Chapter 16

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Great Fox Rita
It’s Rita.

A female of a scarce race known as Great Fox.
I don’t know how many of my race exist, but humans say that we are extremely rare.
Everyone calls me Fox person, but to be accurate, I am Great Fox person.
I just took the human shape out of convenience, so it’s not like our race is close to humans or anything.
The Great Fox race and Fox people are the same race, it’s just the way they call me is wrong.

By the way, our race is branched into two groups, Great Foxes and Fox Spirits.
Great Foxes strive to accomplish their hidden aspirations and objectives.
Fox Spirits wield their powers only for their own enjoyment and pleasure.
And naturally, me, who is staying by Alf’s side with a great objective is classified as a Great Fox.

My objective might be obvious as it is to show the world Alf’s greatness.
Are you aware of the splendor of his magical power?
When I first met him, I was struck with deep emotions and trembled.
That pure, completely harmonious power without a dash of impurity of his is transcendental in all aspects.
Do any magical beings who wouldn’t be deeply moved after seeing it exist, I wonder?

So I pondered, what is the most efficient way of letting the world know about Alf?
That is for Alf and I to conceive many children and let them play an active part all over the world.
He is a stay-at-home and wouldn’t go to many places himself after all.
It would be difficult for him to let the world know of his power by himself.

Therefore, if your children could get blessed with my disposition of controlling the magical power and Alf’s pure magical power, my wish would come true.
They would know the greatness of our children, they would know of me who gave birth to them, and would know of Alf who surpasses all things supernatural.
Ahh, how I want the people around the world to know as soon as possible.

That magical power with the ultimate beauty.

That being the case, I approached Alf time and time again, but there were no results yet.
On the other hand, there’s also Ashley’s ship which sunk to the bottom and Elena who got refused, so it’s not only me who was declined.
Although Alf is a Demon Lord, he’s also a youth of flesh and blood, so he should have as much sexual desire as others, but…
Still, I understood one thing from my observation.

He is a romanticist more than I ever imagined.

At first, seeing him refusing the three of us while being occupied with his daughter instead, I thought that he was a lolico… ahem… but the truth is different.
He dislikes copulation with no love.
Those two don’t want children out of pure love.

Ashley wants one for her own comfort.

Elena wants to entrust her dreams to her child.

That is probably the bottleneck, he won’t approach or receive us because of that.

Then, why am I no good?
I can’t see the reason.

I cook dishes and fill his stomach every day,

keep the place clean and cozy,

do the trivial chores routinely,

wash Alf’s back when he bathes,

arrange his change of clothes,

prepare tea for him with exquisite timing,

my bed making is also perfect.

I thought he would start depending on me and payback with a child soon, but…
It doesn’t go as smoothly as I would like it to.
It appears that he’s wary of something that won’t let him accept me.
His degree of dependence upon me deepens day by day, so the physical relationship might be a matter of time, but it’s unfortunately quite not coming.
If there’s something I could do, that would be my own charm.
I want to captivate him with a frontal attack.

I’m more of a woman than Elena and Ashley.
I have feelings of wanting to prove it.
At least, seeing him faint with a nosebleed or dashing towards the gentlemen’s room, I just don’t want to be below those two.

Now then, let’s face off right away.
Alf is still… awake, it seems.
I put my hair in order hair, I’m wearing mature-like clothes that expose my body line, accompanied by a slightly sweet fragrance.
Yeah, everything’s is OK.

“Who is it?”
“It’s Rita, may I?”
“… Come in.”

Oh my~ this is…
He’s quite vigilant, isn’t he?
It must be because the two were in high spirits recently.
Both his expression and attitude are stiff.

Seriously, those two don’t understand.
Showing off your bodies and perversely dragging out his sexual desires is not good, you know?
He’s a pure-hearted person, so you must properly attack from the front.

“Alf, I have been thinking all this time.”
“Y, yeah?”
“You see, I want proof of living with Alf. I want to have proof of being by your side.”
“I won’t tell you to love me. But, I would like if my feelings were to be conveyed even for just a moment.”
“Please, Alf. Give me children. Please, make me a mother.”

How about this?
It’s “A courageous attack by a woman who looks after you on a daily basis”.
Oh my, Alf is looking at me, his face is gentler than usual, was it a success?

“Rita, may I ask you one thing?”
“Yes, anything.”
“What do you want to do once the children are born?”
“Yes, that is, of course, to give them a special education in magic. If it’s our children, then their aptitudes would be perfect after all. After that, I would have them travel around the world, solving numerous difficulties and violen…”
“Yeah, I see. Go back.”

I was driven out.
Just where did I make a mistake? Human love affairs are complicated and mysterious.
But, I won’t give up just with this.

I will have him look at me by all means.

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