Chapter 17

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Elena, the Demon Lord’s Sword of Protection
Elena here.
I’m currently working as retainer under the Demon Lord.
I’m originally from a middle-class noble family in the Princia Kingdom where I became a Knight at a young age, but I escaped and currently live here.
Therefore, I threw away my family name.
If I had to name myself, it would be Elena, the Demon Lord’s Sword of Protection.

I was arrogant in the past.
That’s because even the men around me weren’t my opponents.
Since I grasped the sword for the first time, I kept improving remarkably without experiencing any setbacks.
My momentum was unstoppable, after being decorated as Knight, I achieved many meritorious deeds on the battlefield, and finally ended up defeating the Kingdom’s strongest martial artist.
Well, any twenty-year-old child who got to enjoy such honor would become long-nosed.

There’s no human who is my match, I came to think so and declared openly.
I declared that I’m the strongest among humans.
When I think back to those times, I feel so embarrassed I burn with shame.
And, this very conceit has put my life in danger.

A certain powerful monster appeared and I was given an order to subjugate it.
At that time, the domestic subjugation unit of soldiers who have been called to crack down on the bandits on large-scale met with unexpected difficulties.
I was flustered.
I wanted to fight at once and be praised by everybody.
Not being able to endure such desires, I sortied out.
All alone.

Thinking back, I can only find such decision foolish, but I believed that I would somehow manage in those days.
Furthermore, my decision was the result of the honor I desired from the solo subjugation.
Of course, what happened afterward was a crushing defeat.
I wasn’t able to land a single attack while the opponent destroyed my armor even without trying.
Something was wrong with the person who insisted on fighting this monster.

I of that time resented my rashness.
If I had companions, we could overlap our shields and defend against the attacks.
If I had companions, we could weaken the monster with magic.
If I had companions, we could create a gap which I would be able to take advantage of.

If I had companions…

As expected, I was prepared for death at that time.
That’s because the people I called companions were still inside the castle.
It would take them three days to arrive, so no matter how much they hurry, they wouldn’t be in time.
Will I die here all alone?
I saw my future of dying without anyone taking care of me clearly.

At the time my shield was cut to paper scraps, one long straight glint went through the monster.
As for the monster, it’s life ended in a single strike.
When I looked for the source of the glint while taken aback, I saw a lone, human-ish man.
He turned around and left with a little girl in his arms as if nothing happened.
I just stared blankly at his departing back, not being able to call out to him.

After that, I somehow managed to return to the castle and reported the completion of the subjugation.
And I resigned from my post.
I lied that my body was damaged to a degree I wasn’t able to fight anymore and that my mind can’t bear the memories of the fierce battle.
I conveyed at home that I was leaving on a trip for a while and fled in the middle of the night.

I arrived in the Registeria region by relying on a few tracks.
I stayed there for a while, but this is where I heard the rumors about the Demon Lord.
At first, he had a difficult time accepting me as his retainer, but he approved of me staying by his side.
It seems that the opening of his daughter’s, Sylvia’s heart to me played an especially large part.

The illusionary title of the strongest among humans.
It is endlessly far away, in a place that someone like me can’t reach.
I gave up on pursuing it.
But, at the same time, a different ambition took place in my heart.
That is, to have a child with Alf and bringing that child to become the strongest among humans.

With my education in swordsmanship and Alf’s overflowing magical power, our child will without a doubt become powerful.
I want to become the mother of the human’s strongest, so I thought.
For that reason, Alf’s cooperation is necessary.
One day, I made up my resolve and visited Alf’s room.

“N, it’s already night-time, what’s the matter?”
“Alf, let’s make a child.”
“N, I see. Return.”

I was readily ignored.
After that, I requested him several times, but he never heard me out.
When I inquired about the reason, he told me: That’s not how it works.
Men and women are apparently more different than I thought.
It was an explanation that didn’t explain anything, but I couldn’t but withdraw in front of such strong refusal.
Therefore, I decided to ask humans in the town’s bar who seemed to know lots about love affairs.

“That so, you surely have it difficult.”
“Correct, I want a child before my swordsmanship withers. I need Alf to plant his seed in me as soon as possible.”
“No, seed you say… I feel like I can understand the thoughts of that Alf person.”

I don’t understand what’s so bad about it, but it seems such way is no good.
I wonder if I could understand if I made friends with people who are into poetry and gossip rather than waving swords?

“I understand that my wish would be difficult to fulfill like this. But, I have no intentions to give up. Don’t you have any good method?”
“Even if you say that, just how much does he rejects you…”
“Please, I don’t know what to do anymore. I don’t mind if it’s not the correct answer, give me at least a clue!”
“Hmーーmmm, I method that would guarantee the success, a method… I don’t have one like that. I have only one with 20-30% success rate, you know?”
“That’s plenty, please tell teach me.”

What I have been taught and arranged is this.

A straw rope.

I don’t really understand what I’m supposed to do with it.
I apparently have to coil this around my body and tie my hands, but won’t it make me look like some kind of a criminal?
When I asked, it’s to incite the lust for conquest in the physically strong woman like you, is what I was told, but… I wonder if that’s really the case?

Well, I don’t mind though, let’s practice immediately.
Tie it around my breasts to put emphasis on them and bind my hands behind my back, was it?
It’s quite difficult to do it myself.
After I did that and waited in Alf’s room for a while, the door opened.

“Uoh, Elena, what the hell are you doing?”
“Alf, this should be fine, right? Now, I leave the rest to you.”
“No, just what are you leaving to me… ah…”

He walked back and forth, lost in thoughts for a while.
This is a pattern I haven’t seen before.
Was it perhaps a success?
He very gently placed his hands on top of my shoulders.
My face unintentionally flushed with expectations.

“You see, Elena. I’m not one to question another’s fetish. I respect your feelings.”
“I see, so you are willing at last?”
“Therefore, I won’t deny, but know that I’m concerned.”
“No, wait Alf. I’m serious. I don’t think of anyone except my Lord.”
“Sorry, really… I’m normal.”

I was driven out with a gentle treatment, but the closed door showed a firm refusal.

“Wait Alf, please accept me!”

No matter how much I pleaded, there were no signs of the door getting opened.

After that, Elena thought that her tying method might have been poor or she perhaps lacked items and fell deeper and deeper.
As a result, she has received a disgraceful title of “Abnormally Masochistic Knight” from her Lord.

There wasn’t anyone in this forest who would correct her misdirected efforts.

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