Chapter 4

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A Strictly Confidental Rescue Mission
Willard Company.
I’m currently in front of the building my sister is held captive.
As hope was born, my heart became excited as never before.
It’s not like there’s no anxiety, but reliable adults took my side.

I took the role of a guide and brought the Demon Lord and his entourage Elena-san here.
This is the large store constructed from bricks in the corner of the town.
It has a Slave Trader signboard on the outside, but that not being their real face is an open secret.
They have apparently not been challenged even though there are many proofs of their crimes.
The reason that such a thing is possible is that they are connected to the Feudal Lord behind the scenes.

“That’s the place. Those guys are the abductors.”
“They abduct for profit, huh. To put their hands on a six years old child at that.”
“This is seーーriously troublesome, let’s quickly massacre everyone and return.”

Even I who couldn’t read minds understood the feelings of these two people well.
Elena-san’s heart is angry and Demon Lord’s eagerness is zero.
Although he has a face that shows no willingness, he came all the way here because of the promise he made to the girl called Sylvia.
She apparently said: “I won’t go to bed until little sister is here!”, so he reluctantly agreed.

“I want to put Sylvia to sleep soon. Therefore, let’s swiftly beat them up.”
“Ehh? Wait a moment……”

No matter how in rush you are, how could you march in without any preparation?
Disregarding my anxiety, Demon Lord walked towards the entrance with light steps.

“The hell you are! Don’t come any closer, you bastard!”
“Noisy, shut up trash.”

As soon as Demon Lord suddenly spread his hands, the two door guards crumbled down to the ground with a thud.
Magic…… but he didn’t chant, did he?
I didn’t hear anything that sounded like a chant.
When I looked at the face of one of the door guard’s in curiosity, I saw a small hole between his eyebrows and blood flowing out of it.

“Eh? What happened?”
“Hey, stop dawdling, let’s get going.”

Demon Lord and Elena-san passed through the entrance as if nothing happened.
It appears that I’m the only one who’s confused.

“U, umm, did you kill them?”
“N? What, was it bad to kill them?”

The people here are abductors, robbers, thieves, and even murderers.
Killing people like that shouldn’t be a problem…… I think?
Hmm, I wonder about that.
Rather, how did he kill such robust men in an instant?

While pondering such, rowdy men jumped us from the inner part of the building.
Three, five people came out, but the result was the same.
Everyone turned into a corpse before the fight even broke out.
Demon Lord just raised his hands as before.
When he did that, a hole appeared between the men’s eyebrows and they were granted an instant death.

“This building has two floors, huh. Alf, our rescue target should be most likely in the basement.”
“Organizations like this usually use basements for stuff like this, don’t they? It has a feeling of ‘bad thing’ going on.”

The two carefreely looked for the building’s basement as if they were looking around in their new house.
Of course, there’s no such thing as infiltration as Elena-san pulled furniture around without worrying about the noise.
Demon Lord is shattering the floor and walls by kicking them as if he was venting his anger.
Our objective should have been a rescue, not the destruction of an organization.

In the meanwhile, three guards came over to see what’s going on.
This time, Elena-san was the one who stretched out her hand, and as I thought, the motions of the three men stopped.
I don’t understand the reason though.

I imagined that something like…… long-lost ancient magic or a cursed demon sword would come out.
There’s not the slightest sign of either appearing.

“Oy, found it. The basement entrance.”

We discovered a hidden entrance to the basement behind the shelves and went down.
I didn’t even try to conceal my footsteps anymore.

The basement was larger than I thought, there was also a guardroom right under the staircase.
In that room, there was alcohol and food placed on top of a table with several chairs and door at the end of the room.
The door seemed heavy at first glance as if its purpose was safekeeping something.
I thought it was ideal for hiding important articles.

ーーIs Mireia in there?

It seems to be necessary to look for the key.
That being the case, let’s look for the key first.

…… While thinking such, “Ding” I heard such unmotivated voice.
It was said by Demon Lord who stood in front of the door.

I wonder how?
The door fell apart in pieces as if cut with a knife.
The edges were so smooth, it could only be cut.
However, the Demon Lord is empty-handed even now.
Apparently, my common sense doesn’t have any significance.

While thinking about this and that, I recalled that I should be thinking of Mireia.
My head was about to burst after all.

“……! Big bro!”

As I thought, there was a jail behind the door with many captured children inside.
By the way, there wasn’t a need to search for the key to the jail as Demon Lord said “Ding” in the same way, tearing the jail apart.

“Good, Mireia. Are you hurt?”
“No, I’m fine. I was just locked up with everyone. Big bro yourself, are you injured?”

I confirmed Mirea’s safety and she unreasonably confirmed mine.
While worrying about each other, we were able to reunite.
I’m extremely happy and grateful, but I’m unable to obediently accepted my feelings.

That is surely the result of the bizarre events that happened up until now.

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