Chapter 14

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Enormous sounds are resounding from the large door.
It seems that the town soldiers are hitting it.
I have escaped with my older sister to the church where God resides, but even this place seems to be dangerous.
There are many children and aunties like us and uncles who are trying to defeat the bad guys.
The pastor who can talk with God is praying all this time.
I wonder if he’s asking God for help?

But, I have never seen God before.
Not even when chased by the bad guys.
Not even when my belly cries from emptiness.
Not even when my friends became ill and fallen asleep.
I have been begging God over and over again.
I have asked him for help a number of times.

But, he didn’t help even once.

Today, he probably won’t come either.
The pastor, the sisters, and aunties, everyone is praying, but it’s probably useless.
I know it, that God won’t help us.

“Big Sis, will we get killed?”
“We will be fine, God won’t allow it. The divine punishment will surely descend.”

Big Sis said while embracing me.
While trembling all over.
I know what Big Sis doesn’t.
I thought of telling her that God won’t come, but I didn’t do it.
Big Sis might have started crying after all.

“Shit, I can’t hold it back anymore, it’s going to break!”
“Is there no escape route? What about a backdoor?”
“It has already been blocked! We can’t escape anymore!”

Uncles and aunties are shouting in loud voices.
The door made a loud sound and broke.

God definitely won’t help us.

“Taking our precious time, you can’t escape anymore.”
“Stop bullshitting me, what are you doing to us! What are you doing to the children!”
“We are not doing anything to you guys.”
“Then why! Why have you suddenly attacked the slums!”

The important-looking soldier and the strongest one among uncles are quarreling.
Even though Uncle looks far stronger, he fights only with his mouth.

“Hmph, whether low-born bastards like you live or die is the generosity of us, the ruling class.”
“Sto! Stop bullshitting me! Why are you killing us like insects!”
“Well, it would be indeed too pitiful if you didn’t even know the reason behind your deaths.”

The soldier spoke while playing with the small mustache that grew around his mouth.
Even though it would be better if he spoke quickly, he’s smirking at us.

“You bastards are a sacrifice. In order to spread the Demon Lord’s evil deeds.”
“Demon Lord, you say… aren’t you guys the ones doing it!”
“Ha ha ha, we are only doing the spadework, the spadework of Feudal Lord’s far-sighted and deep plan.”
“What, what are you talking about!”
“There’s no need for you bastards to know that much. Just now that you will get killed by the Demon Lord here and today. Brutally, everyone will be murdered.”

I wonder what’s so funny?
Everyone is laughing a lot.
The strength of Big Sis’s arms increased.
She said that God won’t allow it, but how would a person who’s not here disallow it?

At that time, the statue of God shined.
Everyone covered their voices in shock.
What came out of the shine was a pretty young lady.
She seems older than my Big Sis and she also taller, a very beautiful person.

“Nーー Alf said to leave it alone, but as expected, I can’t overlook this…”
“Y, you are…? The young lady who regularly accompanies the little Miss??”
“Oh my, oh my, to meet you in such place, Storekeeper of the glasswork shop~ We are always in your care~”
“Wh, wh, wh, why are you-!”
“We are currently having a discussion, could you wait at the side for a moment?”

The young lady smiled.
The soldiers flew from the door into a distance.

“Uーーmm. Everyone, you must have been frightened. It must have been painful. But, it will be fine now. I will heal the injured later, so please let me know, okay? I will do some spanking first.”

The young lady stepped outside.
Don’t look outside, please close your eyes, okay~ I heard from outside.
Everyone closed their eyes, but I stole a glance.
Then, the young lady’s body expanded and she transformed into a large animal.
I believe that is a fox.
The fox who let out a large noise defeated the soldiers with incredible speed.
She slashed with them incredible claws and burned them with large flames.
Those self-important guys are turned into crybabies.
They escaped while crying.

When she returned, she was a beautiful lady again.
She shined upon the injured and healed their wounds.
Everyone was extremely happy.

“Thanks, you saved us… umm, you, no, you are…?”
“I’m a subordinate of the Fertile Forest’s Demon Lord.”
“De, Demon Lord!?”

Everyone was in shock.
The young lady added “And also the number one candidate for his legal wife~” while fidgeting.
I wonder what she meant?

“U, umm, Demon… Lord, why did he decided to save someone like us?”
“Nーーーー we were treated kindly by the people of this town, wouldn’t it be lonely if you were gone? Also, we would be quite troubled if we didn’t have a place to buy glasswork from anymore.”

She said while smiling.
God didn’t save us, but a Fox did.


“Now then, have you said your prayers? Then, I’m going to kill you~”

Tolkin didn’t have any countermeasures against the approaching imminent threat.
The hundred carefully trained soldiers he gathered in a hurry were of no help.
Against only two people, he bought time with the soldiers that were here and recalled the soldiers in the town for a pincer attack.
They successfully formed a battle formation for a moment, but were destructed in a flash.
Because he was a civil official, he relied on numbers.
If Tolkin was a military official or he had an experienced military official at his side, he might have come to a different decision.
He ended up being suppressed by two people.

“Yes, farewell~”

With such a casual voice, the curtain of Tolkin’s life has been lowered.
Feared as a monster in the political world, a giant who buried many political opponents has quickly lost his life at the frontier.
With his life force faded, he left behind a great number of evil deeds and resentment smeared with a large amount of money.

Whether God heard and granted his last prayer, nobody knows.

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