Chapter 21

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The next morning, Iric defrosted the attractive mature lady.
While scorched a little, she looked at the twins with a cold gaze and an insincere smile, and then she disappeared after winking at me.
…… I didn’t want to think about it deeply, so I had breakfast with the twins and we left the inn.
We joined with Pochi and headed towards the Capital.
In order to convert the treasures and report to His Majesty.
But, before that.

“…… Pochi, I want to ask you something.”
“Nu? You want to ask me? Fuhahaha, I might think about it a little if you rub against the ground before me and beg me earnestly.”

I crouched down and waited for Pochi who got blown away by flames to fall down. Rubbing against the ground aside, I was the one asking, so I asked him nicely.

“Answer me, please. Ah~ What kind of monster is Sivilla-san?”
“Ugu…… that fellow is…… a succubus.”

Pochi replied while twitching.

“A succubus?.”
“She’s a demon of dreams…… that seduces men……”

I blinked my eyes. She, who gave off the impression of an educated older sister was such a monster?

“She’s over 1,300 years old, so the number of men she deceived is unknown, there’s even a story of her ruining a country or something.”

Pochi stood up while talking. His recovery is fast as always.

“Ha~…… a succubus……”
“Onii~san, you must not have an interest in Obaasan.”

Ilya pulled on my sleeve.

“You will get eaten.”

Is she worried about me? I became happy.

“I will be fine. Look, Sivilla-san recently came while I was asleep, so I thought she might be using some kind of magic. Taking countermeasures might be easier if I am aware of what kind of monster she was, right?”
“All will be fine~ Nii~chan!”

Iric raised his voice.

“Ilya and I will protect you from Obaa~chan!”
“Yes. Iric and I will protect you, Onii~san.”

Ilya nodded too.

I thought about countermeasures against Sivilla while patting the twins’ heads.
I would be troubled if I was assaulted in bed by a monster while traveling.
Thinking of countermeasures is a must.
First, I will have to become able to perceive Sivilla’s invasion.

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