutorial which started after being dragged into a room is quite simple. Or rather, I know everything because I have properly studied beforehand.
Of course, the attendance reward is not the only reason I took this tutorial.

「Well then, let’s begin the practical skill at once」

Saying such, she hands me over “Magic paper” and “Magic pen”.
The starchy looking paper that makes you go My goodness! is the “Magic paper”.
“Magic pen” has a quill pen-like form, but the ink is not necessary because magical power is used instead.

“Well then, please try drawing this “Magic pattern” called “Recipe/Magic formation: Fire Ball” as precisely and prettily as possible. It’s all right to take your time. Slowly, precisely and prettily is the point.”

Lastly, she handed me over a character I have not seen before on a B5 size board interlaced with a considerably detailed pattern.
Although delight dominated my heart the moment I saw it, the pattern is so detailed that a disagreeable person would give up right away.

Mufufu…… now, let’s do it~!





“It’s done~!”
“Ooh~ It’s done very beautifully, isn’t it~ You have a talent for this!”
“Thank you very much!”

40 minutes to draw.
The complete “Magic pattern” was an accurate copy of the “Recipe/Magic formation: Fire Ball” magic pattern, I was able to do it prettily enough for the Oneesan to praise me.

“Well then, lastly, hold up the ‘Magic pattern’ you have drawn and touch the[Completetion]on the window that will appear and perform ‘Completion processing’, please.”

I hold the “Magic pattern” I have drawn in my hands and imagine “Completion processing” just as Oneesan has said.
Thereupon, a[Completion]and[Cancellation]buttons appear in a semi-transparent window. There’s a notice that “Magic pattern” of a certain evaluation may fail, and the “Magic paper” will be used up in vain.
But, that’s unrelated to me since Oneesan has given me the pass.
When I touch the[Completion], magical power got consumed, the “Magic pattern” shone for a moment, the complicated pattern that I have drawn disappeared and only an explanatory note was left behind.
Production items are officially complete only after being subjected to this “Completion processing”.

Magic formation: Fire Ball
Item/3★/3 times use

“Congratulations! With this, the ‘Magic formation’ is complete. It usually takes much more time at first. Incredible!”
“Thank you very much!”
“From your point of view, the item’s name is at the top, then below from left is category, rank, the number of remaining uses. 3★ from the start is incredible, you know! I had to draw over and over until I became able to draw ★, you see……”

Although Oneesan had a slightly wry smile at the end, I’m happy that she appreciates my success.

“now, next is the use! It’s dangerous, so let’s move out from this room~!”




“――That concludes the usage of ‘Magic formation’. There’s nothing left to explain after the ‘Magic formation’ usage. Thus, the ‘Magic formation’ short course comes to an end! This is your reward~!”
“Thank you very much!”

The explanation of how to use “Magic formation” has ended in a blink of an eye.
The usage was very simple, and I won’t be using it in the first place, so it really didn’t matter, though.
I have received the tutorial reward from the Oneesan in a good mood and as expected, there was no one lined up when we returned to the reception together.
I’m satisfied, though!

Because it took a little longer than I expected, it seems that the popular tutorials have hardly any queues, so I’m thankful.
Let’s proceed~




While performing the tutorials, I suddenly start feeling the unreality that is the space of virtual reality.
Although it’s late to say it now, the common sense of the world has considerably changed.

Only five years passed since the establishment of VR technology.
Right, only five years.

Although already obvious, VR is a reality of another world.
Every week, VR software gets released in great numbers, and the world’s people live in infinitely expand.
Netnews called it “Humanity’s second Age of Discovery” the other day, but it’s similar in terms of enthusiasm.

However, on the contrary to people’s desires, there was a frontier still not realized.

That is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game.
So to speak, a substitute for the “World of sword and magic” created by people.
The reasons for not realizing it before were technical problems, ethical problems followed by other problems one-by-one.

Why past tense, that’s because the world’s first MMORPG has been finally announced.
Naturally, the candidates were selected and the closed beta test started shortly after.
I who naturally wasn’t chosen for the closed beta test has gathered absolutely every little bit of information from the sites with beta info.

And after a long wait, the world’s first VRMMORPG, “Frontiers” official start, is precisely today!

Just changing the color of my hair and eyes during the “Character creation” is enough.
I selected the starting country beforehand, acquired ten skills which can be acquired early according to the plan, and also received the tutorial rewards.
My “Frontiers” starts here~!

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