Chapter 13

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Moonlight Flit Despair
“First division’s operation complete, the transportation is finished!”
“Second division’s operation complete, the transportation will be finished soon too!”
“Third division is not finished yet, resistance is fierce and it’s difficult to progress!”
“Fourth division’s operation complete, the transportation has started, we are currently transporting the captured!”

The suburbs of the town Registeria.
The voice of robust men echoed as if breaking the quietness of the dark night outside the town walls.
Tolkin didn’t hide his irritation while listening to the reports.

“Send the members of the First division to support the Third division! Kill the captured people on the spot, give the transportation the maximum priority!”

He mused over the happenings so far while biting his nails and yelling at his subordinates.
His were nails quivering from fear too, there wasn’t a single sign of calmness in his body.

Dating back a few hours ago.
While Tolkin was enjoying his evening dinner, his newly appointed aide came over.
It is of the utmost importance, please come to the office as soon as possible, he told him with a pale face.

Seriously, I should change the neck of this aide too…

His precious time of forgetting the troublesome daily life was rudely crushed, so Tolkin was quite moody, but he still went to listen to the report.
The Fangs of the Mad Dog have returned.

In a bizarre state.

He tried to confirm whether the subjugation was complete, but no conversation could be made.
Ag~ and Uh~ only such noises came out of their mouths which kept on making bubbles.
Their characters might have been completely destroyed.

While gazing at their disgusting figures, a voice suddenly reverberated from the leader’s, Dustin’s mouth.
It was a strangely carefree voice.

“Nーーー is it recording? Ah, it is, it is. Ehhーー ahem. Excuse me for the abrupt message, Your Excellency. I would like to convey the words of my Lord to Your Excellency.

How dare you disrupt our rest. You have one-sidedly led an attack on us who didn’t do anything wrong. I have a few heartfelt words for you. In insect like Your Excellency, I will tear you to small pieces, so look forward to it.

That’s all.
I wish you good health in the future.

Big Sis Rita, I can’t find any spare black tea~
Ah, there’s spare in the new bag…… wait a moment, okay?
Rattle, rattle.


Just what kind of joke was this?
Nobody had an answer to his question.
He let his people cast recovery magic just in case, but there haven’t been any signs of improvement.
He thought it was just a practical joke at first, but there was no merit in not being careful.
The moment he thought such, shivers assaulted him from the bottom of his body.

That weird message was genuine.
My strongest card can’t be used anymore.
That fellow said he will tear me to small pieces……!

He moved fast after his thoughts reached there.
He amassed all military power from the surroundings.
He packed his stock-piled property and prepared for transportation.
He arranged carriages for transportation.
And, it continued up until the present time.

I can’t stay here any longer now that the eyes of that monster zeroed in on me.
I will hide as much fortune in the Capital as possible.
And once I grew in power again, I will return in a perfect condition.
At that time, I will crush the Demon Lord and show you how I obtain the Fertile Forest.

To be frank, I want to escape right away, but just running away is not good.
I can’t leave without collecting any little money I can for the future.
All things I gathered move at my fingertips.
All that’s left would be to “collect” the people who made a killing together with me.

Their money that grew fat because of my abilities and power.
It’s only proper for that money to become mine.
Many other fellows indirectly grew rich thanks to me, so I will “collect” even from the factions unrelated to me.
Well, to put it simply,

Stop complaining and hand over your money.

As time passed, the resistance became more fierce and my plans have been postponed by the operation of the Third division which doesn’t seem to be progressing.
It might be inevitable because it’s in the area where mercenaries and vagrants, the people who don’t listen to me live.
But, that will be over soon as well.
Once the collection is complete, each place in the town will be set on fire.

Those who escape will spread that it was the Demon Lord’s doing.
There will be no problems in spreading such rumors with some money.
In the first place, all the tragic events in front of my eyes such as plunder, decapitation, and arson, all are the Demon Lord’s doing.
This wouldn’t have happened if he didn’t threaten me.

Once a person panics, it becomes difficult to make a decent judgment.
He is like that, and he resulted in outrageous violence.
This might not be a bad card for the “success in life” that will come in the future.
But, this measure has one fatal problem. That is,

It’s not possible to run away from the Demon Lord.

“Yes, yes, you are in the way~ crawl away~”

Bang! Boom!

“Please move away, human bastards. Ahh~ seriously, stop flocking me, disgusting.”

Boooom! Roaaaar-!

A commotion broke out in a distance all of sudden.
I have arranged half of the soldiers as my guards, but a man with a winged woman appeared there.
It was abrupt as if they fell from the sky.
These two, approached as if walking through an unhabituated land while mowing down the soldiers.
Tolkin realized.
That the Demon Lord finally arrived.
And that he wasn’t in time with the preparations.

Thus, in the midst of the moonlight flit, the night of despair has begun.

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