Chapter 5

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Warm and Snug Battle
“Yes, all of you~ quickly return to your homes, okay~”

Said Demon Lord with zero motivation as usual.
He let everyone escape with a staggeringly flat tone.
Not even leading the group of escaping girls, we walk behind the group at his pace.

“I’m going home!” “Don’t push, it’s dangerous!” “Are the bad guys no more?” The staircase was bustling with lively voices.
There still could be enemies, so I believe it would be better to go silently though.
However, the Demon Lord and Elena-san didn’t say anything, so I also kept quiet.

In the meanwhile, the Demon Lord’s interest turned to a different place.
He rummaged through the table in the guardroom and furiously grabbed the beans.
Is he hungry despite this situation, I wonder?
I can’t really understand this sensitivity.

After sluggishly ascending the staircase, we slipped through several rooms and finally arrived at the entrance.
I was exhausted by the excessively slow walk.

“Thank you. Demon Lord, Elena-san. Thank you for saving them.”
“Don’t lose focus. It’s not over yet.”

It’s as Elena-san said.
A crime organization that rules over three parts of the town cannot be this simple.
When I looked outside, around thirty armored men were encircling the building’s entrance.
They are blocking the paths, nobody can escape.

“Making light of me. Did you think that you could oppose me and the Willand Company in this town!”

An angry voice of a man with fine build resounded from the middle of the group.
The opponents are around thirty armored men and we are unarmed children and two people from Demon Lord’s forces.
No matter how strong they are, I felt that the situation was severe.

I sent a glance to the two, but they didn’t look perturbed at all.
To the extent, it seemed unnatural.
Their composure could be clearly heard in their words.

“Ah~ you are the chief here?”
“Haah? Can’t you see by looking? To not know this Willard-sama……”
“Yeah, noisy, shut up, die. Even killing you would be bothersome, so kill yourself instead.”

He said unenthusiastically while motioning ‘shoo, shoo’ with his hand.
No, Demon Lord really is self-important.

“You guys, murder this fellow for me! Don’t kill the woman!”

Willard’s accumulated anger reached its limits and he exploded.
With his words as a signal, the men brandished their weapons and advanced towards us.
They approached the girls with malice so strong, it could be considered a storm of killing intent.
The girls were frightened by so many edged weapons pointed at them and instantly started panicking.

“Yes~ young ladies. Don’t move~ you will get injured~”

Demon Lord got their attention with an absurdly out-of-place tone of voice.
Ahh, to not have any tension whatsoever even at the last moment.
Demon Lord and Elena-san advanced in front of everyone so leisurely, it was almost as if they just woke up.
Then, they began their usual hand movements.
And as I thought, five men vanished from my sight.

ーーWere those…… perhaps, beans?

Right, I saw what was in his hands from behind.
He threw the beans he grabbed in the basement a little while ago.
The villainous men were easily blown away by such a thing.
I thought “Demon Lord’s way of fighting is quite simple, isn’t it?” until a while ago, as he didn’t use any weapons.

The movements of the men stopped because of nonsensical strength.
No one was probably able to accept this bizarre occurrence.
Fearing the out of the norm strength, the expressions of the men started crumbling.
Demon Lord kept on throwing the beans without caring for the men’s change.

“Alf, you are wasting magical power again. Your throwing method is wrong.”
“What are you saying, area of effect attacks should be used when the number of opponents is large, isn’t that right?”
“Then, how about throwing it like this? It’s effective even if you use less strength.”
“No, your precision dropped, didn’t it? You didn’t even hit the head.”

While having such work-in-progress chat, the two kept throwing the beans.
In the beginning, they increased and decreased their arm movements, then they did movements of ball throwing and then they tried sideways throws, the variation suddenly increased.
They argued about this and that, their throwing forms changed with each throw and the number of enemies steadily decreased.

Their current movements are that of a cat melting in its owner’s embrace.
So it’s possible to throw even in such posture. Moreover, it properly took down a man.

I have somewhat gotten used to this ferocious sight, but this was the first time for Mireia and other girls.
Everyone was bewildered by this otherworldly fight.
Willard will be probably unable to endure this.
His subordinates are getting killed as a joke and the organization he brought up over the years is getting destroyed after all.
They are fellows who committed all kinds of atrocities, but I found such end quite pitiful.

“Hi…… hii! Wait a moment please, don’t kill me please!”

The men whose numbers got reduced by half already didn’t have any fighting spirit and started running away.
Of course, a small hole appeared in each man who tried to escape from that throwing event and died on the spot.
The only one left was Willard.

His vigor from a while ago has completely extinguished and he was completely frightened.

“You mean you surrender? Let me read you for a bit.”
“W, what are you planning to do!?”

Just as me in his house, Demon Lord raised his hand towards Willard.
He’s undoubtedly reading his mind.

“Let’s see, I’m begging for my life only for now. This fellow looks dumb so I will deceive him. I will request the Feudal Lord to dispatch his troops. I will murder them all next time, is it? You, die.”

After having read his mind, the Demon Lord threw a bean and granted Willard a death.

“Alright, we are going back~ Glenn and…… Mireia, was it? Come to our house for now. Others should return where they belong.”

At the very end, he still had no motivation in his voice.
It’s probably because he doesn’t feel a fragment of accomplishment.
He might even as if he just swatted an insect or pulled up weed from under his feet.

I have heard that he possesses an overwhelming power, but it’s nowhere near that level.
An otherworldly flaunting, it was such rescue.

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