Chapter 22

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Whether she learned her lesson, Sivilla didn’t appear for a while.
The journey to the Capital went well.
Until I met an old companion on the way.

I think I’m hearing thunder. Even though the weather is clear, I wonder why?


In a town we visited, I noticed a retreating figure so when I called out: “Oh, long time no see.” the other side showed a smile, but it immediately turned into a stern expression.
The person just stared at a certain place without saying a single word.
At that place, the twins stood.

“…… Whose are these kids?”

The Sage’s little sister asked with a friendly smile.
The girl whom I have traveled with before was smiling uneasily for some reason.

“Eh? Ahh, these children are…… I was entrusted with them because of some circumstances.”
“Entrusted with……?”

When I nodded, the girl’s- Aura’s expression changed that to a relieved one.

“…… Is that so…… I was sure that they were your illegitimate children.”

Realizing that she completely misunderstood, I raised my voice unintentionally.

“There’s no way I could have children this old at my age, right!?”
“I mean, I heard that people in the countryside marry early. Yuuya-san, you are from the countryside, aren’t you? Is he keeping a mistress at home, how naughty, I thought.”
“I’m not!! I don’t have illegitimate children nor am I keeping a mistress at home!!”

As I denied with all of my might, my sleeves were pulled on.

“Onii~san, who is this lady?”
“Who? Nii~chan’s girlfriend?”

Ilya was tightly clinging to my arm, and Iric was vigilant too.

“Ah, this child is, you know, one of the companions that traveled with me I told you about. The child that was aiming to become a Sage. She’s the child who made the infinite pouch that I have.”

Their voices neatly overlapped. Why are they displeased?

Aura’s face became perplexed at the existence of the twins.

“Yuuya-san, aren’t you fighting with the Demon King? Do you have a leeway to be taking care of children?”

I was asked by that very Demon King. To raise them.

“Nii~chan has received our living expenses from Tou~chan! That’s why he has to raise us! If not, he would be a robber of living expenses!”
“That is correct. Onii~san is my and Iric’s guardian. He has to raise us even if he does not have the leeway.”
“…… Yuuya-san?”

Aura’s face became serious at the children’s words.

“You have received money!? From these children’s father!!”
“Eh, no, ah~ yeah, I think?”
“That’s irresponsible!! Raising children is impossible for you, isn’t it!? There’s no way that you who has been single for such a long time without even trying to get a girlfriend will be able to do it!!”

The Brave Hero has received a critical hit! (Mentally)

“…… My age is the same as my history of not having a girlfriend anyway……”

I muttered and let out a sigh.

“I have to try before deciding that it’s not possible. That’s why I am unable to hand these children to others.”
“…… What has happened?”

Judging by Yuuya’s state, Aura found it strange and asked with a serious face.

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